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While I was browsing throroughly to this site just to check what's in it in the first few weeks I got in here, one thing had popped up in my mind. What is it that you can truly that you are blessed by this site...",

Who inspired or motivated you to truly change for good? What is it that inspired or motivated you to change and become a model person to others?

Can you share anything among from the tabs here that have helped your faith grow?

Just a thought..",...Everybody is welcome to leave comments and it will be counted also as blessing to all the readers...

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I got new friends from another countries... :)
Aha...i see...How did they help you grow your faith?
Hm... I learned from their opinions...
Hmmm, I agree on that especially in this tab (the forum) where you can meet vaious people with different personalities. Yet, we still believe that we will be learning things from them for us to contemplate to...",
I have learned many things from the discussions mostly and am still learning
I have no doubt that spiritually am moving a step ahead.
God bless you all for all your contributions.
That's really an inspiring one Sis. Susan. I believe in our everyday battle, we will be facing and continue to be facing things where we can draw examples and learned lessons from them...God bless...", Keep holding on. ",
Yes, indeed, prayer is the best weapon we could ever had. It would always nice to know if you have friends who have been praying for you. Even if we will meet people who has different personalities yet we are still trying to understand them because same as they do, we are also struggling with our own battle in life...",

That's why it's good that we participate to the discussion, know what the members have shared. But let us not forget to always weigh things and let's have sound judgement to whatever principle(s) they are or had been pushing to believe...", Speaking of prayer, let's include them in our prayers too...",
I have been most blessed by the discussions and by praying for fellow members. The discussions help me to know the reason for my faith. They have helped me to change where I believed incorrectly. There are many very wise Bible scholars here.
Wow, it's nice to hear that Bro. Vincent. It was a wonderful testimony from you. Are there any instances where you have almost give up your patience where you also almost decide to leave this site...Well, I've encountered one and it saddened me a lot...
Well, I've been following your replies/comments to threads I've been participating with too...I've seen that there are few comments that has created negative arguments...So, how do you deal with them?


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