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Did christ take our fallen human nature? Or
Did Christ take the nature of adam before the fall.
What's your take? Provide sources.

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“For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:3, 4)       

God condemned sin in the flesh, not merely by pronouncing against it but by living in it yet never sinning. By doing so Christ condemned sin in our flesh showing that we have no excuse for sinning. By His victory over temptation in our sinful flesh He also became our example as to how we might have victory over temptation. Christ united His Divinity with our sinful human nature and thus became the perfect Mediator between God and mankind that needs saving.


“The nature of God, whose law had been transgressed, and THE NATURE OF ADAM THE TRANSGRESSOR, meet in Jesus, the Son of God, and the Son of man.” E.G. White, Manuscript 141, 1901.


“It was in the order of God that Christ should take upon himself the FORM AND NATURE OF FALLEN MAN, that he might be made perfect through suffering, and himself endure the strength of Satan’s temptations, that he might the better know how to succor those who should be tempted.” E.G. White, Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 12-31-72.


“Though He had no taint of sin upon His character, yet He condescended to connect our fallen human nature with His divinity. By thus taking humanity, He honored humanity. Having taken our fallen nature, he showed what it might become, by accepting the ample provision He has made for it, and by becoming partaker of the divine nature.” Letter 81, 1896.  3SM 134


“He took upon Him OUR SINFUL NATURE.”

E.G. White, Signs of the Times, 7-30-02.


Think of Christ’s humiliation. He TOOK upon himself FALLEN, SUFFERING HUMAN NATURE, DEGRADED AND DEFILED BY SIN. He took our sorrows, bearing our grief and shame. He endured all the temptations wherewith man is beset. He united humanity with divinity: a divine spirit dwelt in a temple of flesh. He united himself with the temple. “The Word was MADE FLESH, and dwelt among us,” because by so doing he could ASSOCIATE WITH THE SINFUL, sorrowing sons and daughters of Adam.” E.G. White, The Youth’s Instructor, 12-20-00.


“Notwithstanding that the sins of a guilty world were laid upon Christ, notwithstanding the humiliation of taking upon Himself OUR FALLEN NATURE, the voice from heaven declared Him to be the Son of the Eternal.” 

Desire of Ages 112.


“HIS HUMAN NATURE WAS created; it did not even possess the angelic powers. IT WAS HUMAN, IDENTICAL WITH OUR OWN...He would redeem Adam’s disgraceful failure and fall, in OUR own HUMANITY.”

E.G. White, Selected Messages Book 3.

“The Spirit was given Him without measure; for His mission on earth demanded this. Christ’s life represents a perfect manhood. Just that which you may be, He was in human nature. He took our infirmities. He was not only made flesh, but He was made in the likeness of sinful flesh. His divine attributes were withheld from relieving His soul anguish or His bodily pains” Letter 106, 1896 (5BC 1124).


Christ’s sinlessness is unquestioned

That Christ in human nature lived a life of sinlessness is unquestioned. He never sinned by thought or action. He was holy and pure, undefiled from conception to grave. His infinite perfection of character has never been equaled by any other nor indeed can be.


In him is no sin.” 1John 3:5.


Who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth.” 1Pet 2:22.


Jesus asked His enemies, “Which of you convinceth me of sin?” John 8:46.


Christ lived a life of sinlessness in our fallen human nature and thereby condemned sin in the flesh, in our flesh. Christ proved that our nature is no excuse for sinning and that obedience to God’s law is possible even in our fallen nature:


“He [Christ] came with such a heredity to share our sorrows and temptations, and to give us the EXAMPLE OF A SINLESS LIFE.”  E.G. White, Desire of Ages, p49.


“He sent His Son to this world to bear the penalty of sin, and to SHOW MAN HOW TO LIVE A SINLESS LIFE.” E.G. White, Reflecting Christ, p37.


“He came to this world and lived a sinless life, that in His power His people might also live LIVES OF SINLESSNESS.” E.G. White, Review and Herald , April 1, 1902


“He placed us on vantage ground, where we could live pure, SINLESS LIVES.” E.G. White, Signs of the Times , June 17, 1903.


“Every one who by faith obeys God’s commandments, will reach the condition of SINLESSNESS in which Adam lived before his transgression.” E.G. White, Signs of the Times , July 23, 1902.


The only way that Christ could demonstrate how, we in our sinful nature, might live sinless lives is by living a sinless life in our sinful nature.

Very refreshing... Yet very painful. Since this involves overcoming my sins. Great piece.

Very painful.. Right.. Its like A W Tozer put it, I think it was him.. He said its because our self is like a fleshy veil that must be torn away.. So OF COURSE its going to be painful.. It is flesh ripping.. But it must be done in order to obtain the most Holy place before the very God of heaven..


I used my own words, and his idea.. But it just struck me very forcefully, the idea of our selfish nature being ripped like a membrane, tearing it away, as IN a birth, almost!! It is INCREDIBLY fascinating to study what He's done for us, IN REALITY.. And also to come to know more of what we NEED to know for preparedness!!


I want to be ready..

Does this mean that he was both human and divine??

What do you mean leslie? Give me your thoughts. Tell me what you think and support it by the word and SOP. Lets investigate.

Paul well according to the Bible it says God cannot be tempted.

Jas 1:13
Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

So, then if he had any form of divine then he will still be God although human as well.

The devil tempted him how can that be possible

Then Leslie, i get your point. So you mean that when Jesus was taken by the holy spirit into the wilderness, to be tempted was just a play? Or what do you think? Maybe it was unreal.... Lets discuss...

Paul no I do not believe it was a play I believe he really was tempted but he could not have been divine only human in order to be tempted of the devil.

His name means God with us, either God is a lier or God did walk the earth for 30 years in the flesh. Jesus said before Abraham was, I am. If he was not divine then he was a lier and not God. And yet we know that he accepted worship, if he was not divine then how can you worship him? 

Ezra I understand what you are saying but what I am asking is if he had also divinity in him when he came can that be the reason why he never sinned even though he was tempted of the devil. 

Because I am thinking (and I could be very wrong) that he had to be very much human alone and not sin even though tempted of the devil as an example for us that we humans can also through him overcome sin.

But if he was divine then it seems to me (again i could be very wrong) that it is a fact that not that he "did not sin" but he "could not sin" because he was God.

I hope you understanding what I saying 

The way I understand it, had he used his divinity for his own needs he would have sinned. That is why Satan tried to get him to turn the stones into bread.if at anytime he did anything that a man could not do he would have failed. He most certainly was able to sin.
Leslie, I like your spirit. We are all learning. I agree with Ezra on this one. Had He used his divinity for His benefit, He would have sinned.
Check out EG White on the matter. He did nothing to remove suffering from himself.
But that makes it a bit harder, Its like having millions of dollars yet you cannot use them. He is indeed our great example!


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