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Are you ready for a cultural change away from feminism?

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"The Bible wasn't written by feminists or Victorians."

Amen to that.


I had written somewhere else that the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans might be compartmentalized love. (a special love for slaves, so you don't have to give them money; similar to racism)

Using the "victory over the laity" definition. There wasn't much laity back then because Christianity wasn't organized so I believe this doctrine was an emotional response to the pressures of having to love everyone, (carefully).

Interestingly enough I realized that 'Victorians' has a similar meaning as 'Nicolaitans'. 

Is it possible that Jesus hates the doctrine of the Victorians also... interesting thought.

Interesting. Do you have any links or more information about these thoughts. Refering to: 'Victorians' has a similar meaning as 'Nicolaitans'.


No sorry; Nicolaitans = "Victory over laity" and 'Victorians' = Victory.

"The Bible wasn't written by feminists or Victorians."

It wasn't written by misogynists either, closet or otherwise.

 "misogynists" Jump right in with both feet and judge and accuse.  Real Christ like?  Why don't you add to the disccussion instead of acting that way.  It would be good to learn more wouldn't it? 

The Bible kinda was written by misogynists when you really think about it...

You should really read Songs of Solomon...


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