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The United States Economy will collapse in September, prophecy will be fulfilled.

Prophecy is going to be fulfilled in September 2015.  It's time for us to start preparing ourselves.

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The Lord did  give us that advise by EGW the prophet you do not think is a prophet. When you reject the Lords spokes person you reject the Lord. 

Our way we live out of the cities loving Jesus and preparing to live on our land, is something we do that is not linked to the prophecies of the end of the world, even since ancient Hebrew times people lived away from cities on the land loving God in a nomadic lifestyle, some backsliding ones left for cities...

Jesus salvation is today, and if many wait for Sunday laws to come, will find themselves unprepared for the storm that awakens them...


Amen Rob, Hope you had a great Sabbath. 

Ive wondered that too, Kat.

I call it "exit strategy", and it's probably worth having one in situations like this.

When October 01 comes around we are left with another misunderstood prediction true. But that does not mean that the end is not at hand does it? 

Well Elijah,

The end is not going to be here but it's going to be the beginning of the end. Let me remind you that Pope Francis is coming to visit the United States next month. He is going to address Congress, has his visitation and address the United Nations. No Pope in the history of the world has visited the White House and address Congress. He is not going to give his usual pep talks, perhaps there is a purpose of his visit. 

True Grabriel

As the pope is a jesuit there is always more to this than what meets the eye indeed. 

Exactly, The Great Controversy clearly describes the history of the Jesuit order plus their oath defines that they have ideas of a terrorist group such as ISIS. 


An update for Friday 8/21/2014. 

Dow drops 530 points, biggest loss since 2011

and we are not in September so things has started to go bad. 

I think these are the signs that October 1, 2015 is going to be different from now. 

the bible is the only book and the only source that has never failed. everything else has. if you remember as 2012 was approaching they thought doomsday was coming. even made a movie about it, 2012. well december came and went and nothing happened. now you have this theory centered around the 4 blood moons and other doomsday theories which every one that comes it goes and nothing. God gave Daniel and John a vision of things to come and that is what we go by. according to prophecy and history we are living in the second angels message of revelation. a call to come out of babylon which means spiritual confusion which is centered around revelation chapter 17. a time of trouble is coming like never seen before and the third angel will follow with the mark of the beast. the economy could and will most likely fail but we do not know when. something is going to happen that will cause a great time of trouble and a time when you cannot buy or sell unless you take the mark. really that tells me if you can still buy and sell by taking the mark then we must still have some kind of economy controlled by the beast power. i believe papal rome was the first beast and america is the second beast that will make an image to the first beast the papacy. and if you are watching current events this is already in the making

Well 2012 is not a biblical standpoint, no Adventist or no one has warned about that false doctrine. 

These things does go with scripture, and scripture won't reveal the exact disasters in detail. God wants us to be prayerful, diligent in his word, and accept his will and direction in your life. If you have plans, and If God doesn't allow you to make it into a reality because maybe he is trying to protect you because of the upcoming events. 


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