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i have always is it that we say we are a world church with one set of rules, beliefs, and doctrine; yet there are churches in north america who openly wear jewelry; even though it is against the rules and principles of the adventist church. what are your views on this?

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Well the church is the people so you are right when you say the churches in north america wear jewellery. Well what can i say the church is not fully converted. When thou is truly converted the things you used to do you will do them no more.This is why there will only be 144,000 living saints when Jesus comes and they will all be of one mind. Strive to be among that my sister.


there is a difference between the CULT  walking lockstep  of lording over and and dictating do's and dont's to its members and

being in a connected  living nourishing servingBODY of CHRIST where the TEN COMMANDMENTS are understood as the LAW OF LOVE

SUPREME to GOD and IMPARTIAL to others


and BTW no where  in the scriprtures does it say wearing jewlery is a sin

everytime the children of God moved away from his guidance and were being brought back to Him, or were asking for forgiveness, they were told to get rid of their jewelry and ornaments. that in itself speaks to the fact that jewelry wearing was associated with apostasy. why then should we, the people of God, associate ourselves with this practice? Read Isaiah 3: 16 - 23.....hear what the lord said.

thats intepretation of events

not a command

is this thread about debating jewlery?


i thought u were using that as a for an example of SDA church not all being in sink

i dont debate the jewlery nor abortion nor other things with SDA'S

they can get nasty

yes, thats what my discussion is about. speaking specifically to the wearing of jewelry and our stance on it

My Sister, the churches are in a most compromising state now.... If we preach one Doctrine it should be what the Bible says ,and not what people think. If some persons in the church do otherwise from what the Bible say that simple means we are not united and we are hypocrites. God cannot use us if we are not obedient to his words. 

Not wearing jewerly (as I am assuming you are defining it) is tradition and not doctrine.  Doctrines are 100% biblical based and not vague.  For example, modesty in appearance and lifestyle is doctrine.  

This is not just a "North American thing" either.  The wearing of the wedding band, for example, because an issue when women from other countries were allowed to for different reasons, but the tradition in the U.S. was for people not to.  Which did not and does not make sense.  



I don't really believe that what  you wrote is what you mean.  See if I am not correct.  You wrote:

"Doctrines are 100% biblical based and not vague."

Would it not be better to say"

"True doctrines are 100% biblical based and not vague."

This is no doubt what you meant, right?  Just nit picking. LOL




I think it is far more important to focus on lonely souls, the abused and those who need encouragement. I have seen single mother with earings and necklaces faithfully bringing their young ones to church each week while others snoot down on them. Jewelry is a non-item as far I am concerned. Far too more important issues to mind over than worry about bits of metal and precious stones.

I have heard that the ADRA budget is being cut global. I think that is a far bigger course for concern.

but we snoot down on others so goooood :P

Those millions they want to spend on exerpts of the Great Controversy, as innovative of an idea as it may be, would be better spent sent to ADRA, IMHO.

I do not think distributing the Great Controversy is such a great idea. This is like taking measures to provoke and fast track persecution.


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