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Interesting article in the Review regard recent studies at Loma Linda:

Men who avoid meat may live longer, but they also may have more trouble fathering children than non-vegetarians, according to a new Adventist-led study.

The study by the Loma Linda University Medical School indicates that vegetarian and vegan men have a significantly lower sperm count than those who eat meat, and the motility of their sperm is about half that of non-vegetarians.

The findings do not mean that vegetarian men are infertile but that they might have to wait a little longer to conceive, researchers said.

“The results showed that the vegetarian diet reduced sperm concentration and motility but did not extend into the infertile range,” says the study, which was published Wednesday in the Fertility and Sterility journal

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LOL,  Sorry, but I was wondering how  and from whom did they get the sperm to count it.   

Did they double blind their research: like decreased testosterone due to age, injury, genetics, environmental exposures, and increased soy intake creating estrogen?

Yes I agree Daniel

When we eat plants sprayed with Round Up, the minerals are removed inside the plants, so what appears as healthy plants is not....than there GMO plants worse still....but non GM plants sprayed with Round Up remove minerals form the plant cells, namely Zn, Fe, Mg to name a few.

Zinc is associated with sperm motility....we humans do not eat enough zinc, because our rain water is not collected in gal zinc these days

I would test for vegans who eat home grown veggies and compare that group with market bought veggies


I hate commercial pesticides.  We would only use all natural pesticides in the garden.  I refuse to allow any harsh man made chemical.  On the plus side this Spring, I should be able to harvest some dandelions for tea.  It should be interesting.  The little weeds grow everywhere.

Beware of GMO's or at least that is what I have been told by my veggie wife.


Yes beware of GMO foods

But if we eat market veggies, say celery. the farmer sprays the ground with round up to remove weeds for up to 6 weeks, then sows the celery and so you get nice celery with most mineral locked up in the plant cells....glysophate locks up Zince, Mn, Mg and Fe to name a few...

the plant uses Cadmium in place of Zinc, found in the fertilizer used to grow the celery...

so eating market plants we lack Zinc, thus a lowered sperm count, plus we get cancer from using Cadmium instead of zinc....


The real message...grow you own food in your own soil....


Not  very feasible for most people.

Don't know Viincent, Glysophate removes minerals from soil, and when taken up by plants continue to make the plant deficient....

Best way to overcome this is to go back to drinking rain water in zinc galvanized tanks.... not the zinc aluminium magnesium kind, highly toxic, or plastic tanks....

Herbert, the message of the end of time in Matthew 24 and Rev 18 is to get out of the cities...grow our own food, is a Bible requirement for  the end of time

Listen to the Bible speak for us in the end of time


Zinc helps with immune system function and reduces estrogen count in men.

Yes and every male has far too little of this mineral....need to buy some zinc sulphate and place around the fruit trees...


Eat nuts! And indeed GMO is deadly for every body! Mosantos won"t kill us. The plan of this people are to kill us slowly but sourly .

80 percent of all soy grown in the United States is GMO.  Also, a lot of corn is also GMO.


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