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The current lesson is about the Holy Spirit. Its direct trinitarian slant has brought up some animated discussions in some quarters. Here is the preface.

Lesson preface

How does this new doctrine of the trinity harmonize with the pioneer view?

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Thanks Shiver and Elijah for your interest. I used to love talking about Jesus on Adventist Online, but not many people live to get to know Jesus more. The replies are almost 3 days between replies.

We have a Website that studies Hebrew Sola Scriptoria. The problem as I see is most of us read our Bibles in English, trusting a human translator, rather than reading it in Hebrew, trusting the Holy Spirit.

Is there a difference? Absolutely.... I also study Ancient Hebrew, rather than Jewish Greek Hebrew.

As for "trinity" its a human term and thus invented by men, so should never be used to picture ELohiym

The best picture we have in the NT is family.

Eph 3:14 ¶ For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
 15 Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,
 16 That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are named here in the context of the Divine Family in heaven.

This implies the Holy Spirit and the Father are parents. If the SOP names the Father a heavenly parent, why do we find it so hard by logic to reference the Holy Spirit as the other heavenly parent?  Try reading some webpages and tell us why you think. Be the first SDA people to make comments.

My favourite themes are

Starting Spiritually in Jesus menu

Where in Scripture found in chronological order, are all the salvational steps to Jesus?

A famous book called "Steps to Christ" lists such steps in order as"-

  • (1) God's love for man
  • (2) The sinners need of Christ
  • (3) Repentance
  • (4) Confession
  • (5) Consecration
  • (6) Faith and Acceptance
  • (7) Test of Discipleship
  • (8) Growing up into Christ

    When I read this book at age 17 or so, I asked God to show me a single Scripture passage where these same steps are listed in the same chronological order as in the Book "Steps to Christ". Wouldn't that be a wonderful discovery, yet when I ask people or show them, they seem disinterested in this most wonderful golden gem in Scripture. Such a passage is found in the Scroll of Jesus. Most people do not know there are two books in the OT that are named Jesus or Yashua.

    Joshua is the book of Jesus showing us how a Church for God is saved.

    Hosea is the book of Jesus showing us how an Individual for God is saved.

    One the left is the Steps to Christ written by the hand of Ellen White as Jesus told her for the langauge of English. On the right is the Steps to Jesus written by Hosea as Yeshua told him to write in the language of Hebrew.

    For the "pious person", who finds it hard to have "child like faith", here is a website journey of all the things one needs to do to be saved by Jesus, following Yeshua 14:1-2.

    See Getting started in Jesus

    Shalom my friends.

This is a very good sermon/study about how the trinity doctrine undermines the  3 angels messages. It also addresses the role of the Holy Spirit.


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