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Should christians (seventh-day Adventist) be involved in halloween.

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if you go by that name I do not. I am a child of the King and there are a lot of other things that our youth can be involved in. There are also some things that are definitely a no-no and then there are some that we can do, all we have to do is become creative. What are some of the things that the youth wants to do, can you list some of them for those that are on-line so that persons are aware of them.
No, halloween should be ignored in my view. Way too many evil connotations. Just the opposite of the love of Jesus.
True to that brother.
This is why we need to call it something like Harvest Festival or some such name so that we are careful not to call it Halloween as to offend the conservatives. We need to be sensitive to all.
Why do we have to name the day at all, it will be just an ordinary day and to besides the only day that have significance is the sabbath day. That is the only day the Creator named, sancified and blessed because he rested from all his work. So we don't have to renamed or named no day at all.
When you refer to conservatives who or what are they.
And if you are referring to me as one of them, you or no one can offend me. Its amazing how we deal with issues/discussions,we always try to deal with the person/s instead of dealing with the real issue.
Oh. I didn't know you were "one of them".
You never explain to me who/ what are conservatives and I never knew that I say I was one of them. You need to understand what persons are writing before you response. My statement was and if............Have a special and spirit filled day.
I believe we should take every opportunity to share Jesus with those around us. My children know all about Halloween and have no desire to participate in any activities on that night. Our homeschooling group is not Adventist and their church will be celebrating on the 31st with "trunk or treat". The kids get to go around the parking lot and get candy from the car trunks... My kids 10, 8, and 3 are the ones telling me they are not interested because they know it's the same thing as trick or treating.

But we have a lot of fun SHARING Jesus with those who come to our door... after all, how many times do WE go door to door trying to share Jesus- but now they're coming to US! So we get candy and also pass out prayer cards with a verse and the number to our local prayer line and tell the kids the candy is for them and the card is for their mom and dad. The kids soooo love doing this....
Now this was the kind of response I was looking for. I am hoping that others take the time to read through your comment and learn a thing or two. What ever opportunity that we get in sharing God's love we can capatilize on it to the fullest.
Another thing, it seems that older people are trick easily because we like to go into the gray areas but with children they see through almost every concievable trick there is. Maybe one of the reason why God said "we are to become like little children." May God continue to bless you as you mold your children in the graces of God.
Thank you for the encouragement, bro. Val. Please pray for me.... I need all the wisdom I can get! :o)
Thank you again for your comment but I am sis Val. We all need the wisdom you ask for, so I'm asking you to pray for me and the others that have children because we know that satan is out there trying to grap our children from under us. This is a very serious time we are living in. We cannot let the devil treat us with his tricks. And as parents we all need to be diligent in what's going on around us.
My apologies, sister Val! :o) Yes, much prayer is needed. The evil one is definitely at work because he knows his time is short. I had a real eye-opener a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine from church went to visit someone she knows in the hospital, and a lady was already there visiting as well. They got on the topic of fasting because there is a group of ladies who fast and pray every Wednesday. The lady who was there stated that she fasted on Wednesday as well. My friend was pleasantly surprised and asked the lady what church she belonged to, and she stated she belonged to the church of satan and that the whole congregation fasts on Wednesday!! She also mentioned that there is much power in fasting and that is why they fast. My friend asked her out of curiosity what they fasted for, and she said "so that families would break apart".

So I pray every day for our families and our children. Let us continue to do so.


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