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The Pressure of Being Single (Especially on the month of February)

I don't know if you can relate with me, but I really hate it when Pastors/elders would talk to me, ask me why I'm single and would suggest a "good" christian guy they know. Or even in my family, since I am the only remaining single, they would pick up on me and ask, "When are you getting married?" 

Why is our world... or let's narrow it... even in our church, it seems that we want everyone to be married. Why is there a pressure being single? 

I'm almost 27, and to be honest, I also want to meet someone special someday. The one I will call, "God's best".. I just dont like being pressed on by the pressures of everyone expecting me to have someone already or be married in a year or two.

You get my point? Am I making sense?

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Some people just like being in your business because it makes them feel like they are helpful.  If it really bothers you that much I'd only suggest figuring out a way to respond that lets them know you don't need their help and prefer to keep that aspect of your life relatively private.  

Be prepared though because that line of thinking doesn't always stop after you get married.  Following marriage the next thing they'll likely be asking is when the baby is on the way etc.   I get you're point and can understand how annoying it feels, sometimes you just have to fight the feeling to "act friendly" and respectfully stand up for your privacy if their behavior is affecting you negatively.

Friends, family, church & work.  That type of encroachment on personal matters sadly happens everywhere

I don't bother my single friends about marriage I have let them choose for themselves... :)

A nice pastor friend of mine told me he points his wife to Jesus to fill her cup...  and that all other fulfillment other than Jesus will end up resulting in brokenness in some degree.  So seek God to be your lover and seek fulfillment from Jesus- who is love?

That is Jesus.

Dear sister,

God will make everything beautiful in His time.

I hear you dear sister,

People pressure to get married especially beautiful women because they want them protected from the devilish .......  that is out there.  and that they want them to be happy.  But pressure, coercion and guilt and manipulation is not in God's way.  So we need to brush aside all the pressure and seek the God of the beautiful canvas that the Lord is trying to paint of your life with the person that is not yet in the picture yet.  Blessings

Exactly, Single is not as bad as being married and laying next to someone who makes you feel more alone.  Be careful who you wed.

Because God will guide and provide, but there is a lot of selfishness in this world and that means people do things to please themselves at the expense of others.

These things happen from time to time.  I've had it a few times from people in the church, parents and even on here.  Someone at church even gave me an anonymous card once.  After some consideration I suspect that was from someone attempting some pump priming so to speak.

A speaker at a meeting I was at once made some throw away 1+1=2 kind of comment about what it takes to get a wife.  After the meeting I saw a single person outside staring into the garden by them selves.  I knew what they were going through.  These things can be very hard to take.

My best advice is think and pray about it and try and work out who you are and what is a realistic path forward.  If there is none try and find something else to do for God in the mean time.

Happy Valentines day to those who have found true Love May God Bless your Relationship 

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Happy Valentine's Day to those who need it...

I think there are many western men that are rejoicing that they are single on the month of February, not all but a few that have been through rocky times.  The Apostle Paul made a few good points about remaining single and Jesus also gave the example of being single.  Not trying to be negative but single is good when you do it for the Lord.

I think you are right Bart 

Some men may well be inclined like that, but as we know not all. Have we not seen the Catholic Priests who has sworn to celibacy, and how we find out that they have abused children left in their trust.



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