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Author: MoralsMan
I know this man personally and he is telling the truth:

Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson: 'U.S. Forces Plan DIRECT ACTION AGAINST American Citizens'
Obama is calling on a million U.S. forces to prepare for a civil uprising.
Some people think it's bogus and others think it is the governemnts way of agitating the people into war or illegal action just so they can remove firearms from Americans and move into a police state.

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could this be why VIPER comm towers are going up everywhere? it links town police, ems, sherriff dept, statetroopers, national guard and military to one radio system.....they say its for quicker emergency response(yeah right)....How bout the global positioning going on door to door for the U.S. Census B? Whts that all about? that point when the government cannot control its own army, it will allow the UN to take military action to invade this nation and retake "their" country. at that point is when you will realize what has happened to this great nation. once more, American Soldiers will not attack its citizens that it has sworn to protect!!!
Lets consider ourselves warned and be ready to give an answer to why we believe what we believe.
Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your note to me. I agree with you 100%! One of my favorite verses is Psalms 32:8……I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go. I will guide thee with mine eye.

God hears me claim that verse over and over…J. I know I can do nothing without Him. How lost I would be without Him and Him guiding me.

You are so right about population reduction and control. We are living in the very last days and according to God’s Word many, many people are going to be killed. God has warned us and we are to put our faith and trust in Him, certainly not in any government.

So many people are blinded to the truth. They just don’t want to know the truth and they plain just don’t care.

Yes, we do need to have discernment, there are so many lies and disinformation. That’s another thing I cry out to the Lord for almost daily is discernment. Oh that devil is so very clever and sly and deceitful. We as Christians need to stay in the Word and continually be drawing closer and closer to Jesus, our Savior.

Keep looking up, it won’t be long now before we see our Lord and Savior and be home forever and ever.

In Christ,

The Treaty of Copenhagen must NOT pass or the American people will rise up against the socialist communist third world way of life being promoted and this will create civil war and foreign troops policing and aiding our troops in creating a police state. Look for the Mark to follow as it unfolds. The crisis will be just too great for namby pamby softy americans and we'll bow and crumble in a heartbeat. Adventists will be called to attention as dissenters to the popes can take it from there.
It's happenng and we better wake up.
2 years ago they laughed when we said the economy was folding and then it happened.
They laugh now at chemtrails and vaccine warnings and the global pop control eugenics programs...
We wont be laughing when gun owners stand up and say we're not gonna take it anymore. The feds and banksters want the US citizens to do this so they can take us by force.
Ron Paul was offered to the American People but we dismissed him as a bit kooky and an alarmist. He simply couldnt be elected because he would end up like Kennedy and Lincohn, dead by Vatican Assasins.
Obama is a puppeteer for the banksters sending us straight into chaos through joblessness. Then when the war here hits he'll dance in front of the pope and proclaim a cure. Filthy Luciferian satan worshppers.
Personally ... I don't pay any attention to poster who feel they are prophets.
Are you a man or a woman?
There's certain things I've been taught not to say to women.
You need to just go back to sleep and let the world find out whats happening that points to bible prophecy being fulfilled. They dont need your message. They're already getting prepared to bail and come out of Babylon,
If you shouldn't say them to a woman, you really ought not to say them at all.


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