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The HIV virus. Is it real?

There are two videos I would recommend watching before commenting.

One is called "House of Numbers", and the other is called "The Emperor's New Virus".

These two movies go together. House of Numbers is the first movie and The Emperor's New Virus is the sequel.

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I believe Dr. Montagnier is telling the truth. I don't believe any of them were taken out of context. I just think they got their hands caught in the cookie jar and then cried foul...


rss, the video is nice.  The doctors agree that reverse transcriptase is not just a part of retro virus, but its happens all over the body all the time..  Dr. Baltimore said, that 50% happens over the body itself...

Just because you have reverse transcriptase, does not mean that there is an actual virus...

now, there are two witnesses saying the same thing.. Dr. Baltimore and Dr. Gallo..

You know I am talking from experience AIDS kills and it can wipe everyone if we are not careful.I remember in 2002 my village of more than 100 homesteads had 5 funerals a week because of AIDS. Every family in Southern Africa has been affected by this thing. Please AIDS kills.I do not want to describe the state of a full blown AIDS patient because its cruel. The government in Zimbabwe my country introduced an AIDS levy to try and cater for AIDS victims.This disease or condition has left orphans under the care of weary old grand parents.If it were not for ARVs we could have been wiped out.I thank the government of Zimbabwe for tolerance it has given to AIDS NGOs like MSFE and others

 There is certainly an auto immune problem. That cannot be denied. Aids is rampant in some parts of the world. Auto immune problems plague the US. Why don't we focus on what can be done about it  according to God's health plan ?

I dont deny about God's power. Have I mentioned about denying it here?. I am asking your opinion and suggestion. What kind of natural remedies will let him survive?.

The Hiv virus is as real as it can get, this disease have come a long way, and people are living healthier lives with it, for one it does not discriminate, sex, color, or gender.


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