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does anyone know if there are any transcripts of veiths talks? i dont want to listen to any of the talks, and i dont particularly want to read what he has to say either, but i do need it for research. :)

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Wow John. Just got an idea. I think I will pass it on to the Pope the next time I meet with him.

All the Pope has to do is to proclaim a holy day (on of the many he already has) on Saturday.

Then -  people like Shel will stop observing it as a Christian holy day.

You know - some people give far too much power to the Pope.


Nhim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes? I'm here. Always in Him.

some times i just have to give you a wake up call 




Thanks Emlyne. I appreciate that you enjoy my comments enough to wake me up early so I can get going on them.





Don't we butt heads often? .. I am just wondering.  There i am posting something on here, i know you will oppose.


A piece on prophecy .. to whom it may concern .. you can listen.. I know Nhim will oppose.. He doesnt listen to speakers he is not familiar with.

Good speaker. Medical Doctor of prophecies- A man who love Trinidad

So far so good. Hopefully get to catch the rest of it 2moro. Thanks for sharing :) 


Good night to all, happy Sabbath to all, and lets remember to "love our neighbor as ourselves" :) 

Great John, I like that illustration sounds well put together.

Yes John. We give far too much power to them pagans.

We need to do what we need to do and let them do what they do without being influenced by them and what they do.

Does that make sense?

Think that that is all there is to spreading the word when jesus was on earth he was saying beware of the leaven of the pharisees.Christ while he was here was warning them to be aware because the pharisees were just after self exaltation and had forgotten what the sacrifice was about and he spoke boldy against them many times so that his followers could see that he was apart from them and look at the two opposing christ and his ministry and the pharisees and Saducees.The whole point is that we are in Revelation time and we must speak boldly the 3 Angels message Rev 14:7 and then Babylon being the roman papacy is fallen and they are the beast power which the world shall wonder after because they are antichrist right now telling people about Mary the apostles warned against the false teachings in there time so to warn someone of something you must have knowledge of it because that is how the devil work mixing truth with error and gradually leading people away so you can tell people that catholicism is wrong not only because of the going away from the 10 commandmants but  they will say they are preaching peace and love or you can show them the whole picure behind the rituals and how the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her because world leaders are currently being ruled by the papacy and how she is making the nations drunk with the wine of her adulteries which is Idolatry and having other gods before the One and Only God.So yes it is important for you study to show yourself aproved but also to denounce the pharisees which   I see a good example in the Eucharist in which they the like the religous leaders of their time are crucifying Christ over and over again so you can see how the devil is alive and how America is making an image to the beast so you like Christ and John and all the prophets before have to denounce the evil.So to the Law and to the testimony we must be Christ like in every way cause he showed them their errors that is why they wanted to stone him.

I think I understand where you are coming from brother Edward, i just want to say welcome to SDA online and God Bless You. Now, I think in our time as Sister White says in the book of Last Day Events, she speaks of what is going to occur in the last days. In as much as this message is taught we must still keep focused in the Lord worshiping every morning noon day and evening and prying continually that we find ourselves constantly in the presence of God, that even the danger of teaching such a message would not overtake the purpose of the mission which we teach so passionately. In every sense we must uplift the Lord Jesus that men and  women would be saved. Notice I am not refuting against the message for it is also the word of God, there can not be at any one time where the bible says we should reject any message of truth much less a messenger of truth. Let the Name Of Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind, Be exalted.


Gregorson Vitalis       


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