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Did christ take our fallen human nature? Or
Did Christ take the nature of adam before the fall.
What's your take? Provide sources.

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I have read that too. Lovely Deborah. The message they heard was true.... It was from the lord.
So Deborah, don't we end up being perfectionists? If we say Christ overcame. And we must also overcome.

Hello Paul!

Like Lewis Walton said last year at campmeeting.. When a pilot is preparing to land, and he is told to do this and do that, whatever it may be that is needed  to land a plane, would he tell them on the other end, I am NOT going to do all that! What are you, PERFECTIONISTS?!!


It is NOT legalism to do all that is necessary to enter the promised land..


And what is needed from us is simply submission.. Perfect FAITH IN Christ.. He DOES it ALL.. We merely submit to His will.. NOT simple by ANY means, at least when you are first setting out to BE submissive..


But, it is too much for some to accept that they DO NOTHING.. HAVE NO PART in thier own salvation..


Also, the other side, who says, we are saved just like Luther taught.. Righteousness by faith in Christ.. But they have NO WISH to go further, as God TRIED to get us to do in 1888... He TRIED to get us to grasp it then.. But HE was denied by our leadership.. GOD was denied by our leaders..


In Michigan I see pastors TRYING to get this message out again.. But it is NOT easy.. Satan has clouded things up to such a point, and PEOPLE have clouded things up in the attempt to NOT have to give up EVERYTHING of the world, that now, it IS an uphill battle..


God brought me home to Michigan purposely so I could be in the place of Godly primitiveness.. When I came back to church, it was NOT a nominal church!  He is so awesome..


But even here, there are 2 or 3 sets of actual beliefs.. Legalists, nominalists, AND finally, true humble followers of Christ.. And THEY are the ones having meetings and giving out this book, The Divine Human Family, and also, I believe its called Victory IN Christ.. WW Prescott..


It is BIBLICALLY sound..


But denies all the worldly influence people love so much.. Plain and simple..


I am no perfectionist, but GOD IS.. And HE wants to live out HIS LIFE IN ME... I must only submit my will.. I SAY ONLY.. HA HA!!  It IS not an easy thing today..

Deborah amen so true

I agree with you, but you should not throw away the baby with the water.

Others have already said much Paul and yes the picture I have is that God sent His Son to live a life in our world; born in sin, (ours), took up Adam's sinful nature (not one before he sinned, noting also that this was years later)..and lived through His life sinless....

I see a call for an exercise of faith in taking God at His word, lest our attempts to fully grasp how God lived through Christ (save for the light that has been made available for us learn) leave us open to the devil's ploy in planting doubt.

It is a comforting thought for me too, to know that for God to remain God, there will be parts of Him I will not fully understand, grasp or rather comprehend till we get to Heaven and perhaps even then.... else He ceases to be God.  Great topic friend.  God bless.

A mouthfull brother Scobs.
God bless you too. I agree with with your comment 100%.
But then how come our Ministers teach the opposite? They say that there is no overcoming this side of heaven. Its not as easy, no one can live without sinning.
This is the statement i like: "When you're sinning, make sure you do not get caught." a lady can sleep around, do abortion, and still teach. But if one get pregnant she will be dis fellowship. Why? She got caught.
I mean that teaching that you cannot overcome sin has a lot of disadvantages.

I very much agree with your concern Paul...Ministers and others teaching 'can't be perfect' - meaning? For me, it is one way not to encourage us to persevere in minute, hourly, daily, weekly choosing to allow Christ to take control of our wills.  At times, just to 'protect' whomever..the caught... statements like none of us is allowed to dis fellowship and alongside that "only God as He is the only perfect one"...true..are used.  But also true that He gave clear instructions as to how to cast anyone of us away (whilst on this planet).

... imagine what effect this has on the audience... i mean a constant repeat of the statement you have shared ... They say that there is no overcoming this side of heaven. Its not as easy, no one can live without sinning.  

does it encourage choosing to stay without sinning?  does it encourage to rightfully correct each other?  does it not encourage more than anything else to be complacent and comfortable with status quo (status which is for most "we are sinners saved (once) by Grace and there nothing we do now is important as Christ (in God form) lived a sinless life for us and died for us).

you know, having read just part of 1 of the books used in our theology departments for systematic theology, i am not surprised that statements like these keep showing up. ... and no wonder we have (amongst disadvantages as I see) an increase in fathers/men or mothers/women choosing not to be Godly parents/people; to kids theirs and the neighbours.  I mean, 'why work harder to change my ugly behaviour? the wife better accept me as I am and vice versa.  won't change as can't change.  in any case life on the other side seems greener and more exciting compared to your rules, doctrines and principles, etc.  live long chief.

Brother Scobs. very well said sir. Thank you.
"for God to remain God, there will be parts of Him i will not understand." Lovely. Very lovely.

He took our fallen human nature, but with no desire or propensity to sin such as the Adam, what would be the mind of Christ, which we can have.

Brother Scot writes well. Richard I would agree with that statement.

Many do not understand the concept of where faith comes from and how we get faith from Jesus

There is this Bible text:

1Jo 5:16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.
 17 All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death.
 18 ¶ We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

To understand the term "there is a sin-offering not unto death"

However If I asked anybody, where in Scripture are the Bible steps to Jesus as listed in chronological order as does EGW Steps to Christ, is there any SDA person who has such a Bible passage?

The above link shows you how.

One sad statement by Jesus in the end of time,

Will I find faith on the earth?

If you do not overcoming all forms of sinning unto death, you do not have Jesus in your life.

Scripture is very plain about this teaching.

A strange sermon topic, the saved cigarette smoker... A play with the shadow experiment.

Richard writes :"He took our fallen human nature, but with no desire or propensity to sin

Does people know the Hebrew word "aven" is actually a word referring to genetic propensities

Enjoy reading our links, and Bible studies.

May we be found walking more strongly in Jesus



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