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When Gerald Umraw called me "a sorry excuse for a human being" there was no uproar.
One standard for official SDA and another for those deemed "mild case of demonic influence" remark towords me long time ago by Elijah.

How about we just hit a reset button and start over?  Everyone gets a clean slate!

Hi Rabbittroup:

I am no longer responding to Elijah or Jason unless commanded to do directly by the spirit of God.


May the Grace of God and spirit of Jesus guide you.

Praise the Lord. Says the asshole!!!


James wrote: "If you went through what I did and someone else did the same thing, perhaps you would use some colorful words?"

Oh I've gone through some things here on AO.. and I haven't used any "colorful words", I just stick to the subject being discussed. I try to Maintain a Christ like attitude, and have the fruits of the Spirit in the words I write. My words aren't determined by the "colorful words" of others. So it's no "hypocracy" here brother James. It's just the fruits of the Spirit or opposite of that. You can't blame your spirit on others.
Someone can call me all types of names, that doesn't mean I'm going to respond back the same way.

So the question you have to ask is, what spirit is in your wallet? But seriously, what spirit are you showing?


Reasoning you are playing a broken record. Imagine coming in someone house and being rude, disrespectful,...

And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 2 Corinthians 6:15


Jason wrote: "Reasoning you are playing a broken record. Imagine coming in someone house and being rude, disrespectful,..."

Brother Jason, lol.. this house is wide open, with that being the case, are you to respond in a rude and sarcastic manner? You and brother James have the same argument, you feel disrespected, and in turn you both feel the need to respond in like manner, which of course just keeps the back and forth going.

How about trying to discuss things with the fruits of the Spirit being the foundation of all discussions. We might still disagree on doctrine, but we can still maintain a Christ like character as much as possible, and this bad language won't to be use.

My point is why have been telling James that his behaviors is unacceptable from day one but he continues his behavior.

I am not condoning disrespectful responses. Can you please point out where I have been rude or disrespectful to James or anyone?

Even if someone is nasty to you, you should still behave like a Christian...

Brother Jason, I agree, James behavior is unacceptable.. However we have to make sure we don't put gas on the fire.

if someone said you had a mental problem would you find that disrespectful? weren't you talking about brother James? who were you referring to as having a "clear case" of mental illness?

If it was James you were referring to, then that's not appropriate to say...

EGW wrote : "He [Jesus] wants us to do something more than to hurl at our adversaries charges that only drive them farther from the truth.

EGW : "Carefully avoid any severity of speech that might give offense to those you desire to save from error; for it will be difficult to overcome the feelings of antagonism thus aroused.... "

EGW : "We are not to use words that are harsh and cutting. Keep them out of every article written, drop them out of every address given. Let the Word of God do the cutting, the rebuking; let finite men hide and abide in Jesus Christ. Let the Spirit of Christ appear."

If you believe you haven't said anything disrespectful, then I apologize for falsely saying you did. This is "cleAn slate " time, let's move forward in a renewed Spirit of Spirit filled discourse. Amen!


So you are saying it's not a clear case? I did not name anyone, who the cap fits let them wear it. This person knows very well he/she has a mental issue. 

"Christ was a faithful reprover. Never lived there another who so hated evil; never another whose denunciation of it was so fearless. To all things untrue and base His very presence was a rebuke. In the light of His purity, men saw themselves unclean, their life's aims mean and false. Yet He drew them."—Education, p. 79.

Being diagnosed with a mental illness it not the end of the world. While working with the mentally ill, I have come to the conclusion that if only they would forgive those persons who have hurt them they would be made whole. 

A contented mind, a cheerful spirit, is health to the body and strength to the soul. Nothing is so fruitful a cause of disease as depression, gloominess, and sadness.--1T 702 (1868)

You belong to a family who possess minds not well balanced, gloomy and depressed, affected by surroundings, and susceptible to influences. Unless you cultivate a cheerful, happy, grateful frame of mind, Satan will eventually lead you captive at his will. You can be a help, a strength to the church where you reside, if you will obey the instructions of the Lord and not move by feeling, but be controlled by principle. Never allow censure to escape your lips, for it is like desolating hail to those around you. Let cheerful, happy, loving words fall from your lips.--1T 704 (1868

Remember that in your life religion is not to be merely one influence among others. It is to be an influence dominating all others. Be strictly temperate. Resist every temptation. Make no concessions to the wily foe. Listen not to the suggestions that he puts into the mouths of men and women. You have a victory to win. You have nobility of character to gain; but this you cannot gain while you are depressed and discouraged by failure. Break the bands with which Satan has bound you. There is no need for you to be his slave. "Ye are My friends," Christ said, "if ye do whatsoever I command you."--Lt 228, 1903.



Jason wrote: "So you are saying it's not a clear case? I did not name anyone, who the cap fits let them wear it. This person knows very well he/she has a mental issue. "

Ok brother Jadon, you didn't say a name, but if you claim this person knows he/she has mental issue, then your talking about somebody here. So saying that is wrong to say, even if it might be true. Do you understand?
But hey, we are on a clean slate, so it doesn't matter anymore. Blessings to you brother. :)



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