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Is it just me ... or do you find that those who speak the loudest and most religious .... don't pay tithe to the church. Ellen White calls this a terrible sin . And it is a violation of the Ten Commandments .... so why do so many neglect this important truth and yet loudly proclaim the 3rd Angels Message?

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You can't say that if you don't tithe with the GC, you are not tithing. Such a statement can't be supported by Scripture or EGW.

Ellen White sent her tithe to different ministries.
Abraham tithed with Melchisadek.
Jacob tithed with a rock.
Didn't make any such statement. I think you are just trying to pick a fight with your fabrications.
This is what you said:

"Is it just me ... or do you find that those who speak the loudest and most religious .... don't pay tithe to the church. Ellen White calls this a terrible sin . And it is a violation of the Ten Commandments"

You said "to the church", as if not tithing "to the church" is not tithing at all.

Are you saying that those who proclaim the 3rd Angel's Message, don't pay tithe at all? Who are these people? I have never encountered such people.

But I have heard of people sending their tithe to organizations other than the GC.
And I have heard of those who say you have to tithe to the GC or it's not valid.
But I have never heard of the people you have mentioned until just now.
Again ... you insist on your own definitions of words. Now you are saying that church = GC . Church is the people. And the people have different ministries. The GC is not in control of all the ministries. Many give their tithe directly to different ministries that the people of the church have. Right or wrong ... they are giving tithe.

Again ... I would encourage you to ask probing questions of clarification rather than running off half cocked 'thinking' you know what people are saying ... or imposing your definition of words before checking with the author to see what definition they had in mind.

I used the word 'church' which has many different meanings. You superimposed GC for church. Best to check with the author ... regarding what HE was meaning.
Come on now Brothers,
you don' have to be so disagreeable to share different points of view.
That is why this forum was created, in part, to facilitate diversity.
Eph 4:15 tells us that the only qualification for speaking the truth is love.
WOW - so you know people who fit this description then... Is it that they do not pay tithe to the conference and put the monies into the local church or into lay ministries? Or is it that they really are keeping the 10% for themselves?
Yes. There are people in my church that do not pay tithe. The last stats that I checked ... only about 50% of SDAs pay tithe. Not a good record.
I had not read the other posts when I wrote the above post. Sooo I think you already answered my question. You are speaking about people who simply do not give the ten percent at all - to any ministry at all - and yet are extreme and loud about their professed religion.

I do not condone but I can understand someone struggling with returning tithe - this is usually someone who is struggling with faith issues , or someone who simply does not know that it is a requirement (as far as what I have seen). Now someone who claims to have it all together should know their Malachi!
Yes. Many SDAs do not give any tithe anywhere. And I agree it is a sign of someone struggling in their walk usually. Although it could be a theological difference. I always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt. And if they truly believe that tithe is no longer a requirement ... then I just have to turn them over to the Holy Spirit to let Him do His thing for them ....
I am a little curious as to how you were able to establish the relationship between, "those who speak the loudest and most religious" with those who, "don't pay tithe to the church"? Is this not quite a generalization of sorts? Or its probably "just you"
Are we here speaking of a particular group of brethren or did I miss something?
I observe two diametrically opposite definitions for "church" in this discussion. Even though the 'author' broke it down, it still lends itself to ambiguity, because while I am thinking that 'people' means SDAs, you could very well mean christian where ever they may be found. (and why not? As rush4hire intimated)
Will it be misappropriation for someone to support a ministry that it not SDA affiliated but impressed and blesses them by the wonderful work that they are doing?
Where is the 'storehouse' that God commanded us to bring the tithe into?
I am referring to those who do not pay tithe ANYwhere .... just for clarification.

And I suppose you could be right. Supporting a cause like Rick Warrens church might be one option. IS that what you are referring to when you say Non-SDA.

And "they" are not any specific group. It has just been my anocdotal experience that some who proclaim the loudest ... do not support God's cause with tithe. This is why in the original post ... I asked "Is it just me?" that has found this to be true.
Are you a deacon, treasurer or something to make the analysis that 50% don't pay tithe?

Although somehow I agree with you that a couple of members don't return a faithful tithe and offerings. But it's due to someone's spirituality and how his/her local church teach about stewardship.

I was once in a European church where a couple of members are working and paid hourly and the church bulletin used to show zero tithe. With the help of the Holy Ghost and consultation with church members learned and rooted in the gospel I wrote to the church officers and informed them, how they are weak in educating members about returning a faithful tithe and offering.
Each and every sabbath announcements were made for worshippers to contribute towards the needs of the congregation (church offering) and tithe isn't mentioned anywhere so sabbath after sabbath tithe had an extremely low amount and yet members receive pensions, wages, benefits etc.

So brother/ sister if you need a change in your local church get to the knees and pray about the situation see the church elder such that a program is devised where by stewardship seminars are planned, and also a continual reminding of members to not rob the Lord God in heaven.

Be blessed



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