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The Pressure of Being Single (Especially on the month of February)

I don't know if you can relate with me, but I really hate it when Pastors/elders would talk to me, ask me why I'm single and would suggest a "good" christian guy they know. Or even in my family, since I am the only remaining single, they would pick up on me and ask, "When are you getting married?" 

Why is our world... or let's narrow it... even in our church, it seems that we want everyone to be married. Why is there a pressure being single? 

I'm almost 27, and to be honest, I also want to meet someone special someday. The one I will call, "God's best".. I just dont like being pressed on by the pressures of everyone expecting me to have someone already or be married in a year or two.

You get my point? Am I making sense?

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MJ not many has been given the Gift of being celibate because that was not in God's original design. And as it seems you yourself thought you were but did realize you was not. May God bless you and your intended. 


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