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When one tries to increase his knowledge by doing mental gymnastics over books without waiting upon God and looking to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, his soul is plainly in full swing. This will deplete his spiritual life. Because the fall of man was occasioned by seeking knowledge, God uses the foolishness of the cross to "destroy the wisdom of the wise.”
Watchman Nee

How many SDA's have fallen into the trap of Knowledge vs True Spiritual growth and development. Instead of seeking a relationship with Christ they seek a relationship with the rules. This is an unfulfilled Christian experience which leads to anger and frustration. It also paves the way for a judgemental nature. It is imperative for us all to wait patiently for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit both in action and wisdom. It is this path that leads to true fulfillment. Many in this world are seeking a Spiritual Connection but have are confused about method. As Christians we can follow the example of Pastor Nee, and seek the true knowledge of the cross.


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Thanks for your reply, so do you think that the SDA church are not the end time church entrusted with God's end time message. Seeing you are promoting teachers from other faiths.


The body of Christ in total IS the end time "church."

Hello Ian

No I do not believe in one end time church. God has his people in many churches who are doing his work. Our job is to be one of those people doing Gods work. "Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."

The fruit of the Spirit is what reflects Gods chosen. The question is are we bearing this type of fruit.


Leon so you see endtime Sunday keepers standing together with Commandment Keepers, when Christ return? 

Very true and what an insight Leon. we see it here often. 80% of the time I get attacked, and they bring up old issues I have addressed many times. They ignore what they ca't answer and proceed with straw man character assasination. I had to learn about group think the hard way. The Apostle Paul was one of the most learned of the law, yet he received more revelation by Jesus Christ than anyone else. He walked tremendously in both knowledge and power.

It is unfortunate that we see no move of the spirit in both the SDA and Christianity in general. The counterfeit kundalini spirit is designed to discredit the genuine Holy Spirit.
Lucifer has done a great job thereby. There are counterfeit manifestations of Satan energized by demons, but there is also the spirit of God with 9 manifestations. To know the difference is crucial, and is acheived by knowledge of God's Word, the spirit of God and by experience. We need the power of the Holy Spirit and knowledge of God's Word. Both are necessary.

If you are not happy here no one will stop you from leaving. I do not think a lot of tears will be wasted on you if you did. 


If you feel that you are in the truth, why dismiss a brother. Gods group is inclusive not exclusive. Disagreements will happen. Pray for insight for yourself and others. Then you will proceed in love.


Leon have you read any of his post they are filled with pride, self-sufficiency, boasting and totally devoid of christian love. Even worse than yours. 

That's why some don't want you or I here on this site. They don't want the Holy Spirit or critical thinking. They want everyone to think exactly the same. The body of Christ is supposed to be unified on the truth in love and in the power of the Holy Spirit, but we are also members in particular, God has set individuals in the body, as He sees fit to perform their function. The body of Christ is supposed to work together.

James said, "That's why some don't want you or I here on this site. They don't want the Holy Spirit or critical thinking."

No, James, you are wrong. Neither of you are the sole source of the Holy Spirit or the only ones who think critically. This sounds more like your ego speaking than anything else. If you are the Holy Spirit then it means that the HS it rude, abusive and promotes commandment-breaking. To suggest that the two of you are the only source of the HS is the height of arrogance, the fact that you couple that with a claim to know what others think means that despite the fact that you are posting on this site you continue to refuse to follow the rules of the site. 

Herbert, like yourself, is not SDA. He is another one who, also like you, is here dishonestly. What we don't want is people who do not hold the same beliefs that we do as this completely destroys the purpose of this site.

Let me try and explain this to you once again as it seems that you really cannot grasp the fact that this site was established as a place where SDAs could meet and discuss amongst themselves. It was a place to discuss issues from an SDA perspective. Not just Christian but specifically from the SDA perspective. SDAism can be quite diverse, not only geographically but also theologically. So what was initially a site for single SDAs to meet other single SDAs evolved into a chat site for SDAs from around the world to be able to discuss topics with each other.

Many of us joined specifically for the purpose of being able to have discussions with other SDAs rather than other Christians or others in general. If someone is looking for an SDA site which invites non-SDAs to join there are a few around which anyone can join without having to lie about their beliefs but this site was set up by and for SDAs.

One would hope, James, that others would respect that fact and not attempt to force the site to change to suit their personal agenda. After all, you do not have to be on this site, do you - unless, of course, you have been banned from every other site on the internet and this site is the only place that hasn't banned you. Even then, there is no law that says that you have to post on this forum.

You have come on this site to correct us and try and make us follow your beliefs rather than ours. This is no assumption, you have said as much, so you are not here to discuss anything as an SDA (how could you, you are not an SDA) you have forced your way in here to "give us the truth". You are not the only one to have sneaked on with such an agenda but you are the rudest one - which hardly helps considering you are here to teach us about the HS. How can you be able to operate the HS so completely yet not display any of the fruits?

The sign-up process was designed so that only SDAs could honestly join the site. When the site was being fully moderated accounts could be closed for misrepresentation or refusal to abide by the rules.

By restricting this site to SDA-only it also means that we can discuss with others who share the same core beliefs. Otherwise we have to constantly justify our core belief to non-SDAs and all discussion is reduced to the lowest common denominator. This is not an SDA apologetics site but there are such sites if you want to go and argue about core beliefs of the SDAC.

There is also the question of freedom and liberty. Why should we SDAs not be able to have somewhere to talk amongst ourselves? Are we hurting you by doing this? Why is it so important for you to have unrestricted access to this SDA-only site?

Why do you deny us the freedom to peacefully assemble together without let or hindrance?

It is rather galling to have you using deceit to push your way in, then being abusive to all who dare complain or disagree with you and then follow that by complaining that we talk about SDA topics too much. I don't know what image you have of yourself but I have a big problem taking anyone seriously who uses deceit without a second thought. Not to mention the rudeness and bullying tactics. I may not agree with Herbert but I do not recall him being rude or abusive even when others may have been rude to him. Not so with you. You do not reflect the Spirit of God. No matter how much to speak of your mastery, your knowledge, your ability, we do not see the expected fruits. You demand acceptance, become petulant and rude when challenged and seem to think that you have a divine right not only to be on the site but also to ignore the rules.

Beyond that, why is it so important that you will even risk your soul's salvation just to be able to post on an SDA-only site?

Elijah a quick search of his words and quotes uncovers much. Lol

Bart yes indeed, as you get on in age the memory tends to fail you at times I thank the Lord for the search engine where you can look up a word and that will give you a whole page of information. 


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