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Is all for people who get unecessary plastic surgery,because it allows you to make your outer appearance resemble,its beacause your inner appearance is fake.

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Some people get plastic surgery because of some defect or injury which causes them to be persecuted or ridiculed, or destroys their self-respect. That is why that word "unnecessary" is so important, and we should be slow to judge their motives.

But I find it really difficult to understand when I see Adventist women who scrupulously avoid the slightest hint of make-up and the cheapest $2 jewelry, but do not hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgical procedures to make themselves look more beautiful (when there was nothing wrong with their appearance to start with).

Oh well...I guess Mrs White never said anything about plastic it must be OK.
Yep. Point made. It's always back to whatever Sister White said. Seems we are like blind sheep. Good points Aldona.


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