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I was doing a study to write a outline of the foundational pillars of Adventism. Everyone seems to have a personal view of what they entail but limited support for it. What SOP or writings in church periodicals has everyone on this important issue as I have the following pillars.....

The investigative judgment
The sanctuary service
The perpetuity of the Law of God
The faith of Jesus
The Three Angels' Messages
The seventh-day Sabbath
The state of the dead
The special gift of prophecy (or the Testimony of Jesus).

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The one who is in error is the one who can not accept there is a third person in the Godhead. 


Brother Gene, once again, we have to agree to disagree... You recognize it to be error, but SDA don't see it your way, EGW writings, that we believe is inspired by GOD, explains it clear for us. 

 Gene wrote: "The teaching that there are three living persons of the heavenly trio does not bear out as it relates to the biblical fact, and this has been shown. Only God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ has been shown to be persons of the Godhead."


 The Bible tells us to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... Not just the Father and the Son. The Father has a name, the Son has a name, and the Holy Spirit has a name. So there a Three Persons of the GODHEAD. 

Gene wrote: "The Holy Spirit is as what the bible says; the Spirit of God. Because you fail to embrace and understand the nature of the Spirit of God in that it is the active power and authority of God’s very presence, and by not understanding this you have excepted a false identity of the Holy Spirit and of the Godhead."

 Lol.. Bro, it's impossible that a fail to embrace and understand the nature of the Holy Spirit, because I haven't even attempted to embrace and understand the nature of the Holy Spirit. That's you bro.

 The SDA teaching is that we don't even entertain the thought. Understanding that "He", the Holy Spirit is a person is fine. You believe the Holy Spirit is a person, it's just that you don't believe "He" is the thrid person of the GODHEAD... You believe it's just Two (Father and Son) and not Three. 

Gene wrote: "The SOP has injected the Third Person identity to the Holy Spirit for example taken from the post."


 Whats being injected by you is the nature of the Holy Spirit, you seem to have knowledge of this, but again and again and again.... we are told not to get into these discussions. 

 Again, we agree that the Holy Spirit is a Person.

 Ok, you don't believe "He" is the Thrid Person of the GODHEAD... and your reason why He is not is base on trying to understand His nature. We will have to agree to disagree, because I can't entertain trying to understand the nature of the Holy Spirit. You understanding what I'm saying to you? 




The Holy Spirit is referred to as "the Comforter" (e.g. John 14:26) and Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as "He". The word translated as "comforter" is parakletos and is a word that can only refer to a person, not an object or impersonal power. Other signs of His personality are the fact that He can be grieved, He distributes the gifts of the Spirit as He sees fit, He testifies of the Father, He witnesses, He guides, He prophecies, etc. 

The problem seems to be that you are only taking one part of the Word and ignoring the rest - which explains why you regularly contradict yourself in your posts. AFAICS you are the one with the problem here because you have trouble not only reconciling what the Bible says but also what you think and believe.

Most of what you claim has already been dealt with in other threads so you are just demanding that other respondents repeat the same thing over and over again in multiple threads because of your refusal to come to terms with the Biblical viewpoint.

Can you find any instance when the word parakletos is used for a power rather than a person? No. The very name "Comforter" demonstrates that the Holy Spirit is as much a Person as the Father and the Son.

JohnB said, “Can you find any instance when the word parakletos is used for a power rather than a person?”

Even though I believe the Holy Spirit is more than just power, Jesus does refer to as power from on high.  You are correctly, but from my studies on this subject, I do know that in Greek both masculine and neuter words are used in relating to the Holy Spirit.

The word parakletos is translated correctly, it’s a masculine word. But this doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit is a he or him or that it is a third person of the Godhead.

The doctrine of the Trinity, was established 321 AD and was in place for more than 1,000 years before the King James bible. It should be important to you to study if an open mind.

“Why Is the Holy Spirit Called 'He' and 'Him'?”

The masculine gender of parakletos, and those pronouns are technically correct in Greek, albeit misleading when translated word for word into English. But the supposition that the Holy Spirit is a person to be referred to as “he” or “him” is incorrect.

The word pneuma, usually translated “spirit” but sometimes “wind” and “breath,” is a grammatically neuter word and in Greek is referred to by such neuter terms as “it,” “its” or “itself.”

The translators of the KJV version almost always changed the pronouns when referring to the Holy Spirit ( pneuma ) to “he,” “his” and “himself” from the original Greek pronouns “it,” “its” and “itself”

In a few passages the King James Version handles these pronouns as they should have been translated. Romans 8:16, for example, reads: “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” Some other places in the KJV where pneuma is correctly referred to by the neuter terms “it” or “which” are Matthew 10:20; Luke 8:29; 9:39; John 1:32 and 1 Peter 1:11.

Later English translations of the Bible generally followed the lead of the King James Version in referring to the Holy Spirit as masculine rather than neuter. Thus the Holy Spirit is almost always referred to as “he” or “him” in modern versions. This reflects not linguistic accuracy but the use of gender in the Greek language and the doctrinal bias of Bible translators.

Also, that are many impersonal attributes of the Holy Spirit as well. And in contrast to God the Father and Jesus Christ, who are consistently compared to human beings in Their form and shape, the Holy Spirit is consistently represented, by various symbols and manifestations, in a completely different manner—such as breath



  Brother Gene, I'll let brother JohnB answer you, I just wanted to point out that I was correct about your beliefs and who your associated with...  I didn't see the last paragraph, but this is a WWCOG article from Scott Ashely from the Beyond Today part of the fragmented group.

 So you grew up a SDA but soaked up some of their false teachings and are here to enlighten us? 

  it's amazing, you criticize SDA for accepting EGW and her writings as being inspired , and all along you follow Herbert Armstrong and his teachings. I'm surprised I haven't seen you write in regards of the 3 days and 3 nights, that's usually one of the subjects WWCOG folks like challenge SDA teaching on. 


Yes, JohnB is a big boy. I'm sure he can speak to this.

Gene is absolutely correct as regards the holy spirit and that it is not a He or Him or person.


Gene said that he was sure that I can speak to this but is there any more to say? I pointed out that the word parakletos is only used for a person and never for anything other than a person. You agreed. 

The inescapable conclusion is that the Comforter (parakletos) is, like Christ, a person. Hence, 'another Comforter'.

As this has nothing to do with the topic, can we now move the discussion into a more appropriate thread?

James said:

"Gene is absolutely correct as regards the holy spirit and that it is not a He or Him or person."

Yes, when your bible study amounts to proving your own ideas that may well be what you come up with. Just like the mark of the beast is a computer chip

Please address the 34 reasons why the holy spirit is not a separate person pdf document.

James, thanks for the information. For me of course these things are view I studied as I came to understand that the Holy Spirit was not a person or third person of the Godhead. I think #34 which I have in the past mentioned really shows the truth of the Godhead.



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