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Rabbit I know who I believe it seems like you put more trust in a poor excuse for a human for your belief's. It seems like you put more trust in your beloved leader than in the creator, who after all had a lot to do why you and your beloved leader are in the world. Because I think the devil had more to do with how he came to be in office, including your vote. 


Brother Ian... Hi.... My brother :) Can you stop please? No matter who the leader is of whatever country, what the Bible says will be will be.
Hopefully we can get back to the study.. For Rabbittroup, that won't happen till sister Redva answers his/her questions. So, if you want to talk about the OP brother Ian let's do that, if not, then with all due respect, try not to post things off track from the subject of the original post. Pleaseeeeeeeeee :) thank you.

( Please, feel free to check me if I'm outta line in any way. I'm not prefect, I can use some checking as well.)


Reasoning, you are quite correct I am sorry that I was Goaded by Rabbit to post those comments. I will try to resist to do that again. 


Thank you brother Ian, peace and Love!!!!



It's pretty sad and depressing the way you skew things in order to continue to form some victim narrative.  At what point did I goad you to make an apocalyptic statement, or make harsh comments about people?   

You did all that on your own accord Elijah. I don't recall being the one who brought up Trump as a way to demonize people. Redva entitled this post.  


If someone speaking in truth, staying rational and re-framing from making personal attacks like you do triggers you further like that I would earnestly recommend praying for peace, studying the bible more and posting here less until you get a handle on that for your own peace of mind Elijah.  

God will judge me for what I did the same way he will judge you for categorizing people in way to suit your own self interest of being a victim.

If you can point out my statements you view as the "goads" that caused you to react in a way you feel sorry about I would have no problem addressing them.  As it stands I'm not exactly sure what it is I did that caused you to say the things you did.

I give thanks to the one true God who knows where truth lies beyond all the layers of deceit.  Pray God opens the eyes of those that resist honesty for their own pride.

Rabbit I know who I believe it seems like you put more trust in a poor excuse for a human for your belief's. It seems like you put more trust in your beloved leader than in the creator, who after all had a lot to do why you and your beloved leader are in the world. Because I think the devil had more to do with how he came to be in office, including your vote. 

Like I said before Elijah

"To stay on Topic


I believe the Holy Spirit leads us to speak in truth not making apocalyptic predictions and comments that suit our own personal and biased opinions of others."

If I put more trust in Trump why would I feel the need to pray for him like any other leader?  

I put my faith in the one true God and the message his son Jesus Christ taught.  You're seemingly make statements and apocalyptic predictions to suit your own personal opinions of people Elijah.  It's petty and definitely doesn't give any clarity on who or what you believe in.

I think of the bitterness I once received from a man when I told him I was an SDA during community out reach.  As we talked he opened up about why, your actions give a clear description on why he felt the way he did about some SDA.  

Regardless of what you think of people God's grace is for all Elijah.  I pray despite of people like you who cloud the message Trump is able to see and take advantage of that.

Praise and Glory to the one true God.

Very well said and I concur Rabbittroup. Your analysis is very on point and to the point. No matter what, I will not respond directly to reasoning, JasonM, or Elijah.

But I felt that what you said is so true that I have to give support and concur, though I am contrary to starting heated argument and innuendos with anyone. Things should have remained friendly here despite opinions of anyone. Jesus never told anyone to stop talking other than demons directly but there are people here that want to shut me up. Please do not continue to address that I am a liar and should not be here etc. I have already addressed that many times including citing the statements used in entering the site.

It has gotten so out of hand, an SDA friend has stated that "I don't think they are SDA or born again?," referring to certain individuals.

I think people here need to look inwardly and consider what kind of witness their postings convey. Likewise a lot of things have been lost for 2000 years, including the understanding of how the power of God is manifested.

Anyone who thinks that they either know it all, no matter what subject, or consider themselves experts while having never manifested any manifestation of the Holy Spirit, are without an intimate knowledge and experience of the sacred secrets (Musterion; mystery transliteration).

The pretention and arrogance of some regarding that, is like arm chair generals 1000 miles behind the lines who have never tasted battle criticizing those in the trenches fighting the war, and calling them traitors or of the Devil.

If you have never even received revelation, including discerning of spirits, otr other manifestations, as well as have valid scriptural basis to confirm something, then you have no authority to pass sweeping judgments on other people. Address the discussion, but make no,personal attacks.

Some of the personal attacks and disrespect of the scriptures and manifestations and the Holy Spirit being denigrated shocks my conscience. Only unbelievers in the First century church period would speak disparingly about the Holy Spirit (I am referring to the genuine obviously).

It was the unbelievers who accused the Christians of cursing Jesus Christ when they spoke in tongues, thus 1 Cor. 12:3 "Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost."

I research before I speak generally, and I do not speak about the Holy Spirit without understanding and experience of the Holy Spirit, from both going on 43 years of research and experience in the Holy Spirit field.

The SDA unfortunately has no tradition or expertise in the manifestations of Holy Spirit, proven by both written statements and practice within the organization. If that was not so, then where are the prophets that are required to be in the churches, as well as the other manifestations of Holy Spirit, bring nine in number in total?

This is a fact. The manifestations of Holy Spirit are badly needed by alll Christians, and sorely lacking therein. To call people counterfeit with no understanding or experience in the Holy Spirit manifestations or having researched deeply and understand both the scriptures and the spirit, as they work together is without valid basis or authority to address that which they do not know.

The audacity and even outright denial of some of the scriptures evidenced here by some, professing to be followers of Jesus, is astounding. Meekness and humility is knowing that none of us know it all. It is not fully understood why a great miracle can be done at one moment in time for someone, and at another it seems there is no intervention of God? We can talk about faith, and other factors, but ultimately God is God which is far above our pay grade. But lack of faith and understanding of the manifestations is certainly important factors why we seldom see Book of Acts type signs, miracles and wonders, which do glorify and stand as witness to and for the true God.
My comments are not intended to disparage those who have never manifested Holy Spirit, but those who never have and attack those that do by blanket statements of counterfeit and Devil work, without proper understanding, revelation, scriptural authority or spiritual authority, and hold themselves out as having 'expertise.' No one including myself is an absolute expert in the Holy Spirit field. Some people may have more knowledge and experience than some.

Clearly one can claim to be led by the Holy Spirit. But if one was, one would not be displaying fruits of the flesh.

43 Years. 

Nope not bragging. 

Paul counted his learning as dung and the apostle Paul education was far greater than anyone we know.

If I was a brain surgeon for 43 years and did surgery that hardly anyone else did, and informed people in that are supposed to be professionals about some of the techniques and cases, and then criticized by arm chair "surgeons" who never did one surgery, would that be bragging? I have worked as a minister of the Gospel without pay whatsoever for 43 years now. All you can do is claim counterfeit etc.

When you have spoken in languages by freedom of will , yes plural by the spirit of God that you have not learned, when you can stop 400 foot flames and have a breech baby turn in the womb to head first, and be part of helping a woman walk for the first time in seven years, all empowered and as directed by the holy spirit, then you might have some credibility.

Some of you are such hypocrites and critical of those who do while you sit back in your arm chairs and speculate and pontificate.

My life has actually been in danger many times, but God protected me. One time a guy tried to attack me and he hit an invisible force field, at the time I was ministering to College students when I attended College. The attacker immediately disappeared and was translated "somewhere." He was running at me full speed.

At that period of time while in College a possessed woman ran me over with her car. I was uninjured and rolled off her car as she would not stop. God gets the glory in all the above, which are highlights among many other signs, miracles and wonders I have had the privillege of seeing and experiencing.

Some of you make me sick. You are Pharisees of Pharisees. A few of you are vipers, with the poison of asp under your tongue, who do not rejoice if someone is healed, but accuse those that do of being of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.

Jesus and Paul said a lot about some of your types. 

You do not know the spirit of God nor can you discern a thing, having no or almost no experience or understanding or involvement in spiritual warfare. I was fighting demons when you were sucking your thumb. Your still sucking your thumb, in the rocking chair of apathy and unbelief.

So 43 years counts as credit to salvation? 

  I don't think that is the way it works.  Do you understand what grace is?

Your rant is lacking in love. 


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