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Nope, I'm not too lazy to look.  I had already looked and knew that you posted nothing like you claim.  No scientific studies.  No peer reviewed papers.  No clinical trials.  No double blind anything.  Particularly no "admissions" by the CDC that vaccines cause autism.

You have actually posted only 6 different links regarding vaccines in the entire time you have been a member.  All of these links are to opinion pieces by new age sites, anti-vaxxer sites and/or conspiracy theorists.  None could be defined as a scientific paper or presentation.

Here are ALL the links you posted on the topic in ALL discussions about vaccines:

  1. A link to a video on your favorite conspiracy theorist (Walter Veith's) website:
  2. A link to a conspiracy theorist doctor (an MD (!) who also lectures on the illuminati):
  3. Three different links to the anti-vaxxer web site  A doctors vaccine guarantee form (, an article about deaths from HPV vaccine (, and an article saying vaccines are a fraud because measles has not been erradicated (
  4. A link to a new age site about the dangers of flu shots (

Those are all the links you have ever posted on this topic.  None show a causal link between vaccines and autism.  None link to this illusive 'admission' by the CDC that vaccines cause autism that you keep referring to.

So please quit telling us you have posted the link in the past and we are just too lazy to look for it when we ask for your basis for claiming the CDC admitted vaccines cause autism.  You have posted nothing of the sort.

Of course, you are free to post the links now if you have them.  I remain convinced that no such CDC "admission" is in existence.

PS.  Posting "extensively" on a topic does not mean you have posted the same links repeatedly.

Report shows Arkansas' autism rate doubles
Thursday, March 27, 2014

A new study shows that one in 65 Arkansas children has been diagnosed with autism, more than doubling the rate from 2002.

The numbers were released Thursday as a part of a national study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The figures are the latest since 2002 on Arkansas' autistic children when one in 145 Arkansas children had been identified with the disorder.

The new data also shows that boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls. White children are more likely to identify with the disorder than black or Hispanic children.

From the CNN article you linked to:

However, experts such as Wiznitzer and Goldstein are concerned that the new CDC report is not describing the same autism that was present and diagnosed 20 years ago, when the numbers first shot up.

"Twenty years ago we thought of autism with intellectual disability. We never looked at children who had normal intelligence" -- doctors never considered that high-functioning children had autism too, says Goldstein.

So doctors definitions of what is included in autism has changed.  And this changes the rate of diagnosis.  Seems reasonable.  But it does not show that there are more people that have this condition now.  It just shows that it is being diagnosed more.  It is unknown whether there actually is more of this condition at present or not.

I believe the vaccines are causing autism and many other health problems, and I do not need the CDC or any other entity to admit their errors. If you dont believe it then that is your problem.

If the vaxx industry is deliberately causing harm then they are never going to admit it. Many have been vaxx damaged by the HPV vax, yet they continue to require this jab for school here in the US. 

The argument that diagnosis for autism has changed is unproven and patently false. Parents with children who have this problem - usually following a round of inoculation - have always went for help, same as they do today. Whether diagnosis has changed or not 1 in 65 is unacceptable epidemic levels, and not natural or simply genetic. 

Not all doctors agree that vaccines are proven safe. The doctors who refuse to vaccinate started the entire anti-vaxx movement; doctors such as Dr Andrew Moulden.

Ok.. I think I'm done with this site...

While I realize I'm not exactly the picture of perfection in all of my statements, many made to me particularly regarding my autism hit a whole new level and are legally considered discrimination. There is a line between acting like a jerk (as I admittedly have on a few occasions..) and being abusive..

A line which I have never crossed, but apparently some running the show see as the same thing.. Sorry but two wrongs don't make a right.. If I or anyone else is in the wrong here correct us, I have no issue with that.. But allowing abuse just because others are doing it too is madness, which I refuse to be a party too much longer.. 

I will be leaving my profile up a while longer to say goodbye and get e-mails from a few good friends I have made here to stay in touch, but after that... Sorry, but this place has just become toxic and since the pregnancy I have way too many mood swings to appropriately respond to many of the shots made at me.. Much less absorb the blows of abuse...

But I will mince no words here.. Making fun of the mentally disabled, using their disability as ammo is NEVER ok... 

God bless.. 

Who is making fun of you?

do not be so  Rash here Polly ,,  yes  things can get heated in heres no doubts ,, and  whom are  u harming then by deleting your profile page ?  Did the Lord himself direct this or are u being Like  Jonah and speaking from your hurt emotions n pride?. Yi yi yi  Lady chill down and think clearer of those u do help and not those that just debate anything ok?/ 

 I do not believe all these new vaccines are needed anyway and maybe they are abit on the dangerous side as well but I dunno exactly if it true or speculation.?   Our immune systenm because of sin in many cases has been compromised and also our  choice in where we live and what we choose to eat to a degree also... Their is many such Doctors with new knowledge that states this from their expert opinions and then again another that states something else and testifies differently,, 

I believe we do have to get back t o Eden more and if we refuse then we will face the  consequences of our actions too. It will take more then a head knowledge too  for  faith also is involved believing something is true and acting on it is all to together different scenario hmm?

People make that decision for themselves and their children. This article however, is about one individual. The article doesn't talk about her parents health and their age. Are they still living? I had vaccines when I was a kid. I also had mumps, measles, chicken pox and other stuff. At this point in my life I'm healthy and don't take anything other than a BP pill if I need it. (My wife checks me regularly). Never have been a pill taker. I am not going to lambast someone who thinks they should vaccinate any more than the one who shuns it. The year I got a flu shot I got the flu so I never got another one. The Lord has blessed me with good health and I make sure I eat right and exercise to preserve what He gave me. My mom died at 38 of cancer. I was 12. She never touched alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. So......God will leave me here until He's done with me. Anyone who subscribes to Consumer Reports should do a comparison of some of the leading hospitals in the country. We were literally shocked at how low Loma Linda scored.


"You have to be willfully ignorant to call that interview an admission that vaccines cause autism.  The quote above says quite the opposite."

Why not just say:

"You said the interview was an admission that vaccines cause autism, but this quote seems to suggest otherwise."

Prov. 25:15    By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone.  

1 Kings 19:11    .....[but] the LORD [was] not in the earthquake:  
 19:12    And after the earthquake a fire; [but] the LORD [was] not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

I know it's your style to speak harshly, but with fewer words, you'd come across more effectively.  It's a pity to see such admirable zeal wasted.

And, I'm not taking sides in this debate.  It's not my fight.  I'm already sick because of the time I've wasted talking about cheese...

what's wrong with cheese? just kidding; I've read PLENTY! Hang in there Rush

You are right Rush.  Your wording is much better than mine.  I should have done better.

When someone claims something as fact and repeatedly refuses to back it up, I get frustrated with their ongoing claims of "fact".  I should not be frustrated and certainly not let anyone else affect my demeanor.

God bless.


Ecc.  7:9    Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.


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