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Jesus said that we can only divorce a wife or husband if they commited adultery, what if your in really hellish marriage?

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Yes, counseling with the Pastor might help. But if it does not work out, what will they do?.

They can divorce, but neither can marry. The first one to re-marry is considered adulterous,  then the other party is free to remarry. That's what the bible says. 

Aquila we aren't Orphans! We got church manuals too! just do a search pls!

By the way . for while let us to consider this short real story bellow:

the lady got baptized to sda church and her husband not He drinks  a lot and spank her even being on jail already to repeating that! shall she stay married? even sometimes her husband stopping her attendance at church?

In such cases a separation is advised. if there is a change in the husband's behavior then they can reunite, but if the husband commits adultery or marries someone then she can also marry a believer.
What you said is Truth Zowi. Thank you for sharing.

No it is not.. all one is permitted to do is separate unless there is biblical cause for divorce.

You quoted the scripture on that your self, so I'm honestly surprised I have to point that out..

Anyone can divorce or do whatever they want in life but God only recognizes one reason for divorce which is adultery no matter what the law of the land allows.  It does not matter if man says the divorce is ok and if one of the divorcees remarries, they are guilty of adultery and the other is free to marry whoever they choose.

Ellen White is clear on this.

What Zowi said is Truth.

"The first one to re-marry is considered adulterous"

Does it mean the "first one" is going to be adulterous in the rest of his/her life so he/she can not be forgiven by God grace ever after (because according the Moses's law if someone remarried, not permitted to go back to the original spouse) , or it is as any other sin can be forgiven by God? And if it can how long does it takes untill the one is aliagable to request for forgivness?

"then the other party is free to remarry"

On the other hand what is the difference (beside time shift) between the remarriage of the "first one" amd the "other party"?
I hope any one can answer my questions.


The discussion point is wether who is to blame and has sinned basically.

to put it another way.

The reasoning for this letter interpretation goes as followed:

If a couple seperates cause they cant live together any longer.

The first one who commits an actual act of "adultery" is the one who is to blame and therefore has sinned. 

The other one than is called "innocent" and from the point on after the first one has comitted the sin is allowed to divorce and re-marry.

The first one can never marry again since it was his fault.

i would argue considering the bible as a whole, especially loving and forgiveness, that aint what jesus teaches us.

but stil not one or two but many countries where divorce doesn't exist  !  what can be done then?

Here is your answer Tibi:

"There is only one sin, which is adultery, which can place the husband or wife in a position where they can be free from the marriage vow in the sight of God."

As long as the guilty remains in the adulterous relationship they cannot be forgiven.  Its like having stolen a car and having it sitting in your garage and asking God to forgive you and not returning the car.  Once the guilty party leaves that relationship, they will be forgiven and there is nowhere in scripture or Ellen White's writings that condone remarriage of that individual.

Being forgiven does not remove the consequences of one's sin on a person its just more obvious in some cases.

so I do agree about divorce in all your points but just now came up something::

if in first divorce nobody was guilty... one after divorce get married! so this set free the other one!

but now the first to remarried want forgiveness from God! shall get divorce again ( leaving behind kids) to stop his adultery and get church s grace?

bless u


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