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im a prophecy "freak", and have come across thoughts here and there on these forums that have made me notice statements or verses that i normally overlook due to, shall we say, "previous conditioning"..... :)

one of the things brought to my attention and has me thinking is how the statement from the great controversy below would be played out.

since the earth will be devastated at the second coming, not to mention the decomposition of a 1000 years, ive been wondering how this would be played out:

Skillful artisans construct implements of war. Military leaders, famed for their success, marshal the throngs of warlike men into companies and divisions. {GC 664.2}

what kind of "instruments of war" would the lost, the ones at the second resurrection, be able to make?

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It gives us an idea of the awesomeness of God and the battle going on with evil. It warns people of the end of time and to prepare the heart. Many things are going on around us that would shock us but that is not my intention.
Christ said to watch and be ready.
ask questions and believe in no one but christ
THAT ONE you can bet your life on!

Thanks, Ryan
When you're at your absolute bottom and dont even think you deserve to live!
He is there.
He sends holy visitors in to program and sustain us in all our ways.
He's with us in death and takes away our fear.
"I mean check this out If a church says we cant allow Walter Veith lectures to be shown in our church then it should be all the more reason for us to look at it."

If a church is going to have Veith's theories displayed ... it would only be fair to have another person to balance it out. He is far to extreme to be left alone. Someone need to counter his theories. The trouble is that most churches don't want debate and controversies ... so they avoid having to do such . And rightly so.
Well I'll bite my lip but here goes
Walter Veith is showing us history.
Any debate with him on those lines is simply in support of the papacy
Like I said. Views like his and your's need to be balanced. A church inviting just one view like his ... is just inviting trouble.
If you expose the papacy you invite trouble?
I would agree with that.
I do also. Certainly ... no good could come from it.
I dont think you understand what the catholic church really is. Why even EGW told us it is the right arm of satan and we are to expose it so people can see the errors of their ways and come out of Babylon.
Let me guess... we're to expose them in love?

Its funny how well things go. What was the discussion all about? Lol. Funny. I think we need to eat healthy so we can focus. I was liking the tone of this discussion. But it changed. Veith must be important hey? He is in all the threads. Those who hate him slander him untill you just have to watch his work. Lol.


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