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Hi Brethren.

I salute you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I request to be helped on the above matter, can we allow elect of God to serve as a politician and the same time serve in the church board? Regardless of the state, institution or any other consideration. I know that God gave us a freedom of choice so one can choose on what to do willingly but does the church allow this? If you are having any reference then quote it.

God bless you all

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Thanks for the salute David.

The answer is yes.

Hello David. I have a few quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy. Perhaps these will be of use.


"It is a mistake for you to link your interests with any political party, to cast your vote with them, or for them. Those who stand as educators, as ministers, as laborers together with God in any line, have no battles to fight in the political world." (Gospel Workers p.393.)


"Those in the ministry who desire to stand as politicians, should have their [ministerial] credentials taken from them; for this work God has not given to high or low among His people."  (ibid. p.395)


"God's children are to separate themselves from politics..." (ibid.)


"Again and again Christ had been asked [and still is asked, I believe,] to decide legal and political questions; but He refused to interfere in temporal matters..." (ibid. p.396)

In my understanding, Gabriel, Romans 13 describes "the powers that be" (the government) as a Non-Christian entity. The State is "a revenger to execute wrath upon him that does evil" (13:4). But just a few sentences before chapter 13 begins, Paul says to his brethren "Dearly beloved, do not avenge yourselves..." (12:19)


It is never the Christian way to seek revenge. But of course the State must be "a revenger" -- and so, for that reason it can never operate as a Christian entity. If the State loved her enemies, and did good to them that hate her, then of course the State would immediately collapse.


I believe that the we, as Christians, must be obedient to the State (insofar as we can), but the government is not a place for Christians.

Ellen White indicates that at times it is so important to vote that we should vote even if it is on Sabbath.

During recent presidential elections one state made a special election after sundown on Sabbath - just for SDAs and Jews so that they could vote. and not have to break the Sabbath.

So, it is important.

nah. I am not going to bother to look it up. But you are free to find it if it interests you.

I will speak what I know. If you are concerned with the sources - you can look it up. I am not concerned with the sources and will not bother to look it up because I know it is true. Whether you believe it or not is not my concern.

While I agree with Steward's point of view, I did research for the Ellen White quote about voting on Sabbath because it really didn't fit with what I had always thought.

I came across an article from the Adventist Review -  The quote below is from a book written by Herbert E. Douglass, Messenger of the Lord, chapter 13;

The Whites did much of the preaching. On Sunday evening, after Mrs. White had retired, the constituency was conducting a business meeting on the subject of voting, especially in regard to temperance and prohibition. After a short time the message came that the group wanted her counsel. G. B. Starr recalled later that Ellen White related a dream that described the Iowa circumstance and that the heavenly spokesman had said: “God designs to help the people in a great movement on this subject. He also designed that you, as a people, should be the head and not the tail in the movement; but now the position you have taken will place you at the tail.”

In the meeting, Mrs. White was asked whether the Iowa Adventists should vote for prohibition. Her answer was swift: “Yes, to a man everywhere and perhaps I shall shock some of you if I say, If necessary, vote on the Sabbath day for prohibition if you cannot at any other time.”

Writing later, Starr emphasized: “I can testify that the effect of the relation of that dream was electrical upon the whole conference. A convincing power attended it, and I saw for the first time the unifying power of the gift of prophecy in the church.”45

A different article records the conversation slightly differently with no direct statement given by Ellen White that we should vote even on Sabbath:  article with quote taken from

Ellen G. White, Temperance, pp. 255, 256.

Essentially, Sister White expressed a prayer to God that Satan’s scheme of placing his agents in office would be thwarted.

In this particular instance, however, Ellen White did not specifically say one should vote. Yet, how else would her prayer be answered if no one took advantage of the privilege to cast a vote?


From the context, I do not believe she meant voting was always right or to be done on the Sabbath but that in this particular type of case, voting for a cause, not an individual, should be done.  I don't see it as a broad indication that she approved of politics considering what she wrote in other places about the subject. Still not sure if the first article is correct in stating that she made the comment considering that the second one just records her as writing in her diary.  Anyone come up with a better answer?

Thanks so much for the comprehensive study, am now convinced and what should be our goal is to do what is the will of God,

God bless you.


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