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No one?

How  many more would you like ?

Something else to consider. Which direction is the bias most likely to lean ?  The direction of those who have little if anything to gain or the direction where money and power flows from ?

I cannot tell you how many people have said to me that they rarely got the flu until they started getting the flu shot. So, if the shot did not cause the flu, it certainly did not stop it  and the patient paid for a nice dose of thimersol, msg, etc., etc., etc.. and who knows what else.

So you still have not understood  how vaccination works ? 

I understand how much it does not work and all the side effects. 

Well you should at least read up on the topic in question. Do you want me to prepare a short presentation for you? 

He, much like my self has done a fair amount of research on the topic.

That's why we hold the position we do..

Please share the JAMA citations. 

I'll start:

How cute.. Your actually buying the crap put out by the exact institution that Sister White told us not to trust or have anything to do with by divine counsel to the GC in regard to our institutions, and medical practices... 

As if them getting %80 of their research funding from the pharmaceutical companies wasn't enough.. LOL

Please try referring to a thing called an independent study.. You know one that was not paid for by the people making money from the drugs / vaccinations..

I am buying into Medical studies done by actual experts and scientists on the subject.  The independent studies I have seen are simply conjecture and ravings by extremists on the internet.

Now, if you can present something scientific, as you said you had plenty of those citations, I would love to seem them.

So let me get this strait.. No matter how long someone goes to school, or how much of their lives after they got there degrees in medicine...etc.. they devoted to this very research. Even though it is no difference what so ever than the training and experience of those you are referring to..

You will write them off, saying they are not of the same caliber of expertise, because they were not paid / bribed by a pharmaceutical companies?

Sorry, but that's just plain ignorant..

@k/edge, read the ministry of healing. Or do you only buy into medical studies which many times are proven erroneous. Most of the scientists have,after many years of experimental studies,acknowledge they were wrong.
I would rather listen to the creator of this body,He knows what is best for it.


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