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In one of the forums we had a poster who had been possessed and many knew about it, but had supposedly been released from the possession and was a Adventist in good standing. But the poster kept presenting things which were peculiar to say the least and very dark at worst. So upon interacting with the poster, she began to respond with words that we could not understand then call others similar to her to the section where it had the Adventist forum. It quickly became clear the demon was not only using her, but there were many others who were similar to her, some even 'Adventist' posters who came and basically began to put words of 'praise to satan' and unintelligible posts which they seem to understand.

They had given themselves over to satans power and had been there, doing his work for some time in the forum. Take a look at what SOP has on this...

"Evil angels in the form of believers will work in our ranks to bring in a strong spirit of unbelief. Let not even this discourage you, but bring a true heart to the help of the Lord against the powers of satanic agencies. These powers of evil will assemble in our meetings, not to receive a blessing, but to counterwork the influence of the Spirit of God".... {TA 266.1}

"Satan and his angels will appear on this earth as men, and will mingle with those of whom God's word declares, "Some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." The world is full of men and women whom Satan uses as his agencies. Christ has bought them with a price,--even His life-blood. But they have given themselves into Satan's control. They are blind, and have forgotten that they were purged from their sins."Manuscript Releases 8:345. {TA 266.3}

"When these spiritualistic deceptions are revealed to be what they really are?the secret workings of evil spirits?those who have acted a part in them will become as men who have lost their minds".?Manuscript Releases 8:345. {TA 266.4}

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Not to the early church only, but to all future generations, this example of God’s hatred of covetousness, fraud, and hypocrisy, was given as a danger-signal. It was covetousness that Ananias and Sapphira had first cherished. The desire to retain for themselves a part of that which they had promised to the Lord, led them into fraud and hypocrisy.
{AA 74.1}

You have to be diligent in discerning those who are doing the devils work not only matters of money in keeping what is Gods for ourselves. But also in allowing unfounded accusations against the church in its handling of tithes and offerings, its just as bad as what Ananias and Sapphira did.


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