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But you do not admonish Elijah, nor JasonM. You are a respector of persons.
Getting angry for cause is no sin, but the spirit these two are under is a very dark sinister evil. And you are in agreement by silence.

The fruit of false mental illness accusation. The Pharisees did the same thing to Jesus, so I am in good company. It might even be the same spirit that accused Jesus of mental illness, they've been along for a long time.

Jesus said you will know them by their fruit. The fruit of false accusation of mental illness, and that's supposed to be love?

No wonder people are a thinking to or about to leave the SDA.

Indeed you will know by the fruit and what we has observed is very much fruits of the flesh. 

But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God.1 Peter 2:20  

For it is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.

Everyone has seen the behavior 

Including the 

I am appalled that these types of words are used by so called Christians, these words should never be part of a Christian vocabulary.

James wrote: "But you do not admonish Elijah, nor JasonM. You are a respector of persons. Getting angry for cause is no sin, but the spirit these two are under is a very dark sinister evil. And you are in agreement by silence."

Brother James, though I try to maintain the fruits of the Spirit, please don't put words in my mouth, no, I don't agree with none of yous behavior..
However what I'm saying to you is don't blame others for your non Christ like behavior. That's a poor excuse for not trying to maintain the fruits of the Spirit. You already admitted your emotions is why you go off track, so you know you got things to work on. That's for you brother James, brother Jason and Ian doesn't have any to do with it.

Again, your wrong, and bear false witness against me, because I'm not a respecter of persons, I have admonished Elijah and Jason in the past, I can go find it if you want... I've told them their sarcasm in within their discourse is not good. Brother Ian (Elijah) to his credit agreed he has some things to work on, of course everybody's Christian walk is different, and getting to a goal takes longer for some. But acknowledging, or self examination of yourself is a beautiful thing.

I don't know if I recall brother Jason admitting to having some things to work on with his discourse, I know many in the past has addressed it, including myself. I'm not a respecter of people, despite a persons doctrinal belief, a person should always maintain the fruits of the Spirit. Again, I'm not telling you something you don't know, we all need to just keep self out and invite Jesus in.

But to those who continue to discuss subjects with the wrong spirit, with the sarcasm, cutting strong rebukes, etc... and think that's the way it should be done, I have statements from EGW for you.

Sarcasm Offensive—When in your discourses, you denounce with bitter sarcasm that which you wish to condemn, you sometimes offend your hearers, and their ears are turned from hearing you further. Carefully avoid any severity of speech that might give offense to those you desire to save from error; for it will be difficult to overcome the feelings of antagonism thus aroused.... – {Ev 304.2}
If you will weed out the tares from your discourses, your influence for good will be increased.—Letter 366, 1906. – {Ev 304.3}

Not to Invite Persecution—Let everyone bear in mind that we are in no case to invite persecution. We are not to use words that are harsh and cutting. Keep them out of every article written, drop them out of every address given. Let the Word of God do the cutting, the rebuking; let finite men hide and abide in Jesus Christ. Let the Spirit of Christ appear. Let all be guarded in their words, lest they place those not of our faith in deadly opposition against us, and give Satan an opportunity to use the unadvised words to hedge up our way.... – {Ev 304.4}

We all need more of the deep love of Jesus in the soul, and far less of the natural impetuosity. We are in danger of closing up our own path by arousing the determined spirit of opposition in men in authority, before the people are really enlightened in regard to the message God would have us bear. God is not pleased when by our own course of action we bar the way so that the truth is prevented from coming to the people.—Undated Manuscript 79. – {Ev 304.5}


Some more good advice for us from SOP,

Treat Opponents With Respect—We must expect to meet unbelief and opposition. The truth has always had to contend with these elements. But though you should meet the bitterest opposition, do not denounce your opponents. They may think, as did Paul, that they are doing God service; and to such we must manifest patience, meekness, and long-suffering.... – {Ev 305.2}

The Lord wants His people to follow other methods than that of condemning wrong, even though the condemnation is just. He wants us to do something more than to hurl at our adversaries charges that only drive them farther from the truth. The work which Christ came to do in our world was not to erect barriers, and constantly thrust upon the people the fact that they were wrong. He who expects to enlighten a deceived people must come near to them and labor for them in love. He must become a center of holy influence. – {Ev 305.3}

In the advocacy of truth the bitterest opponents should be treated with respect and deference. Some will not respond to our efforts, but will make light of the gospel invitation. Others, even those whom we suppose to have passed the boundary of God’s mercy, will be won to Christ. The very last work in the controversy may be the enlightenment of those who have not rejected light and evidence, but who have been in midnight darkness, and have in ignorance worked against the truth. Therefore treat every man as honest. Speak no word, do no deed, that will confirm any in unbelief.—Testimonies For The Church 6:120-122 (1900). – {Ev 306.1}

If we follow what is said here, then we wouldn't have this un Christ like discourse. So with Rabbittroup making the call, let's start over. But I think in order to have a true "clean slate", we need to say I'm promising to change my ways and start with a clean slate in my discourse. That's my pledge.


Pardon the intrusion,

But for those who weren't aware there was to be a Clean Slate.  For those who were aware why bring up things that should be wiped clean?  This may not be the same symbolic gesture as baptism, but it would be nice for the sake of peace to respect it in a similar light. 

God bless and guide you all.

For those that seek to respect it remember God will be the judge of those that seek to highlight others past transgressions for the sake of justifying their own unsavory actions.  

For those that seek peace leave them to their own devices and move forward with the grace and God.  Look past trvial provocations and allow the wisdom of Jesus to guide your thoughts and word. In the spirit of baptism forget the things of the past.

Thank you Rabbittroup. I am leaving them to their own devices. I may participate in forums they also participate in, but I will not deal with them directly. I will discuss topics that may or may not address their position, but I am not going to address them.

Good to see Praise the Lord 

Hi James French, I was hoping to have a Bible discussion on "Tongues".  I had some questions for you and I was hoping to get your perspective but I deleted my question when I saw that the discussion had devolved.  It is to bad you called someone here an A---ole.  I work with quite a few contractors and I take as a badge of honor when someone calls me this name.  It means I am doing my job, but that is the nature of working in the world.   Even though I disagree with you and I left a denomination that believes much you, I think you have a role here challenging our thoughts and giving perspective to who we debate. I also think God is working with you and challenging you. James if you look at the seven church ages as described in Revelations and what the Bible says about the church in the last days who do you think has the teachings of Jesus in this time.  Forget about the people you argue with here and your "43 years", what is God trying to teach you and why are you here.


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