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Is it just me ... or do you find that those who speak the loudest and most religious .... don't pay tithe to the church. Ellen White calls this a terrible sin . And it is a violation of the Ten Commandments .... so why do so many neglect this important truth and yet loudly proclaim the 3rd Angels Message?

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There's this thing called "offering". It's like tithe... but it's not mandatory. So you can (gasp!) give money to the GC and other ministries! Which means that we really needn't fret about who gets our tithe because we can support more than one institution at once. Try it sometime; it's a novel idea.
A true Christian, will return a faithful tithe and offering. It's just logic that God's work has to be advanced, so that means the local church, mission, field/ conference need funds. So it's the duty of the member to give as the Lord has blessed him/ her.
The spirit guides in these things, What I know if you support the Lord's work with a heart of love, you'll never go hungry. The Lord said Test me in this,and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.
Sure, but the conference is doing fine if it's paying American pastors $5000 / month. That's a rich man's salary. That's $60,000 / year with vacations and other benefits. And pastors are pastoring 2 or 3 churches, traveling between them. But they won't hire a pastor unless he has gone through 6 years of college, which costs at least $20,000 / year. That's $120,000 for pastoral training. How much did Christ's Apostles pay?

Then missionaries that are perfectly qualified are starving.

That's why the General Conference does not have a monopoly on the Gospel and advancing the Lord's work. Nor on the 3 angel's message, Nor on the 28 fundamentals. Nor on anything.

In fact to say that they did, would be blasphemy. That would be putting men in the place of God. And that's bearing false witness, and misrepresenting the Great Commission of our Lord.

Therefore, independent ministries must receive tithe, too.
Well, If you study out how self-supporting ministries are really to be supported, it is through industries and services and some offerings. Not through the tithe. Madison was the blueprint of how it was to be run. It would be good to take a closer look at it these days.
Good Point Katrina.
Do you have any documentation to support this idea?
Yes Katrina . And in fact ... any good self supporting ministry would not accept tithe.
rush4hire I kinda of agree with you, I grew up knowing that pastors in my country used to get less than $100 a month. I think now they are paid between $100 to $200. But If a Pastor in NAD gets $5000 that's unfair.

GC should consider cutting some $$$$ and forward them to other continents, becauses pastors from contients like Asia and Africa suffer and yet do a great deal of work in that a pastor is in charge of more than 10 churches, without an automobile or motorcycle.
The Office of Arhives and Statistics says that Tithes and Offerings accumulate to almost $2.3 billion. Although economically that money isn't enough but I am sure something can be done.


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