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will a total economic collapse, be possible in our lifetime?

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Ok Folks this gentlman that started this has a good eye for what is coming, SATAN dims down the lights, so people pretend like nothing is going on, eating, drinking given in marriage.    GOD tells us to be watchmen.The world is going under, within months.   They just declared war in Libya, There is a plan by the Lumnati to stage this all out, war in the Middle east,
   The JESUITS Declared a statment saying the middle east will serve there feast, TIME Magizine made A bold statement
And are right on target, OBAMA is the last superpower president.   That is true, after the end of this WW-III And the predicted 50% casualty loss, and again, REVELATIONS Says before JESUS Comes a fourth of the population will be eliminated,
the facts are the facts, I get sick by people who think nothing is going on, just go grab a beach chair and enjoy life.
  Getting back to this OBAMA Being the last, he will probably be re-elected, and when this mass Blood shed WW3 The Papacy will step in with LIFE,S PROBLEMS and offer Peace, Food, Savility. and along with there Sunday Law, There will be no leader accept the Pope sitting in the temple saying and declaring he is God, most likely will be in Physical Israel.
The pope has been meeting there from time to time.
Satan Blows on the people saying sleep a little longer my childeren. Don,t look around to see what is going. Talk about being dumbed down. Guess the Chem trails are mopping people minds for breakfast.


Good morning Mike,

While I agree with much of what you are saying, I will take issue with the interpretation of the "temple of God." When it says that he will "sit in the temple of God showing that he is God" it seems to imply that the pope will declare himself God as he rules over the "church of God." This I believe is a clear interpretation of that scripture. I don't believe that it has anything to do with the nation of Israel. Thanks again for your thoughts.

Hello John thanks for your point of View,  I do differ though and go back to the POPE taking his final Stand in Israel, There are a couple reasons why i believe this so. Most Ninety percent of the Christian cummunity outside the SDA Faith, are all being taught to keep there focus on Israel, i know Sunday christians believe The Jews are going back to Israel in the end to rebuild there temple,  it will not happen, because the prophecy was conditional to the then Israelites (physical.)   And even further there are churches arising in the end, just as the Devil is sending, there are churches getting to the waters edge, but not going all the way, and makes sense of what the Bibles says ONE FAITH / ONE LORD / ONE BAPTISM . God does not have various versions. so these churches get close but not all the way, Thes two churches, are also declaring God is going to set up on this earth,for a thousand years, The Bible teaches in HEAVEN this will be not here, and again they say this will be set up in israel.  If you continue to search yorself approvin unto God all this stuff matches up and makes complete Bible sense. Also the fact ask a christain Man about Revelations they are not taught to accept it. and will be dooped into looking to Physical Israel.  

Also There is movements in recent months where the POPE IS spending much of his time in ISRAEL.
  And it is the ultimate place to pul off the biggest deception of all time,   why because everyone who reads the Bible knows it was a time in history where Our roots come from And JESUS IN PHysical presence was there and died there.  The declares we will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air.

  So as the Pope sitting in the temple of GOD, This is a illistration by the Bible because at time it was the place of JESUS Ministry, and he has left there, to go into Heaven,  You probably heard through out your christian experience, that the JEWS are going back to there Land from Abroad, and they want to start Animal sacrafices some day. Again all pointing to PHYSICAL ISRAEL, 
I have No concrete proof the Pope will set up there but is im my point of view 95% posssibility, because the movements being made in that direction. and because a increased amount of visits being made there. 

Hi Mike,

Revelation points toward Rome as the headquarters for this apostasy not Israel. I think that is pretty clear. I am not saying that the pope isn't making a big deal of himself in Israel, I simply don't believe that he will set up shop there. He has always ruled from Rome. Right now I believe that the papacy is working on a takeover. The pope has openly expressed that desire and I believe he will use the current state of the world to justify his second rise to temporal power. These are just thoughts.

Hello Jonathan and Thanks for comment. I agree Rome is the headquarters, But in my opinion Rome is the Command center, But they use countries around the world for there devious plots,  for instance, US is used as there military might, we are there hired global police force,  they hide behind layers of billboards etc. and they are the richest entity in world, there was a large book i believe called, GLOBAL ATLAS in this book there were many charts about where product is traded etc. And all the GDP.s  were listed and the Net worth of every country in the world including the US starnge Vatican (ROME) There net worth was not listed.
  So i do agree with you they are not going to move into a local mosque, and have there new shop, But at the end of the end. They may ride over to ISRAEL and offer something to the world as a resolution  to the crisis at hand.  and since the POPE HAS  nationaly recognition many will trust his resolution, to resolve life,s crisis.Also i believe it is the largest Religion in the entire world.
Anyway  Good talking with you,
Have a blessed day in CHRIST. 
So much is possible anyway and I believe you are right in saying that they are the largest religion in the world.
The Catholic Church is not a religion. They are a denomination within the Christian religion.

 Maybe your not understanding What The word Religion is, may i suggest you get out a dictionary, and or encyclapedia.

Let me clarify something for you, SeventDay Adventism is a religion, because they have a set of beliefs that differentiate from others.
Catholic church, is based on Roman Catholism, and Roman Catholism is a religion.  Havn,t  you heard of the term used in general, and including OBAMAs speeches, He declared there are various religions around the world.
Budahism is a religion. because they have a strange false GOD.

The Catholic church is not technicaly a christian church, What do you think protestanism was, the protested the Catholic church, and came out of her.
  Catholic faith in its own sense is not christian, because they blaspheme the Bible, if you do a little research work, they declare and overthrow a lot of what is the Bible, when you do this, you are not christian in nature, because they attempt to follow the Bible as a front, to capture people and lead them to destruction. If your a Christian, and or claim to be one, you must follow the Whole Bible not taking chunks out of it and nixing heresy in with it.
If your still not convinced you need to go down to a High school and ask a History teacher if Catholism is a religion.
Even further, go to the net and type in, religions of the world and see what you find.?  This will be your home work assignment for the week. I will check your answers when you are through...

Thank you Mike.


Personally, I think it will all come to a massive head.  Homosexuality, porno, child trafficking etc,. and suddenly, suddenly it will be so out of control, they will need a scapegoat and thats where sabbath keepers come in.  We are told we will be blamed for the worst attrocities and that, to me is the worst.  the moral evils that are surrounding us.

Those who are swept away in the floods etc., it is very sad, but I sometimes think, they will have freedom in a way, from the moral flood that is about to be so dense, no one will be able to fathom it.



I agree, personally i dont think the issues above will be the central problem, yes they do exist, but bigger issues will be at hand, Global War, strife, and when they shut down worldwide the global economy, after this mass warThat is planned and already is in affect started in IRAQ now Libia, this will be lead into GLOBAL WORLD WAR 3 All the Nations in the EAST Will Battle it out. I have info more on this, but anyway after the mass blood shed there, and the war ends with peace flags the Pope will come on the scene and offer hope for humanity, and will have solutions to lifes problems of food/ and war. THIS BATTLE im speaking Of Dee is in REVELATIONS Kingdom will rise against Kingdom, Etc. And there has been many things in the news about the whole Mddle east, and ther threat of war, amongst them. So i believe ww3 will be there, and here in the US we will be issued massive calmities, And it has been said all services as we know it will be cut off. Ellen talks about this i believe. so anyway this is not all doom and gloom it is exciting, because we are about finished and ready to see our KING  OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS. Take

care Michael,,,,


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