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It was either on September 28, or 29 (2014) I was between sleep and wake when I heard a voice say, ".Redva you need a dress reform" Although semiconscious, it grabbed my attention. Again I heard, "Redva you need a dress reform and the church needs one too so tell the church."

Immediately I got up and sent a text message to the church Personal Ministry Director who had asked me earlier to do the 10 minutes after Sabbath School the coming Sabbath morning and I was undecided because I was not feeling well, that I was now willing and ready to do the evangelistic charge as I have a special message to deliver.

During the night I was on the internet browsing,  reading and watching sermons and lo and behold there was a pastor  preaching: Topic- "The need for dress reform in the Adventist church." This came as a conformation to the vision I had earlier and so my resolve was strengthened to do dress reform for the 10 minutes session that Sabbath morning. This I did without fear or favour. It was well received by the shouts of amen.

Since that vision I have changed much in my mood of dress.

Some years ago I was talking to a church sister about dress and she said she hear it said that Adventist women do not wear jewelry but the shoes and hair styles and the extravagance in their dress make up for the jewelry. As I look around the church today we cannot differentiate the dress on Sabbath and the dress of the world.

The short and tight dresses with all kinds of cuts and styles. The sleeveless dresses, the big and extra high heel shoes are all there. The hair colour and styles, the painted faces and nails, the extended finger nails and eye lashes and even the bleach skin in some cases.

For the men, the hair cut and the tight fitting pants which show all the bulges.

Brethren these must go, they are an abomination unto the Lord. Go to the Spirit of God and ask how you must dress and you will be told to do all to the glory of God. If when you are dressed and you are not comfortable that the Spirit will walk with you, then, change your dress.

If you still have a challenge and like your worldly dress it means that you need a heart transformation so go to the foot of the cross.

Romans 12:1& 2 (KJV)

12 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Read also Romans 13:11-14 and wake up.

Why hasn’t God pour out His wrath brethren?
Sis white says that the church has conformed to the standard of the world and God is waiting for His people to make a commitment to Him so we can be sealed. She says -
The line of distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable.
Brethren I got the message and I have delivered it. It is for you to decide what you will do with it. God bless you.
We can talk about this.

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the health message does just that.... it is the gospel in action... 

But you can't really teach people to eat right, if you are violation of God's health laws which promotes purity and cleanses the world of suffering and sanctifies the church!!!

So Remnant, eating right is the matter that will purify your soul? Perhaps you should look into the emphasis on meeting the emotinal and physical needs of others through the ministry of Love (Christ character,) instead of cleaning the outside of the cup.


Though dress is important, and women dressing to attract attention to themselves is wrong. We should be attractive through our characteristics, not what we wear. What we dress in is not going to save us. I agree that there are some people in the church that need to think carefully about this. But remember that the eye of the beholder is more often than not where the sin of covetousness begins. Not in the wearer.

 But remember that the eye of the beholder is more often than not where the sin of covetousness begins. Not in the wearer.

A large distribution company in my town has an all female work force and they have a very, very, strict dress code.  If you break it you are frog marched out the door.   No men lusting there just women hateful to each other.

I don't buy that.  I think they both hold personal responsibility.  If you are minding your own business, and a nude woman comes up with a personal trampoline in front of you, you have no choice but to behold what you see.  However, what you do with it, is also on you.  Eve brought Adam sin, and in the same way modern Eves want to bring modern Adam sin.  Except, now they blame Adam.

Women have a responsibility for modest attire, and men have a responsibility to guard their minds.  It is a two way street.

Heisenberg,  it all goes back to Eve doesn't it.


Let's look at what the dreamed voice said. It was a personal message. It told the writer that she needed dress reform. It was personal. In the writers information she says openly that she likes to dress. Could it have been that her love of dressing was greater than her love for God.

However, having pointed this out. It is true that the clothing industry uses, dare I say the word, sexuality as a means of promoting their clothes. Women especially are targeted in this method. What should a Christian do. Simply this. Purchase clothing that is modest in looks and does not overtly flatter. Clothing protects the body from extremes of cold and heat and helps people feel comfortable in their surroundings and company. It is for these reasons we should purchase our clothing.

Finally, let us be clear about this, the clothes we decide to wear can not save us. However, they should reflect our Christian attitude. 

Amen Brother George

It is nice to have a such a clear and balanced view expressed in this venue.

Tell  me smething WHEN have  th Day Adventists left  behind the council given by God for His last day Church by His last day Servant Ellen G White hmm? When is this ok to reject Divine inspiration meant to direct our attention to whatis  Good n Holy? . Are we so wise today that we no longer need to listen to inspired writings and say Oh we Holy already we only need Gods Bible alone ? 

 WHEN did this become  normal to reject the  Spiriit of Prophecy and say it not revelant todaY?  WHO are  7 th  Day  Adventists  then ?  What right have they to say the yany different in nature to 7th day baptists or the world wide church of  God thta worship also on the seventh  day?/ .. 

Where in the  Bible does  it say it ok to reject prophecy n inspiration?  DO u actually  believe in the  Bible which talks about a Remenant  People in the Last days with all the gifts the first  Church  had at Pentecost  or is this too rejected ? I  can not understand the resoning  in this forum  that those thatcal themselves  7th DAY Adventists only debate n call names and  reject what the inspired  word has told us already what Gods last  Day churc h will  have to  be like just before  Jesus second coming. 

 Why is it all I see is endless debates  n ignoring anyone that disagrees with   your statements n continue  in going on with foolish debates  and meaningles babble ? If u refuse to be corrected  n say I am holy what difference then  is their between u and   Satan who told the Angels of Heaven the y too needed not any Law for they were Holy beings themselves an needed no law ?  Ijust  trying real hard to see why   Dress reform here is not needed also ? . 

Is this some new aspect that is not clearly seen or are men just making excuses today and women too actually they too need no guidelines anymore ?  It sems to me we so far of  the track  today  in How we should act as Christians   their is but little difference betewwen confessed believers  and those that make no confession at all/..  

Excuse me here if i seem abit confused bur do tell me  that their is a distiguishing that is seen   between those that confess  to follow  Christ in their  Dress an in  their speech to  or is this too old fashioned n not  needed ?  . Look I not saying Christians or  7 th DAY Adventists either wil not make  mistakes or  the like but are we to be able t be corrected when we told  n shown  what is right n wrong in our actions?

 DO   when we fail just say it no big deal and continue in going the wrong direction n say it matters not? lets say u lose your temper once and something bad comes out of your mouth .  would u say it does not matter and make excuses for your actions?  Would u say ok I failed so the next time   I get angry thIs is ok  to repeat too/??  I see so few women  in here that even respond An I wonder why this is ? 

 Men  are u   blind that u cant see the look in other mens eyes or  young teens when they see your wife  or daughter dressed skimply?  Have u seen any men have to look away even because they  trying not to stare   or maybe  shake their head and u wonder why this is ? . I was in  hurch this  Sabbath n honestly  speaking   the young ladies  1  to 14 maybe  I not sure their ages but I cant believe   fathers of daughters  cant see that their daughters wearing sleevless dresses n  low cut   is something Modest with their skirts too  when worn are  just about Mini  skirts when I was growing up in  1970,s,, ./

Ihave seen men in here say the ydo not like it when the ysee their neighbors  young daughters out on the streets wearing little to the immagination  so why is this ok in the  Chrches we attend week after week n this is not corrected or dared to be brought up even ??  , I hear mostly these days  pay your tithes  n  your offerings  n we need  abigger church to draw mpre people to our worship all the while the pews we have now are nearly mt.. 

WE talk about conversion and Love but Love is clearly just another  4 letter word with no affect without genuine  sincere actions that show it  YES OR NO ?  You cant force anyone to Love but  does it not need to be shown clearly what is and what is not Love  by the bible and  also   illustrated  a little easier to  be seen in the  Writings  Siste rWhite was clearly   inspired to write for us today or is this not to be read ? 


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