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The United States Economy will collapse in September, prophecy will be fulfilled.

Prophecy is going to be fulfilled in September 2015.  It's time for us to start preparing ourselves.

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Be nice. Be Christlike. Behave as a Christian should if you call yourself one...


If I said anything that hurt you I apologize. 

What about Elijah, he is in heaven. 

Hello you should Apologize some people on here are right and God doesn't know the hour of Time when he's coming you can come whatever he wants him to come we have to be ready in the Lord whatever It doesn't matter What some guy says October September November it's going to be end but not true God will tell who will who will he come and save people because you see its September Did something happens nothing happened now where I am almost the end of the year we are in October nothing happened I'm trust in the Lord always He will guide you through so no worry about other people said if you can spread the good news but just be on the safe side don't don't let other people do you don't listen to other people September ends why are we still here God have a plan for us if the end is near we have have to be ready no matter what we don't now the day and time he come so be ready and stay with God always

True but God does know when He is coming

My friends, I went and re watch the portion when he talked about the 7 year cycle and heard again about the collapse of the economy here in the United States. Somehow, I missed the part when he said "possible" collapse, somehow i got on the edge of my seat and missed that adjective so I have should have worded the title appropriately. I apologize for not paying attention to that minor detail and thinking it will happen. 

However, I wasn't expecting major to happen because if God was working in my life and he is trying to help me succeed in my business. Someone in this website has given me a job offer and I gladly accepted it for the new year so I am actually thinking about my career for the future, I have posted many times in this thread so you should have been more compassionate. There has been other people who have listed to that sermon and literally sold their homes and left the United States feeling for their lives. 

Now I am wiling to admit my simple mistake and I apologize again but after seeing some of you guys, I can see that there are some bigotry and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Also one important detail that I need to point out, on lehcar first response here, Here is my response:

So apparently I wasn't trying to imply that the economy will collapse because I used  if since if is a condition in the English Language. 

For future references I Am going to be more careful with my wording but my advice from my before y'all start attacking me, try reading some responses. 

One more thing, don't call me a prophet. A prophet of God receives instructions from God and I haven't received any type of visions or dreams. It's a youtube video from a SDA pastor. Also one more thing, someone pointed a verse about when prophets speaks their own utterances and they should be stoned to death, it's a verse. However, I hate to break this to you, we don't use the practice of stoning people to death. It's an ancient Jewish ritual in the Old Testament which has been a big fail because Christ said "Go and sin no more" 

Here is a news update from September 28,

Yep it went down 313 points. 

I would agree with Vicki, A lot of things did happened in September. especially with the visit of Pope Francis. Now, things are getting worse in October with the recent shootings in Oregon. Not all prophecies has been fulfilled yet. Keep studying and keep the faith everyone!

:) Thanks for clearing that up for us. Yes the language barrier often causes us to unintentionally say something that we didn't mean to. I can relate. And it takes character to admit one was wrong. I appreciate that. And I'm glad to see that you will exercise caution in the future.

Now my replies to you were not meant as attacks, hopefully you didn't take them as such. I was just concerned with both your salvation and the salvation of those who might lose faith due to failed predictions. The scripture I used was not in anyway to advocate stoning but rather to show how serious the issue of false predictions, and how it's not as simple as spreading the gospel.

But again, i'm glad this served as a lesson to us and hopefully we have grown as persons. :)

I never saw September collapse as a sure thing  but as a possibility  and I would not tie it to the second coming. Those are two different things. But one cannot deny that the chance of financial collapse is quite probable  in the near future. It does not take a brain surgeon  to see that the world is in great trouble financially and has been for many years. As early as the 1980's I believe then presidential candidate Gary Hart said America is bankrupt! That was over 30 years ago. Others have been saying the same thing over the years.  I heard recently that a family in South Korea made and carried out a suicide pact due to these hard times. Apparently suicide is on the rise even there due to the worldwide economic crisis that we are still living under. So, I can't fault my friend Gabe too much  for creating this post , because the eminent threat of total collapse is very real and will likely lead to other things like Sunday Law eventually coming to pass. I just thank God that he has allowed us more time to prepare.


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