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Interesting article in the Review regard recent studies at Loma Linda:

Men who avoid meat may live longer, but they also may have more trouble fathering children than non-vegetarians, according to a new Adventist-led study.

The study by the Loma Linda University Medical School indicates that vegetarian and vegan men have a significantly lower sperm count than those who eat meat, and the motility of their sperm is about half that of non-vegetarians.

The findings do not mean that vegetarian men are infertile but that they might have to wait a little longer to conceive, researchers said.

“The results showed that the vegetarian diet reduced sperm concentration and motility but did not extend into the infertile range,” says the study, which was published Wednesday in the Fertility and Sterility journal

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Br. Rob Amen! Mosantos is killing us and the world is quiet. The media is quiet, the church is quiet. It seem that its every men for it own! After Sabbath you see church member going to those junk food restaurant to eat!

God bless you Rod
Fertility and sterility, come from the GMO in out vegtable and fruit we eat. No! No! It s the GMO in our diet is doing that, killing os sofly!
Their is a depopulation agenda, and mosantos is one of them.
Who is poisen our food, the vegtable and thefruit!

The NWO have big plans to depopulate the earth. The better way is true are food! GMO and more GMO!

I question the validity and credibility of Loma Linda at all!!!  

Benico you are full of wisdom to discern the good things of God...yes I agree with you

Remanant you too are full of wisdom to see things are God is teaching us

JamesS yes we need to avoid all unhealthy things

De 14:21 Ye shall not eat of any thing that dieth of itself:

This principle refers to plants....planting dying from insect attack, from weeds attack and from chemical deficiencies in the soil leading to insect and weed attack, because the plant growth is weak and sick....

Yes refers to GMO, pesticides and weedicides and anything....

Spread this Bible command, uphold it and start getting wisdom about what we eat and do...

If a plant needs help in insect control, the plant is dying and sick....dying of itself...I explain it to my Ag students this way, Mother Nature kills sick animals and plants, to remove them from the strong are living and the sick die....

My tomato's are getting grubs in some, I watered them too much, rotten feet, sick plant, insect attack....really following the torah teaching of growing tomatoes is a very careful detailed thing obeying all the laws of growth...until not a single fruit is can be done....

Grow you own food and learn to listen to the torah teachings of life, living healthy and eating characters made by God....


If you've already eaten GMO food, herbicides and pesticides how do you remove them from your body?

Scientists give hope Lindy, after a few weeks of eating organic home grown greens things are returned to good health again more or less ....

See video clip

I suggest eating a small handful of raw greens every day...such as mint, sage, parsley, beetroot leaves, spinach and so on, raw is best....

for those really wanting to keep cancer away and reverse GMO affects....I recommend wild herbs eaten raw in addition to the herbs, a few leaves every day to pull chemicals out of out system unhealthy to us....

Wild raw milk thistle, sour thistle (prickly leaves take getting used to) wood sorrel (in small amounts) and aupa (my faviourite)

Why do I grow wild edible herbs? Because they are closest to God's healthiest design, less man made changes...that's why and best for you... so make it a lifestyle to eat normal organic foods, home grown in best plus a few wilder herbs more closer to God's plan....and stay away from GMO foods....

Treat them as your raw leafy greens medicine food, and eat them with your normal meals to help make them palatable....

Hope this helps


In thr 1950 many vegetabled had About 25% more nutrition than modern hybrids.
50 year ago green bean had 43% more calcium.

What are GMO?
The majority of major u.s. Commodity crop are genetically engineerd.

Canola, Corn, Soy, Sugar Beet, Hawaiion papaya!

The term genitically genitically engineerd food applies to foods whose DNA has been
Altered in a laboratory throug engineering or biotechnology.
This is a very different technique from traditional plants or animal breeding.

GMO Stan for; Genetically Modified Organisms

Absolutely correct Benicio  some videos say GMO stands for "GOD move over"

Mankind is pathetic with our little knowledge...I have not found any scientist willing to find that the DNA must not only code for proteins, but also for gene regulation, feedback looping, sensory code, memory and emotion code, recall functions and many others, creating not just 25,000 genes in the DNA, but millions of genes...they have not investigated everything yet....more will come in time...

Imagine placing the bacterial insecticide stomach destroying chemical gene, inside corn cells....well the GMO look sort of OK, the bugs eat the corn but the bacterial insecticide chemical goes into the bug's stomach and eats the stomach open killing the bug....nice hey ? Corn with insecticide powers !

But the human eats the corn, the DNA bacterial producing stomach destroying chemical is assimilated into our bacteria, and our blood stream,...and billions of bacteria now make stomach destroying chemical forever destroying our stomach and making us sick

So that's a little bit about GMO and why they are bad for you....


Amen brother God bless

Thanks Benicio....

I was making some tomato sauce home grown tomatoes and spent hours cooking the sauce etc....a few things I learned....

Sugar when heated in water with acid turns to a jelly substance and this is what makes the sauce thicken not the tomato juice getting less in volume....

(I refused to add sugar cane sugar to my cooking or vinegar but read extensively into the chemistry of these two ingredients) 

SO when you eat ketchup or tomato sauce your eating a cancer causing sugar blended chemical chemically congealed to prime your cancer....

Secondly I found the tomato sauce di not look that red nor smelled like the one man makes with added flavours....they have hoodwinked us into thinking that smell is a tomato...its not even close...

The long hours of cooking would destroy anything good in the mixture to begin with...

So I will remove even tomato sauce off the list of foods I can there anything safe in the processed foods department ? I don't think so....

I will refine the process of making my tomato sauce, mother nature style and see if I can make something truly healthy.....

Shalom and have fun making healthy foods


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