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Are you saying that you are a female in a male body? 

Are you saying that you are a female in a male body?



is that where your mind goes?


oh never mind

it is gotten uncomfortable  along time ago with u

have a nice day

#barking up the wrong tree

Since we are asking questions, what do you encourage a young homosexual to do who is interested in the Bible?  


Indeed. As I have discussed this with the pro Homosexual., I have learned a lot. I think to me it should be handled the same with all other sins, in principle, but the approach tailored to it.
There are those that used to be gay but have changed. They are by virtue of what they were, great witnesses. Here is one such testimony.
Also this ministry....
They need to honestly connect with those who have lived their lifestyle and understand them.
I was struck by the testimony of one who said,"
If you had asked me nine years ago why I had chosen to be “gay”, or homosexual, I would have answered you as I had answered others countless times before, “I did not choose to be ‘gay’! I chose to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I choseto be educated in Seventh-day Adventist Christian schools. I chose to be a student missionary. I chose to earn a degree in Theology and to graduate with honors. I chose to marry a Seventh-day Adventist young lady. I chose to father Seventh-day Adventist babies. I did not choose to be ‘gay’! I just finally came to grips with reality and accepted that I was ‘gay’, that I wasborn ‘gay’.”

For years after my “coming out of the closet” and the devastating breakup of my home that resulted, I dared anyone to tell me my “condition” was a matter of choice. I had made all the right “choices” in my life. While struggling with the nagging yearnings of my heart, I had prayed relentlessly that God would “Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me,” and help me to love and to be in love with my wife. But, to no avail.

Finally, I had succumbed to those nagging yearnings and had fallen into the gay life of homosexuality, totally convinced that my condition, or behavior, was not something a person chooses. Who would willingly choose to be so radically out of sync with society, and the church, if a Christian?! I had to be either the victim of my own environment, or just born that way.

My parents, friends, and family all thought of me as a gentle person, thoughtful and considerate of others. In their eyes I was intelligent, likeable, courteous, and talented in many areas. Most of all, I was known to be deeply spiriual.”

"Upon entering the gay life, I upheld that image except that of being deeply spiritual. Reared a Seventh-day Adventist, I just could not reconcile my homosexuality with being a part of the people who love God and keep His commandments, for that seemed to be a hypocritical exercise in futility. To me, the Bible was very clear in stating that I would not enter heaven in my condition. For example, “. . . Be not deceived: neither fornicators, ...nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, . . . shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Cor. 6:9,10)

As I now reflect upon my years in the “gay” lifestyle, I can honestly say that my life became full of disgusting, depraved, and perverted behavior. I, along with every homosexual I knew, was lustful and obsessed with sex. Yet, in the work place, in public, and when among friends and family, I masterfully maintained the image of a decent, gentle, thoughtful, polite, considerate person, both loving and loveable.

For sixteen years I blamed God for everything wrong with my life, especially my homosexuality, because I had prayed that He would take it away, and He hadn’t. “So, wasn’t it rightfully His fault that I was ‘gay’?” I reasoned"

These guys are the best to minister to such. Just like cheri Peters ministers to former drugs addicts in her program celebrating life in recovery. Down to earth. Loved watching that program as it was so down to earth.

No sin is above any sin. We should say an absolute no to sinning. At the same time help those struggling. Here is a quote from EGW
"Not because we first loved Him did Christ love us; but “while we were yet sinners” He died for us. He does not treat us according to our desert. Although our sins have merited condemnation, He does not condemn us. Year after year He has borne with our weakness and ignorance, with our ingratitude and waywardness. Notwithstanding our wanderings, our hardness of heart, our neglect of His Holy Word, His hand is stretched out still. MH 161.1
It is a delicate matter to deal with minds. Only He who reads the heart knows how to bring men to repentance. Only His wisdom can give us success in reaching the lost. You may stand up stiffly, feeling, “I am holier than thou,” and it matters not how correct your reasoning or how true your words; they will never touch hearts. The love of Christ, manifested in word and act, will win its way to the soul, when the reiteration of precept or argument would accomplish nothing. MH 163.3
We need more of Christlike sympathy; not merely sympathy for those who appear to us to be faultless, but sympathy for poor, suffering, struggling souls, who are often overtaken in fault, sinning and repenting, tempted and discouraged. We are to go to our fellow men, touched, like our merciful High Priest, with the feeling of their infirmities. MH 164.1
It was the outcast, the publican and sinner, the despised of the nations, that Christ called and by His loving-kindness compelled to come unto Him. The one class that He would never countenance was those who stood apart in their self-esteem and looked down upon others. "

Amen,  So understandable, why cannot others see this?  Is one sinner above another?  

Point that person to all the references on the love of Jesus and forgiveness. Also all the references on sex and sexual perversion. Use kind words and tact to communicate with such a one.


What's happening here Man flower?


Who are you referring to here Jason?



You are one arrogant person, you defend the LGBT as something honorable and then you pull the race card on Jason. How bad can one get? 

I thought the topic was about how a church has fallen by accepting fornication and some how it is changed and flipped  around to being about LGBT.

people unite over a scapegoat

have u noticed?




That comment is strange? Do you mean the SDA needs to follow suit? And while you are at it apologize to Jason for your remarks. 


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