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Is it heathen or christian to use the word TRINITY

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Christian for Christians.

Every word and pretty much every thing we do and use have pagan is how we use them that makes it of God or Satan.

Yea i understand this but its origin is heathen,

The "term" may be, but the concept of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit all means the same thing and is 100% Biblical.

IOW, your name may be "heathen" or "pagan" in origin.  Are you going to change it?

our origin is complicated but thanks to God and the means of righteousness

If you use the Word Trinity it will confuse your understanding of the Godhead. Trinity means three but there is only one God.

Godhead is three in one

Trinity is one in three

The "oneness" of God is explained by Jesus when He says of His people, that they "may be one, even as We are one".  (Jn 17:22) All of us (millions of people) are to be "one" in the same way that Jesus and the Father are "one". That aspect, I think, is quite simple.

I don't think there is a problem in Adventism, believing that Jesus and the Father are two distinct Persons -- There is no problem with the concept of a Duo, or a Duality. The problem (insofar as it exists within Adventism) is with regards to the concept of the Holy Spirit.  Some believe that the Holy Spirit is an emanation from the Father, and that the Spirit is therefore the same as the Father. They teach that there are only Two individuals, and not three.


It is true that the word Trinity (Latin "Trinitas") was first used in about AD200 by Tertullian. It is true too, that the ancient Egyptians, etc. used the idea of a divine Trinity, but many many pagan cultures also have a flood story. So who adopted whose concepts?

Amen bro Stewart

Hi everyone.

please check these links:

this extra is a website full of issues which deal with many our church, SOP, and current dilemmas we cann't help question about:


Thanks Victor. It's a pity that you posted this over a year ago and I didn't get to look at it. I thank God that things have happened in my church and in my life that have caused me to take a second look at this thread. Still studying and praying.

Hi Dan.

There's always  time to change and see things with other perspective, but praying for God's light is the most rewarding experience you can have ever. you can't even imagine what I have learned and how much I have had to leave aside because they were just philosophical ideas and not a Bible says statement.!!!




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