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I think everyone exhausted the topic of women's ordination.

As in, five minutes after the first thread on the topic was posted.

Can we find something else to argue about, please? Or, better yet... find something to do?

Here are some ideas for things you can do while you're not arguing about women's ordination:

1. Download the World Community Grid software at and let your computer solve problems while you're not using it. It's basically a supercomputer made of hundreds of thousands of computers all over the world connected to each other. While you're not using your computer, it will do... magic computer things and cure cancer, AIDS, and muscular dystrophy. As an added bonus, you will have another reason to spend less time arguing on AO! :D

2. Do those click-to-donate websites where you just click a buttton and advertisers donate to charity. Try and

3. Play the FreeRice game at and learn about vocabulary (or other subjects) while donating rice to hungry people.

4. Write your thesis on llamas in ministry. If God can use donkeys, why not llamas?

5. Bake bread. It's fun, tasty, and will teach patience!

6. Invent a new language (real hobby!) and use it exclusively on AO. Just to make conversations more interesting.

7. Write a list of 100 things you love about your AO archenemy. No sarcasm allowed.

8. Think about okra!

Let's see how long we can make this list! \:D/

If you don't that means that you are no fun. \:D/

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Three Cheers for the llamas. :)
That's two votes for llama ordination. Shall we bring this up at the GC?

It would bring as much controversy as WO
But... donkeys!
Seriously, though. The ordination stuff is getting old. Nobody's saying anything that hasn't been said already.
Doug is ...

Well, he can keep the rest to himself. We'll talk about women's ordination when we talk about wearing tiny octopuses on our fingers to symbolize marriage.
LOL!!!...That was kinda funny, you gotta admit..

Meh, I'm already an alien.
Dear Travis,

This is really funny for a good change, especially the llamas, donkeys, and aliens.

I am sure the Savior took time to laugh as well. Although He never suggested all of the above,

It was a clean, fun interlude! Thanks Travis and Joan as well! Or maybe it was just not meant to be funny and I am so sorry I had such good laugh!

With His love,

Well ... it was fun ... but I don't want anymore aliens here.


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