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The United States Economy will collapse in September, prophecy will be fulfilled.

Prophecy is going to be fulfilled in September 2015.  It's time for us to start preparing ourselves.

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Also there is new light to me on the seven revivals of the beast power throughout human history.  Explain that one from the bible please.  With several texts.  If you can and it is not too much trouble.  Thanks I will listen

It is not a bible verse.  Because I wrote it and because the bible is not that specific when telling when things in history will occur.  It just says that it will happen and we are to connect the dots.  Daniel 2 Daniel 7 Daniel 11 Daniel 12 Rev. 13, Rev. 14, Rev. 17 Rev. 18 Those are the chapters to read to get a bigger picture of the end times.  Be blessed I will listen Andrew

Gabriel said, "He already had a secret meeting with Raul Castro in Cuba."

Obviously not a "secret meeting" as you are aware of it.

Let me ask you this, so if it was not a secret meeting so what they talked about?


"Secret" means that nobody knows about it. The very fact that you have mentioned it means that it is not "secret".

Really, so how come I don't know anything about what happened during those meetings? 


Now you are saying that there was more than one secret meeting? How do you know about these meetings?

Surely, if it is a secret then you should not know it is taking place - unless you are a part of this conspiracy?


This is all very concerning... I'm also trying to work out which prophecy has been fulfilled?

Is it going to be Sept 23?  That's what some people on the internet are predicting.

That would be TODAY and the the markets are actually better than they have been in awhile.  I do not think so.

Sarah nice try..

The final days of August we lost more than a thousand points plus it plummer down last Friday. Don't see anything good today. 

So that's all we were worried about, a thousand point drop in the stock market?  I thought we were predicting some sort of Biblical end-time event?

This is September...not August.  What I stated was and I quote: ... "the markets are actually better than they have been in awhile."


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