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 You miss a very big point. This not just about what one person puts in his gut. * It's about a message that is sent to our people on a public forum who may be looking for excuses to put in their gut what is not good for them. It is the message that is sent that might help another to continue in a course that is not healthy for them.

It is too bad that SDAs would still disagree on this when it should have been laid to rest at least a half century ago in not a century.

* my underline in pretty colour


ah yes the message we send to all the people here

young and old

in the faith

out of the faith

babies in Christ

or towering Pillars long time walking with CHRIST


thats one of the reasons why this FORUM is here

violia -the debate aspect here

we also message how we treat those that dont agree with us

those ring out louder than a list of facts we subscribe too

(its about the PERSON)

God is more concerned about that

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we should be Christ like ideally? Mr Clark posted this discussion 

Last month, in one 24 hour period, over 15,000 atheists visited Adventist Online.  It was one of those flukes of the internet.  A blog post on a different website was referenced in a large atheist forum ( - visit at your own discretion).  The original blogger's website went down from the huge amount of traffic.  But Man Flower Glow had reposted the article here on AO.  So our site became the place the redditors came to read the article... and also to read our responses to it.

So how did we do?  Do all of us think about our behavior on Adventist Online in light of the fact that others are watching us?  Many of those reading our posts do not believe as we do.  Do all of our posts here reflect the love of Christ to everyone that reads them?  Are we displaying the nature and sacrifice of Christ that drew all to him?

I am incredibly blessed by our Site Rules & Guidelines that were written by members of this site.  I personally feel that if we wrote all our posts in the spirit of those guidelines, others looking on would truly know we are Chistians by our love.

How do you feel knowing that over 15,000 atheists viewed this discussion?  Would each of us behave differently if we knew that was going to happen?  Let us know how you feel.

Clark P

these innocent people who happen to drop by have seen

TESTIMONY threads with no or few  posts

which is very telling

but threads that deal with rules and how people are offended ad naseum - it never ends

#out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

:) :(

I refer you to the thread "Delivering Silent Preachers."

i refer you to the Math 5,6,7

i know you have a Bible

but do u have a link?

Do you mean Matthew or Mathematics ?

You were talking about Testimony threads. 


silly me


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