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Now before anyone gets upset, I did not post this for controversy. I came across this in other research and I watched the whole thing. I am looking for answers, for truth. I really enjoy the books I have read by Ellen, however I do not hold her above the bible or follow every word, I feel some statements from her are just her own opinion’s. This video is about 2 SDA’S born and raised. They left the church when they discovered some lies and cover ups from the church on Ellen White. They do bring up some good points and maybe someone can explain them to me. The test of a real prophet does she pass? Some of the things they mentioned do sound cultish, unfortunately.  If you want to comment on this thread please watch the video or at least the first part, so we can discuss their accusations in a rational intelligent manner, thanks.




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How do you know she is a young people and how do you know that she does not know ? 

That was an inferred thrust against the SOP and you defended it.

 It sounds like Jills' temper  is rubbing off on you ?


"How do you know she is a young people"

I know, because she has mentioned her age on other threads..

I must agree with Aquila here.. We are to assume the best of our brothers / sisters intentions. Sometimes, people just don't come off the way they mean to..

Ephesians 4:2 (KJV)

"With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love;"


Now that is uncalled for.. Everyone must come to conviction on any issue in his / her own time, and that can not be accomplished without asking a few questions..

I had a little skepticism my self when I first came in to the fold where sister White was concerned.. Yet, I know her to be a prophet of God now and know her writings better than anyone in my family now.

You are a dear friend Kevin, but lately you have been hasty in pointing the finger..

Please take some time aside to pray about it.. This isn't you.. You are better than that..

Hey Kristina, you are sweet but I have never said my age here that I can recall. If I did you would know I am not a youngin;)

Tell that to Aquila.

"How do you know she is a young people"

 Aquila: "The evidence is overwhelming. I don't have to explain it to you."

Perhaps he does have to explain it.

Ok.. lol.. I thought I recalled you mentioning it a few months ago.. lol

lol...that wasn't me :)

Ellen White writings cannot be equited with the bible. They are not a bible but simply a commentary of the bible. Whether E.G. White was a prophet and a true one indeed its none of my business but what I know is that her books are very great in assisting to understand the bible. We can equate E.G.White' s books with that of the likes of Uriah Smith, Stephen .N. Heskell, and any other authors even the modern ones. I cannot deny that the Spirit of God was upon E.G.White coz the Spirit of God can use anyone. But what I know is that Isaiah, Elijah, Amos etc were prophets. As for E.G. White its none of my business and has nothing to do with my salvation. However, her books are very good and they are best bible commentaries about the bible I have ever read. So lets read the bible first then we can compare what E.G.W says and measure it with the bible.

Whether EGW did eat oysters, pork sanguages thats her problem. I have read the bible and understood it very well it says do not partake on this. So I will not.  Remember EGW was a human being she was not our measure of faith. At least its good to expose her weaknesses so that we who are SDAs will not idolise her. We will acknowledge that the only way is to measure our faith through Jesus Christ who is the only way to approach God.

Please do not be offended when these people expose Ellen White, hey she was human its ok. She also was saved by the blood of the Lamb.

Please note that EGW is not the corner stone and founder of SDA church. This church I believe was founded on the Rock that Jesus was showing Peter  that His church wilol be found on. Just as the Catholics and other denominations believe that RCC was founded by Jesus so I believe that SDA was founded on the blood of the Lamb.

Let me tell everyone that as long as we are on this earth, according to our human analysis no church will pass 100% the true church test.

The bottomline is as long as you do not ignore the truth that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I believe one will be saved and inherit the eternal kingdom even without reading the Spirit of Prophecy.

Although I can deny that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10) refers to the writings of EGW. I deny that please. Once you say that, you now equate EGW writings with the bible. Its not so. The bible is complete as it is. It is the one which testifies about Jesus, coz Jesus is the theme from Genesis to Revelation.

 I agree. It is indeed our business to test the prophets and see if those things are so.

But EW's writings do bring out some things that aren't' in the Bible.  Specifically when she talks about events before creation, and the other worlds inhabited by unfallen races.

Miller was the founder.  The Millerite's affectionately called him "Father Miller," not in a religious sense, but in an endearing sense.  It was Miller who's mind was led by angels, and did the work of the first and second angels message.


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