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Elijah Said: OK, Rabbit It is me who you think do not know the only true God? 

No, that's why I asked.

"Who do you believe in and why Elijah?"


Elijah Said: Yes, another mark of your superiority indeed. 

If you feel I'm superior that's your prerogative Elijah, but, that's not what I seek. You asked a question, I responded/answered by choosing to give glory to the one true God.  My simple desire is for all to recognize God and give him praise for all he has done such as sending his son Jesus Christ to show us the way.

 Elijah Said: I wonder why you could not say that straight away? 


As I stated earlier.

"I can only speak for myself and why I worship the almighty God. "

I can't speak for you Elijah.  I asked the question you have the opportunity to answer.  Resorting to conjecture and hyperbole does not suit me well.

Embrace the grace of God. It is welcome to all.

Praise a Glory to the one true God!

believing in the trinity is denying that jesus is truly the son of god...just as the jews....if jesus is truly the son of god then he cannot be co eternal....the holy spirit could be a force, presence, and still be referred to as he/him because both the father and son uses the same spirit to operate.

Leslie, It seems like you need to study the Fundamentals again because it makes it clear Jesus can be both God and son of God at the same time. 

She does not need to study the fundamentals, because she is fundamentally correct, believing what the First Century Church believed, and who and what who Jesus said he is, and who God is etc.

The SDA pioneers were correct to reject the trinity as pagan and unbiblical. It is sad the direction the church and most of Christianity has taken. The confusion thereby with the above and about the holy spirit has caused great trouble in the churches and Christianity in general and the loss of power of God and working of the holy spirit, instead of being an everyday event as in the First Century Church, is for the most part something seldom seen (I am not referring to the counterfeits, please) and people suffer and die and don't have what they could have in Christ because of loss of knowledge of the manifestations of holy spirit.

Elijah....can you back up what you are saying please...from bible and egw not fundamental

Thanks for your reply Leslie. What is the matter with the Fundamentals? 


Leslie Ann wrote: ".... can you back up what you are saying please...from bible and egw not fundamental."

Sister Leslie Ann, of course the Bible first and foremost, but do you accept the writings of EGW to back up what is being said? Thx


Leslie: Correct! God works through Jesus Christ, as he is an agent as the Son of God, with God-like characteristics to some extent, great power and authority, but he is still The Son, not The Father,

The holy spirit (the gift of God) has erroneously he added to some verses by translators without authority in the texts, this was because of the trinitarian doctrine that unfortunately totally dominated by force all of Christianity under penalty of death and terrible torture under the Catholic Church.

Failure to know history about the 325 and 381 AD transition from one God to two, and then in 381 AD holy spirit declared to be God. Spirit and Truth Fellowship International has done some excellent work on the errors of the trinity, as well as on the holy spirit. Their books are excellent, but unusual with detailed knowledge:

Their website:

One God & One Lord;

The Gift Of Holy Spirit 4th Edition:

Also see my posting of: Great Resource; Companion Bible and Appendixes in PDFs

Bullinger was a great Biblical researcher that covered what no one else did, the Word was in the Stars, Virgo is for the Virgin who gives birth to the Messiah. The constellations have meaning from ancient times, which was perverted from original God's Word Astrology to the St

Leslie; many here attack me constantly, especially Elijah, JasonM, but I assure you the above two books are detailed and the best I know of on both the Trinity error and the holy spirit. I have been concentrating on the holy spirit field both in research and practice for going on 43 years now. I have seen great things like in the Book of Acts, from God, not Lucifer as Elijah would accuse me of.

The One God & One Lord Book gives every verse and argument for and against the trinity as well as extensive background, Greek words, etc. Just on the addition of "he" to verses there is a whole section.

If you get and read both of these books, you will have knowledge that has been lost since the first century church and know more than probably 98% of all Christians. These are packed with knowledge and scriptural truths.

But then the application of the holy spirit, that is a life-long learning and walk with the Father and The Lord Jesus Christ. The holy spirit can help teach believers if they have the desire.

These two books give short-cuts and insights that most people would never be able to find on their own.

The holy spirit and trinity field is a dilemma and is filled with errors and misconceptions, superstitions and even foolishness. These books will give insight I assure you. 

Correction: "was perverted from original God's Word Astrology to the Satanic Astrology."

Leslie: You are CORRECT, you got it! The Father and Son do cooperate through the spirit of God, the gift of God.

I have concluded that it is best to totally avoid Elijah and JasonM and just communicate with reasonable people. I will ignore you from now on. Your a waste of time and energy. I wipe the dust off of my feet and communicate with reasonable and loving people, its better for the blood pressure and to keep peace instead of arguing with those that will not comprehend or learn.

By not answering them, they can continue in their ways and people will see them for what they are.

And we see you for what you are displaying fruits of the flesh. 


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