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It was either on September 28, or 29 (2014) I was between sleep and wake when I heard a voice say, ".Redva you need a dress reform" Although semiconscious, it grabbed my attention. Again I heard, "Redva you need a dress reform and the church needs one too so tell the church."

Immediately I got up and sent a text message to the church Personal Ministry Director who had asked me earlier to do the 10 minutes after Sabbath School the coming Sabbath morning and I was undecided because I was not feeling well, that I was now willing and ready to do the evangelistic charge as I have a special message to deliver.

During the night I was on the internet browsing,  reading and watching sermons and lo and behold there was a pastor  preaching: Topic- "The need for dress reform in the Adventist church." This came as a conformation to the vision I had earlier and so my resolve was strengthened to do dress reform for the 10 minutes session that Sabbath morning. This I did without fear or favour. It was well received by the shouts of amen.

Since that vision I have changed much in my mood of dress.

Some years ago I was talking to a church sister about dress and she said she hear it said that Adventist women do not wear jewelry but the shoes and hair styles and the extravagance in their dress make up for the jewelry. As I look around the church today we cannot differentiate the dress on Sabbath and the dress of the world.

The short and tight dresses with all kinds of cuts and styles. The sleeveless dresses, the big and extra high heel shoes are all there. The hair colour and styles, the painted faces and nails, the extended finger nails and eye lashes and even the bleach skin in some cases.

For the men, the hair cut and the tight fitting pants which show all the bulges.

Brethren these must go, they are an abomination unto the Lord. Go to the Spirit of God and ask how you must dress and you will be told to do all to the glory of God. If when you are dressed and you are not comfortable that the Spirit will walk with you, then, change your dress.

If you still have a challenge and like your worldly dress it means that you need a heart transformation so go to the foot of the cross.

Romans 12:1& 2 (KJV)

12 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Read also Romans 13:11-14 and wake up.

Why hasn’t God pour out His wrath brethren?
Sis white says that the church has conformed to the standard of the world and God is waiting for His people to make a commitment to Him so we can be sealed. She says -
The line of distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable.
Brethren I got the message and I have delivered it. It is for you to decide what you will do with it. God bless you.
We can talk about this.

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At Redva if Isa 3 is your key text to exclude jewellery then I hope you only have one change of clothes, don't use a mirror, or good quality materials or cloak, or shawl or scarf or any ornaments in your hear such as pony comb or ribbon or elastic bands.  We need to use text in context and not just ambush them to try and defend our version of truth.

  U make me laugh with these silly videos u seem to come up with Heisenberg. Whew wee  honestly speaking I would go stir crazy living in this invironment..  A  Amish Paradise...  Back To  Eden then  is it possible for us in the technological age.. ?/ .. 

I do not wish to sound meldromatic  o nutin  but does a change of heart mean u have to do everything as the ydid  in the Bible days  the same way?  Live without electricity  no Phones no cars. and would that mean also just cotton clothes or maybe  linen only??   we all wear fabrics that have been made from Oil  synthetically  produced so  this would also have to change?  

 I enjoy having  shower indoors and not having to run to an outhouse like I did when I Was a small boy growing up and visiting relatives in the country side of Canada. ..  I am sure the early Pioneers of our church got used to electricity n made their life easier ?? .. ..  Ireconize and agree  Dress reform  is needed for it makes little sense  wwearing see through blouses as women n low cut  dresses n claiming it affects not your fellow brethern// .. I simply cant understand either why  fathers do not say anything t their daughters  that come to church with dresses  way above the kneee n  their bra straps sticking out on the sleeveless dresses they wear and plunging necklines  as the ygreet u at the door also.. . 

 Imany times  do not even want to attend church these days where my eyes are constantly bombarded wit h this sight I do not even have to look at  whree i work for females  have to wear proper attire  . ,, selah  what has happened in our churches these days  then ??  

It was merely satire about extremes.  Charliebwoyo amused me with his comment, so I was adding to the humor.  Sometimes humor is helpful. :)


Reforming dress does not reform the soul, so it is hardly something you should be focusing on or trying to regulate. How about concentrating on reforming lives through service. I think you will win more souls to Christ in this action. Regulating dress is only going to drive more people from the Church, and it will not provide any venue for Character change.


Leon maybe if you had read through the post you would have noticed that this was said. If the heart is not touched then the dressed will not change. God back and read the entire thing Leon.


I agree that if you have to be without jewlery and look like death in order for people to know you love the Lord, something is wrong.

Keith it is bad that you do not notice how fearfully and wonderfully you are without these addition to your handsome frame. You were made in the image of God so relish the thought. It is an honorable state. Look like dead what?

Hello Redeva

So if I follow you logically, then those who wear jewelry have not been touched by God and therefore are living in sin. Remember in saying that Redeva you are condemning a lot of people. Also, the church's history of banning jury is very inconsistent. It may be consistent where you are in Jamaica, but it is not so around the globe.

By the way, I'm very jealous that you are in Jamaica, that is a wonderful country.


By saying this she would be condemning herself also because it is very difficult convincing women to discard their engagement and wedding rings. 

Jason nothing material is too difficult to give up with the help of God.

Stop the fussing about jewelry and migrate to this beautiful place.

I am not condemning anyone at all but I inherited the no jewelry stance and practice in the church. Personally I am comfortable without jewelry.

From my study of history, especially slavery, I get chills when I hear about chains.


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