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You are one arrogant Person indeed You need to apologize, I know that. If you are the perfect Christian you are trying to portray here it would not even need to be mentioned. You would not even have said it in the fist place.


i have said in the past u have rancor in your heart towards me

and when someone has bitterness in their heart towards another

it not only diminishes God's Sweet Spirit impressions but also lenses  everything the other party with a jaundiced eye

and no one here thinks im a perfect christian

im the worst and many think there is no thing as a gay Christian

just read your comments and a few others OP

it will confirm that

so pretending would be an exercise in futility

like talking to u :P

im sharing my real issues

putting myself out there

and cause of that i get people like you

dogging and trolling my moves

saying AHA AHA

its not pretty

God calls me to look at u with unsurpassable worth

apparently your God calls u to dog me

God Bless You!


Reply by Lazarus 1 hour ago


You are one arrogant Person indeed You need to apologize, I know that. If you are the perfect Christian you are trying to portray here it would not even need to be mentioned. You would not even have said it in the fist place.



' Lazarus, if someone here said to you that you are pretending to be a Christian, what would you say to that?? What is MFG suppose to say to combat your accusation? Answer that at least! Mutinta accused MFG of not being celibate, you accuse MFG of not being a Christian. So both of you are basically calling MFG a liar with no grounds for it. You both should be ashamed of yourselves. MFG talks so much about the love of God and how great he His and how God has blessed him. All you two are doing is slinging mud and showing hate and rancor. It is obvious who is the follower of Jesus here and who is not. If I was MFG I wouldn't talk to the two of you again.' -Timber


well hoo hoo ray ray

Sis Boom Ahhh

i thought u abandoned us Timber!

its good to see u again as all ways though we keep missing each other

i clarified/apologized my post to Jason M. and it was acknowledge so i dont understand what is the bugaboo with Lazarus

but anyhoo


u make a very good point

why do i even talk to those two when accusations fly

the root of bitterness has taken hold

and thats just one of the blossoms

i think the only safe thing to do is wish Blessings

and pray

GBU Timber

u make so much sense

please come back more often

i know its hard for u to see such hatred/insults/stalking/trolling/evil surmisings here expressed over and over again

and i know what really gets u is ... most Christians  nary say a word and stand up about how people are treated here in a Christian Forum

#and they think homosexuality is the big  problem here?


yes indeed Timber

if someone accuses Lazarus or Mutinta Nteeni of these things here

what can u do? say 'tis not' 'tis too' over and over again



nothing can be done in an internet forum full of strangers

im glad we actually know each other

What does the number 7 represents in the bible?

Perfection !    LOL  :-)

So it's the perfect sin and God has a perfect hatred for it. Whenever this sin takes over a place, God have to destroy this place. It's a sin people don't want to repent from, it's the unpardonable sin for most.. .

Jason I thought that the number would denote perfect sin, not seven ?

Are you really serious about this perfect sin thing because it is definitely no an Adventist doctrine ?

Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them, having in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire. Jude 1:7 

In jude 7 the perfect sin in mentioned and God shows us that these cities are an example of what the World will be like before the fire or hell. The same way they were destroyed for their homosexuality; God will do the same to this World for this sin.. and other sins. 



Jason I could probably agree that homosexuality is sin but what makes it the perfect sin ?  

How do you get to that ?


you surprise me is it not you who are such a great advocate for WO. It is not even in the bible, for or against but you pull out all the stops to justify the WO. One  would think if you can do it for your pet subject. You would be able to do the same thing for LGTB. As you admit yourself is condemned 7 times in the Bible. WO has Nil. 

Yeah Lazerus. That comes as a surprise to me too. On the LGTB thing I am not too clued up from the sin perspective and the psychology behind it so I will hang back till I have more information.

That gives you more time to get your ammo together. :-) (Only kidding)


God Bless your studies.


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