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From what we have learned thus far, we can draw some conclusions. The sin against the Holy Spirit is not some single, isolated act of wickedness, such as murder, adultery, lying, theft or impurity. It is the climax to a long series of stubborn refusals to heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit, repeated stifling of the voice of God in the soul hardens into unbreakable habit, deliberate closing of the heart against the Spirit of God.

According to Alexander McLaren: "The only unpardonable sin is the sin of persistently refusing the pardon that avails for all sin." The fact that it is unrepentable. The man who repeatedly closes his heart against the Spirit of God is deliberately destroying his own capacity for repentance. Just as a ship's radio officer by willfully smashing his delicate receiving set cuts off his only channel of communication with the shore, so we, by persistently stifling or resisting the Spirit of God, may destroy the only channel of communication between ourselves and Heaven! Thus, deprived of the Holy Spirit's ministry by our own perverse and willful action, conviction becomes impossible. So does repentance, forgiveness, peace and assurance. Even the desire to be reconciled with God is eventually lost. We have reached the man-made limit to the Holy Spirit's work. This tragic condition is described by Paul in Heb. 6:4-6 and 10: 26-31.

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You right my brother it is not just one but a process of continual refusing against the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit draw closer the more you refuse to listen until you cannot hear anymore the little voice and that's the time you are committing unpardonable sin, a step-by-step process of refusal to the voice of the Holy Spirit.


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