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Hello, I feel uneasy working in the upcoming Vocation Bible School. I am uncomfortable dealing with the people who might be coming to the school, due to past stories I had heard since the last time my church had a Vocational Bible School. Some of the youths who came last time were bad. I don’t know what to do if a youth threatens me .Please pray, for me that God will protect me


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This is a wonderful lesson to teach. How many youth do you have in a class/group and with how many teachers?
I' don't know yet. I will have to see until next month, this is when the program starts.
This might work for younger kids
Maybe you could make a chart with each child's name on it. Allot a certain number of points or stars, etc. to each child.( 40 points a week or whatever is right for your kind of program) To keep all the points for the week, the child has to follow the rules including being polite to the teacher and others. If the child disrespects you, remove one of his points or stars.. This chart should be place where all can see it.

Another way to do this is to give a star to the kids who behaved well during the day. Let them take it home to their parents. You should let the parents know that you are doing this. (It takes a lot of work, of course)

For teenagers, the star might not work, give the merits. It would also realy help to give them responsibilities and include them in the thinking and organizing process. Let them supply ideas. Let them feel important and useful.
I will be helping with younger kids. I like this idea. Maybe I should give points .
Hi sister Soriya, grace to you and peace from God our Father and may the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior be with you as you serve in that place. I believe that "all things work together for good to them who love the Lord." I have the same experience of yours. the only difference is, I am a boy. But always believe in God. He will not leave you because He is our Father. and He is more than a friend that closer than a brother.

always believe in God. He know`s what best for you.
Thank you brother for those positive words.


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