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 lets to talk about these topics below:

the musicians
the music 
the words 
the congregational worship 
the instruments 
the music productions 
the music education 
the church music 
the music and evangelism 
the music in worship 
the team of audio and video
ours radios and tvs 
the secular music useful 
the church s position
Opinions in general

welcome every post!keep a Christian attitude,please!
maran natha

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How about you pick one from the list to talk about? Otherwise it would be mass confusion. :)

We could 'attack' one at a time.
Okay. I will start with one. TV

I love my TV. I have a big wide screen HD TV. I love my TIVO. I love getting satellite service. I have over 100 channels that I can choose from.

Cool ain't it?
thanks you reply!
god sent to you experience and understanding about!
lets pray about our brothers!
with His love
I really enjoy my kids do too... they know on Friday afternoon they turn it on and it makes the Sabbath so special... It's not an Adventist site- I think it's Baptist...but they also play some Adventist musicians that I recognize...

Blessings to all on this Sabbath day! :o)
Amen, MsMS! Another thing we have in common- we both play the piano! :o)
I will play a keyboard only if I have to..... :o)
-Music for me is a healing force! i believe it is.. especially good, uplifting, Christ-centered ( or at least lyrics containing wholesome values) music.. whatever mood i have, or when I'm at home, church, traveling or whatever the case, listening to these music can really be uplifting..
although music today can easily influence us a lot, we then have to be very careful with the words or the message of the songs we listen or sing.. Ellen White counsels us to raise our sights in music. She tells us that “Music, when not abused, is a great blessing; but when it is put to a wrong use, it is a terrible curse”
Let us Praise God through Music!
Satan writes music? :O

I love contemporary Christian music. Hymns are okay, but they're so slow they make me sleepy. But I think hymns are best for most churches, since some people get up and leave if any of "Satan's" music is played.
My very favorite music is watching anyone sing a capella from the heart. :)
I love orchestra music, african, asian, celtic,Spanish, reggae, Christian formal and contemporary. The only music hard on my ears is country and rap; i just don't listen to it.
You don't like country either? :D

I think that if any music is of the devil, it's country;. ;-) (Just kidding)
My favorite time is at the congregational worship,when the children's from Sabbath School come to sing.just lovely!!:)


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