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does anyone know if there are any transcripts of veiths talks? i dont want to listen to any of the talks, and i dont particularly want to read what he has to say either, but i do need it for research. :)

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Let each be fully persuaded in his own mind...Such is life...

Here are a few reasons why the KJV is the best translation in English that we have, which is exactly what Dr Veith is saying...


THE NEW EYE-OPENER J. J. Ray Why all the controversy about the King James Bible?

Because modern Christian scholarship has CHANGED the Greek Textus Receptus, from which the King James Bible was translated, in 6,000 PLACES!This is why we have so many omissions in the "modern" versions of the Bible. Words omitted, in brackets, parentheses, or italics, are counted as NOT AUTHENTIC according to BRAINWASHED modern scholarship, represented in part by Griesbach, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford, Wordworth, Westcott and Hort.Here's a list of JUST 200 of these changes. Why don't you go through this list and see how many have been changed in YOUR Bible? It might shock you!

MATTHEW1:25--(FIRSTBORN) is out. Speaking of the Lord Jesus. 5:44--(BLESS THEM THAT CURSE YOU) is out. 6:13--(KINGDOM, POWER, GLORY) is out. 6:27--(STATURE) is changed to span of life. 6:33--(OF GOD) is out. Referring to the kingdom-- 8:29--(JESUS) is out. As Son of God. 9:13--(TO REPENTANCE) is out. Calling sinners-- 12:35--(OF THE HEART) is out. Good treasure-- 12:47--(VERSE IS OUT) About Christ's mother. 13:51--(JESUS SAID UNTO THEM and LORD) is out. 15:8 --(DRAWETH UNTO ME WITH THEIR MOUTH) is out. 16:3 --(O YE HYPOCRITES) is out. 16:20--(JESUS) is out. 17:21--(VERSE IS OUT). About prayer and fasting. 18:11--(VERSE IS OUT). Tells Jesus came to save. 19:9 --(LAST 11 WORDS ARE OUT). About adultery. 19:17--(GOD) is out. None good but (God). 20:7 --(WHATSOEVER IS RIGHT RECEIVE) is out. 20:16--(MANY BE CALLED BUT FEW CHOSEN) is out. 20:22--(BAPTIZED WITH CHRIST'S BAPTISM) is out. 21:44--(VERSE IS OUT) About Christ the stone. 23:14--(VERSE IS OUT) Woe scribes and hypocrites. 25:13--(WHEREIN THE SON OF MAN COMETH) is out. 27:35--(FULFILLED SPOKEN BY THE PROPHET) is out. 27:54--(THE SON OF GOD) is A SON of God. 28:2 --(FROM THE DOOR) is out. 28:9 --(THEY WENT TO TELL HIS DISCIPLES) is out.Enervation: The Great 2MARK1:1 --(SON OF GOD) is out in Williams, Godspeed, Panin, Nestle, New World, Westcott & Hort. 1:14--(OF THE KINGDOM) is out. Jesus gospel-- 1:31--(IMMEDIATELY) is out. The fever left-- 2:17--(TO REPENTANCE) is out. Call sinners-- 6:11--(MORE TOLERABLE FOR SODOM & GOMORRHA) is out. 6:16--(FROM THE DEAD) is out. John is risen-- 6:33--(HIM) is changed to them. 7:8 --(WASHING OF POTS AND CUPS) is out. 7:16--(VERSE IS OUT) About having an ear to hear. 9:24--(LORD) is out. A believer called Him Lord. 9:42--(IN ME) is out. Little ones that believe-- 9:44--(VERSE IS OUT) About fire not quenched. 9:46--(VERSE IS OUT) Where worm dieth not. 9:49--(EVERY SACRIFICE SHALL BE SALTED) is out. 10:21--(TAKE UP THE CROSS) is out. Jesus said-- 10:24--(FOR THEM THAT TRUST IN RICHES) is out. 11:10--(IN THE NAME OF THE LORD) is out. 11:26--(VERSE IS OUT) If ye do not forgive, etc. 13:14--(SPOKEN BY DANIEL THE PROPHET) is out. 13:33--(AND PRAY) is out, or in italics. 14:68--(AND THE COCK CREW) is out. 15:28--(VERSE IS OUT) Scripture was fulfilled, etc. 15:39--(THE SON OF GOD) is A SON of God. 16:9-20--(12 VERSES ARE OUT) in some Bibles.LUKE1:28--(BLESSED ART THOU AMONG WOMEN) is out. 2:33--(JOSEPH) is changed to father. 2:43--(JOSEPH AND HIS MOTHER) is changed to parents. 4:4 --(BUT BY EVERY WORD OF GOD) is out. 4:8 --(GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN) is out. 4:41--(THE CHRIST) is out. The Son of God. 6:48--(FOUNDED UPON A ROCK) is well built. 7:31--(AND THE LORD SAID) is out. 9:54--(EVEN AS ELIJAH DID) is out. 9:55--(YE KNOW NOT WHAT MANNER OF SPIRIT) is out. 9:56--(SON OF MAN IS COME TO SAVE LIVES) is out. 11:2-4--(MUCH IS OMITTED FROM THE LORD'S PRAYER) 11:29--(THE PROPHET) is out. About Jonah. 17:36--(VERSE IS OUT) One taken, another left. 21:4 --(CAST IN UNTO THE OFFERINGS OF GOD) is out. 22:20--(VERSE IS OUT) Out in NEB, and RSV.Enervation: The Great 322:31--(AND THE LORD SAID) is out. 22:64--(THEY STRUCK HIM ON THE FACE) is out. 23:17--(WHOLE VERSE IS OUT) in many Bibles. 23:38--(LETTERS OF GREEK, LATIN, HEBREW) is out. 23:42--(LORD) is out. Remember me, etc. 23:45--(SUN WAS ECLIPSED) in Moffatt and NEB. 24:3 --(OF THE LORD JESUS) is out. 24:6 --(HE IS NOT HERE, BUT IS RISEN) is out. 24:12--(VERSE IS OUT) Peter's testimony. 24:40--(VERSE IS OUT) Christ showed them hands, feet. 24:49--(OF JERUSALEM) is out. 24:51)CARRIED UP INTO HEAVEN) is out.JOHN1:14--(BEGOTTEN) is out in 1:18, 3:16, 3:18. 1:27--(PREFERRED BEFORE ME) is out. Jesus is) 3:13--(WHICH IS IN HEAVEN) is out. 3:15--(SHOULD NOT PERISH) is out. 4:42--(THE CHRIST) is out. 5:3 --(WAITING FOR MOVING OF THE WATER) is out. 5:4 --(VERSE IS OUT) Pool of Bethesda. 6:47--(ON ME) is out. He that believes-- 6:69--(THAT CHRIST THE SON) is out. 7:53--(TO 8:11) is out, in brackets or italics. 8:36--(FATHER) is out. Changed to He. 9:35--(SON OF GOD) is out. Is Son of Man. 11:41--(WHERE THE DEAD WAS LAID) is out. 16:16--(BECAUSE I GO TO THE FATHER) is out. 17:12--(IN THE WORLD) is out. 20:29--(THOMAS) is out.ACTS2:30--(ACCORDING TO FLESH RAISE UP CHRIST) is out. 7:30--(OF THE LORD) is out. Angel-- 7:37--(HIM SHALL YE HEAR) is out. Christ-- 8:37--(VERSE IS OUT) or in brackets, or italics. 9:5-6--(MUCH IS OMITTED) Concerning God's call. 10:6 --(WHAT THOU OUGHTEST TO DO) More is out. 15:18--(KNOWN UNTO GOD HIS WORKS) More is out. 16:31--(CHRIST) is out. 17:26--(BLOOD) is out. 20:25--(OF GOD) is out. The kingdom-- 20:32--(BRETHREN) is out. 23:9 --(LET US NOT FIGHT AGAINST GOD) is out.Enervation: The Great 424:6-8--(MUCH IS OMITTED) or in brackets or italics. 24:15--(OF THE DEAD) is out. Resurrection-- 28:16--(HALF OF VERSE IS OUT) in italics or brackets. 28:29--(VERSE IS OUT) in italics or brackets.ROMANS1:16--(OF CHRIST) is out or in italics, brackets. 1:29--(FORNICATION) is out. 5:2 --(BY FAITH) out in Moffatt, RSV, and NEB. 8:1 --(LAST 10 WORDS ARE OUT) or in italics. 9:28--(IN RIGHTEOUSNESS) is out. 10:15--(OF PEACE) is out. Gospel-- 10:17--(OF GOD) is out. Christ is substituted. 11:6 --(LAST 18 WORDS ARE OMITTED) 13:9 --(SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS) is out. 14:6 --(15 WORDS ARE OUT) Regarding the day. 14:21--(OFFENDED, MADE WEAK) is out. 15:29--(OF THE GOSPEL) is out. 16:24--(WHOLE VERSE IS OUT) in italics or brackets.I CORINTHIANS1:14--(I THANK GOD) is out in many Bibles. 5:7 --(FOR US) is out. Christ sacrificed-- 6:20--(LAST 7 WORDS ARE OUT) Your spirit, etc. 7:5 --(FASTING) is out. Joined with prayer. 7:39--(BY THE LAW) is out. The wife is bound-- 10:28--(THE EARTH IS THE LORD'S) is out, and more. 11:24--(TAKE EAT) is out. This is my body-- 11:29--(LORD'S) is out, referring to the body. 15:47--(THE LORD) is out. Lord from heaven. 16:22--(JESUS CHRIST) is out. 16:23--(CHRIST) is out.II CORINTHIANS4:6 --(JESUS) is out. 5:10--(THE LORD) is out. 5:18--(JESUS) is out, or in italics. 11:31--(CHRIST) is out, or in italics.GALATIANS1:15--(GOD) is out. 3:1 --(THAT YE SHOULD NOT OBEY TRUTH) is out.Enervation: The Great 53:17--(IN CHRIST) is out. 4:7 --(THROUGH CHRIST) is out. 6:15--(IN CHRIST JESUS) is out. 6:17--(LORD) is out.EPHESIANS3:9 --(BY JESUS CHRIST) is out. God created-- 3:14--(OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST) is out. 5:30--(OF HIS FLESH AND OF HIS BONES) is out. 6:1 --(IN THE LORD) is out. Obey parents-- 6:10--(MY BRETHREN) is out.PHILIPPIANS3:16--(LET US MIND THE SAME THING) is out.COLOSSIANS1:2 --(THE LORD JESUS CHRIST) is out. 1:14--(THROUGH HIS BLOOD) is out, or in italics. 1:28--(JESUS) is out. 2:11--(OF THE SINS OF) is out. 3:6 --(SONS OF DISOBEDIENCE) is out.I THESSALONIANS1:1 --(FROM GOD OUR FATHER AND LORD JESUS) is out. 2:19--(CHRIST) is out. 3:11--(CHRIST) is out, or in italics. 3:13--(CHRIST) is out, or in italics.II THESSALONIANS1:8 --(CHRIST) is out, or in italics.I TIMOTHY1:17--(WISE) is out. The only wise God. 2:7 --(IN CHRIST) is out, or in italics. 3:16--(GOD) is out. Manifest in the flesh. 4:12--(IN SPIRIT) is out. 6:5 --(FROM SUCH WITHDRAW THYSELF) is out.II TIMOTHYEnervation: The Great 61:11--(OF THE GENTILES) is out. 4:1 --(LORD) is out. 4:22--(JESUS CHRIST) is out, or in italics.TITUS1:4 --(THE LORD) is out, or in italics.PHILEMON1:6 --(JESUS) is out. 1:12--(RECEIVE HIM) is out.HEBREWS1:3 --(BY HIMSELF) is out. Purged our sins-- 2:7 --(SET HIM OVER THE WORKS OF THY HANDS) is out. 3:1 --(CHRIST) is out. 7:21--(AFTER ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK) is out. 10:30--(SAITH THE LORD) is out. 10:34--(IN HEAVEN) is out. 11:11--(WAS DELIVERED OF A CHILD) is out. Sarah--JAMES5:16--(FAULTS) is changed to SINS. (Wrong Greek text.)I PETER1:22--(THROUGH THE SPIRIT) is out. 4:1 --(FOR US) is out. Christ suffered-- 4:14--(LAST 15 WORDS ARE OUT) or in italics. 5:10--(JESUS) is out, or in italics. 5:11--(GLORY AND DOMINION) is out of some Bibles.II PETER2:17--(FOREVER) is out, or in italics. 3:9 --(US IS CHANGED TO YOU) Destroys meaning.I JOHN1:7 --(CHRIST) is out. 2:7 --(FROM THE BEGINNING) is out. 4:3 --(CHRIST IS COME IN THE FLESH) is out. 4:9 --(BEGOTTEN) is out in some versions.Enervation: The Great 74:19--(HIM) is out, or in italics. We love-- 5:7-8--(MANY WORDS ARE OUT OR CHANGED) 5:13--(LAST 13 WORDS ARE OUT)JUDE1:25--(WISE) is out. Referring to God.REVELATION1:8 --(THE BEGINNING AND THE END) is out. 1:11--(TEN WORDS ARE OUT) Alpha and Omega, etc. 2:13--(THY WORKS) is out. 5:14--(HIM THAT LIVETH FOREVER AND EVER) is out. 6:1 --(AND SEE) is out in 3, 5, 7 also. 8:13--(ANGEL IS EAGLE) Greek text says "angel." 11:17--(AND ART TO COME) is out. 12:12--(INHABITERS OF) is out. The earth. 12:17--(CHRIST) is out. 14:5 --(BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD) is out. 16:17--(OF HEAVEN) is out. 20:9 --(GOD OUT OF) is out. Fire came from-- 20:21--(GOD IS CHANGED TO THRONE) 21:24--(OF THEM WHICH ARE SAVED) is out. Nations--BAD NEWS FOR MODERN MAN:Today's English Version By the American Bible SocietyTHE BLOOD OF THE LORD JESUS IS OMITTED 15 TIMES:See Matthew 27:4,24,25; Acts 5:28, 20:28; Romans 3:25, 5:9; Ephesians 1:7, 2:13; Colossians 1:14,20; Hebrews 10:19; I Peter 1:19; Revelation 1:5, 5:9.24 BIBLE VERSIONS EXAMINEDCompare with the 200 References at the beginning of this file. Words omitted, in brackets, parentheses, or italics, are counted as not authentic according to BRAINWASHED modern scholarship.New English New Testament (Omissions)......197 out of 200 New International Version..................195 out of 200 Revised Standard New Testament.............189 out of 200 Berkeley Version New Testament.............185 out of 200Enervation: The Great 8Weymouth's in Modern Speech N.T............184 out of 200 New American Standard New Testament........183 out of 200 Good News for Modern Man N.T...............182 out of 200 Williams' New Testament....................180 out of 200 Ivan Panin's Numeric New Testament.........180 out of 200 Goodspeed's American Translation N.T.......179 out of 200 Moffatt's New Translation N.T..............175 out of 200 Wuest's Expanded Translation N.T...........169 out of 200 Amplified New Testament....................165 out of 200 Twentieth Century New Testament............161 out of 200 Phillip's New Testament....................142 out of 200 Darby's Translation New Testament..........138 out of 200 Living New Testament Paraphrased...........130 out of 200 New Confraternity New Testament............119 out of 200 Norlie's New Translation N.T............... 62 out of 200 Lamsa's Eastern Text New Testament......... 49 out of 200 John Wesley's Translation N.T.............. 43 out of 200 Martin Luther's German New Testament....... 0 out of 200 King James Version New Testament........... 0 out of 200 Textus Receptus (King James Greek) N.T..... 0 out of 200The Apostasy of the Early Church Prepares the Way for Corrupting Copies of the Original ManuscriptsCorruption of the original Bible manuscripts and its influence can be traced from the days of Origen, 200 A.D. down through the committees responsible for the English Revised Version of 1881; American Standard Version of 1901; and all modern Bibles which depart from the Greek Textus Receptus. The following references are given to prove that this is true:Revision Revised, p. 413 (Dean Burgon) Inquiry, p. 413 (Dr. Fredrick Nolan: See Encyclopedias on Tatian Diatesaron of Tatian, p. 9 (J.H. Hill) Article on Origen by McClintic & Strong Church History, Vol. 2., p. 791 (Dr. Schaff) Apologia pro vita sua, Chap. 7, p. 282 (Dr. Newman) History of Our English Bible, p. 70 (Dr. Ira M. Price) Introduction to Textual Criticism of N.T., p. 80 (A.T. Robertson) The Canon and Text of the N.T., p. 345 (Dr. Gregory) Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 4, p. 86 Eccles. History, book 5, Chap. 28 (Eusebius) (Scribners) Vol. 1, pp. 434-435 (Ante-Nicene Fathers) History of Dogma, Vol. 1, p. 128 (Harnack) Three Religious Leaders of Oxford, pp. 481-482 (S. Parkes Cadman) Princeton Review, Jan., 1854, pp. 152-153 History of Christianity, Vol. 2, p. 107Enervation: The Great 9History of Christian Doctrine, p. 19 (G.P. Fisher) Texts and Margins of the Revised N.T., p. 45 (Dr. G. Vance Smith) A History of the Revised Version, pp. 36-37 (Samuel Hemphill) The Traditional Text, p. 163 (Burgon & Miller) Introduction to Greek O.T., p. 86 (Swete) Cath. and Prot. Bibles, p. 4,6 (Jacobus) Jerome Against Helvidius Defense of Translations of the Bible (1583), p. 62 (Faulke) Memoir of Life of Cartwright, p. 276 (Brook's) The Catholic Encyclopedia, Article on Douay Bible Revised Version, p. 51 (Cook) Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (Christian Lit. Ed.), Vol. 6, p. 338 The Influence of the Bible, p. 136 (Von Dobschutz) New Commentary, Part 3, p. 719 (Gore) Church History, Vol. 2, p. 446 (Hagenbach) History of the Reformation, Vol. 2, p. 391 (Kurtz) Many more references can be added, but these thirty-three ought to be sufficientHERE'S THE ACID TESTAny version of the Bible, that does not agree with the GREEK TEXTUS RECEPTUS, from which the King James Bible was translated in 1611, is certainly to befounded upon corrupted manuscripts. Origen, being a textual critic, is supposed to have corrected numerous portions of the sacred manuscripts. Evidence to the contrary shows he changed them to agree with his own human philosophy of mystical and allegorical ideas. Thus, through deceptive scholarship of this kind, certain manuscripts became corrupt. Evidently from this source our modern revised version Bibles and paraphrases have come. Read pages 900-902, Vol. 16, 1936 edition Encyclopedia Britannica, and you will see that Origen taught the Lord Jesus Christ is a created being who did not have eternal existence AS God.WATCH--AND REMEMBER--ALWAYS TO KEEP BOTH EYES OPEN"After my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, SPEAKING PERVERSE THINGS, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore WATCH, AND REMEMBER, that by the space of three years I ceased not to WARN EVERYONE NIGHT AND DAY WITH TEARS."--Acts 20:29-31"If you have the King James Bible in your hands, you have the very words of God. Hold fast the form of sound words. Use it as you preach the Gospel to a lost and dying world. May God richly bless you, my beloved."Amen..


Blessings, Scott.

Now regarding Spirit of Prophecy and the KJV.


Spirit of Prophecy and'MODERN VERSIONS’by Elder G. Burnside


Ellen White's experience was "The Lord showed me." "He told me." "It was presented before me." "Said the angel." "I asked my accompanying angel the meaning of what I heard." Thus God has provided guidance and instruction for His remnant church.(Note) The SOP is OUR light on the Bible given us straight from the Holy Spirit!SISTER WHITE AND THE MODERN VERSIONS.To justify their use of modern versions of the Bible, many claim "Sister White used them." To the many, this answers all. They argue, all versions therefore must be good. I have often wished that Adventists used the modern versions as Sister White used them. If they used these versions as Sister White did, there would be no problem as we shall see.Turn to: Proverbs 30:5 ."Every word of God is pure."How much impurity needs to be added to a glass of pure water to make it impure? 5%? 1%?A much higher percentage of error has been added to the Scriptures. The flood of at least one hundred versions in recent times has certainly corrupted truth and produced a babel.REGARDING THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, HERE ARE A FEW FACTS:According to the Index, there are listed 15,117 Scripture references in the 25 Volumes that are listed.95% Of these references are from the King James Version (KJV) and 5% from all the other versions. The Revised Version came out in 1881. Since 1881 more than three quarters of Sister White's writings have been produced. Therefore several of the revised versions were available during most of Sister White's writing years.SOP and Modern 2IN TESTIMONIES Vol.8There are 666 Quotations from KJV. 53 from American Revised Version, and 5 from the Revised Version.She quoted often from Practical Psalms where the change was slight in the wording.We should notice that verses that are omitted by the N.I.V. and other modern versions are quoted as the Word of God by Sister White. For instance:Acts 8:37 The N.I.V. omits this passage of Holy Writ, but Sister White Quotes it as inspired.Many other instances of omissions from the N.I.V., but quoted by Sister White could be given and God willing, will be given.It should be remembered that there are no true Scriptures in the N.I.V. that cannot be found in the King James Version. But there are many true Scriptures that are omitted from the N.I.V. as we have noticed and will notice. When the thought is plainer and without error in a modern version, true, Sister White quotes it. But she never quotes the modern version when it has error. For instance several times she quotes REV.22:l4 "do His commandments," but she never Quotes the erroneous "wash their robes" as found in the N.I.V. and other corrupted versions.(See G. Burnside, Rev.22:l4 and the N.I.V.)Again in JOB.l9:26 (A.R.V.) "Then without my flesh shall I see God."Or Lesser's, “Then freed from my flesh shall I behold God."While at times Sister White uses the A.R.V. or Lesser, she never uses them where they have been corrupted as above. On the other hand several times she quotes this text but always when it is true as in the KJV. "Yet in my flesh shall I see God." See G.C. p 299 etc.TESTIMONIES VOLUME NINE.This was the last Volume written by Sister White.Notice she never quoted from a Revised Version once in this volume. Sister White began with the King James Version and she finished the Volume with it.Our prophet used these modern versions less and less. It is a tragedy that too many Adventists are now using the modern Versions more and more. Inspiration usedSOP and Modern 3them less and less. Apostasy uses them more and more. May you follow the example of Sister White in her last volume of the Testimonies and drop out the so called revisions. .Now let us look at Sister White's historic statements."THE FATEFUL FOURTH CENTURY.”We are fortunate to have an inspired guide in history. Historians write with a bias, and as a result can be confusing. Inspiration alone presents the full facts. Notice some interesting and enlightening facts of history.G.C. 45 “The nominal conversion of Constantine, in the early part of the fourth century. the work of corruption rapidly progressed." This was in the fateful "fourth century." One of Constantine's acts was to have the Catholic bishop Eusebius make copies of fifty Bibles for use in the churches.As Constantine aimed at unity, the pagans with apostate Christians, he naturally chose tampered manuscripts to suit his compromised Christianity. The evidence is overwhelming in favour of the fact that the Vatican and Sinai manuscripts were two of Constantine’s fifty Bibles.Sidney Collett in his "The scripture of Truth" when writing about the Sinaitic manuscript that was found by Dr. Tischendorf stated:Dr. Tischeodorf believed that This and the Vatican manuscript were two of the fifty copies of the Bible which were made in Greek by command of the Emperor Constantine, about the year A.D. 331, under the supervision of Bishop Eusebius, the historian of Caesarea. P. 28These manuscripts came from the Fourth century—the century of corruption. Sister White further states: G.C. 56 “Ancient writings were forged by monks…And a church that had rejected the truth greedily accepted these deceptions."Of the Catholic bishop who prepared these Bibles for Constantine, inspired history states:G.C. 574 "Eusebius a bishop who sought the favour of princes, and who was the special friend and flatterer of Constantine. "This was the century that brought in Sunday.This was the century that produced the Vulgate from which came the Catholic Bible. In this same “fourth century" of corruption came the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, from which came the N.I.V. and its companion versions. They are companions in crime and corruption. For instance compare the Catholic "Douay, Bible" and the N.I.V. Note their striking parallel. MATT.18:11 is missing from both of them.SOP and Modern 4REV. 22:14 has the corruption "wash their robes" in each.LUKE 4 : 4 "But by every word of God' is omitted from both the N.I.V. and the Douay. Many more parallels will be given in a later leaflet -God willing."TO THE LAW AND TO THE TESTIMONY"Hold fast to our Lord's gift to His remnant people. May you ever be in the company of God's "saints" that "have the Testimony of Jesus." Rev.12:17REV.19:10 "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." That inspired voice further declares:G.C. 65 "The Waldenses were among the first of the peoples of Europe to obtain a translation of the Holy Scriptures. Hundreds of years before the Reformation they possessed the Bible in manuscript in their native tongue. They had the truth unadulterated and this rendered them the special objects of hatred and persecution they stood unflinchingly for God's word and His honor."The Waldenses, like the saints on Scotland's isle of Iona had the true Scriptures. "They had the truth unadulterated, and this rendered them special objects of hatred and persecutions." G.C. 65.Note it was because these saints held the Scriptures—"truth unadulterated" that Rome hated and persecuted them. Rome has always hated the Bible.Rome held the Vulgate, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus for centuries. But inspiration further states:"Theirs was not a faith newly received. Their religious belief was their inheritance from their fathers. They contended for the faith of the apostolic church "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." Jude 3. "The church in the wilderness," and not the proud hierarchy—enthroned in the world's great capital, was the true church of Christ, the guardian of the treasures of truth Which God has committed to His people to be given to the world." G.C.64.God preserved His Word. He preserved it through His saints, the Waldenses and in Scotland's Iona. We are clearly told that it was "the church in the wilderness" and "not the proud hierarchy enthroned in the world's great capital"—Rome "that was the guardian of the treasures of truth." Rome may have had the Vulgate, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus but they did not have the "Scripture of truth"—the Received Text, the "Majority text"—from which we have the King James Version.May we each one be willing to die for it.To sum up:SOP and Modern 5Rome upholds the Vulgate, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus but hated the King James Version. Why? The sure word of prophecy answers: “Rome 'cast down the truth to the ground.' Dan.8:12. It "shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.” Dan.8:24."He shall also stand up against the Prince of prince but he shall be broken without hand." Dan.8:25.Such is the work and doom of Rome.Remember! "But the Word of the Lord endureth 1 Peter 1:251 JOHN 2:17 "And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever."(temcat) Here is another bit of evidence from the SOP"While Luther was opening a closed Bible to the people of Germany, Tyndale was impelled by the Spirit of God to do the same for England. Wycliffe's Bible had been translated from the Latin text, which contained many errors. It had never been printed, and the cost of manuscript copies was so great that few but wealthy men or nobles could procure it; and, furthermore, being strictly proscribed by the church, it had had a comparatively narrow circulation. In 1516, a year before the appearance of Luther's theses, Erasmus had published his Greek and Latin version of the New Testament. Now for the first time the word of God was printed in the original tongue. In this work many errors of former versions were corrected, and the sense was more clearly rendered. It led many among the educated classes to a better knowledge of the truth, and gave a new impetus to the work of reform. But the common people were still, to a great extent, debarred from God's word. Tyndale was to complete the work of Wycliffe in giving the Bible to his countrymen." GC 245The above article is taken from the book by George Burnside“The New International Version or The King James Version”Published by Leaves of Autumn Books Inc.520-474-3654temcat“And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life.” Rev. 22:19We can see how serious God is about this when we look at the genealogy in Matthew 1, it says, “Josias begat Jechonias” (vs.11). Jehoiakim actually begat Jechonias; Josias was his grandfather. Why does it say that? God took Jehoiakim’s name out of the bookSOP and Modern 6of life, acting as if he had never existed. Why? Jeremiah 36 tells us; Jehoiakim took a penknife to the word of God. It says he was not afraid, and when they warned him, he would not hear them. So God took his name out of the book of life.“And he shall be buried with the burial of an ass, drawn and cast forth beyond the gates of Jerusalem.” Jeremiah 22:19—There are 64,000 missing words in the NIV!


Blessings, Scott.

Thank you so much for sharing these texts with us and I do agree that the KJV and NKJV is the true Bible, the true Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ..I did use to own other versions and some of those texts did have missing words, so I stopped using them as I thought it "fishy". Thanks again..God bless:)

Lots of missing words......

Sarah girl, I agree with you 100%. i have stopped responding to posts on this blog even though I am often reminded that the debate goes on due to the emails I receive. I know how listening to Dr Veith has affected my Christian walk. Whoever says different will not change my opinion. Blessings to all.
Thanks Russell!  I have NEVER heard of Veith and have no desire to after what I have read through emails.  The Bible is more than enough for me.

I encourage you to give the man a chance, the people that criticize him are focusing on the first line of presentation called "Total Onslaught", this series helped me find Christ and really understand more what is going on in this world. Yes there were a lot of conspiracies, most of which are backed up by more facts than is required. Walter Veith has two more presentations and many amazing sermons, one is "I hear the Rumbling" and you may find it on youtube. Listen to that one, then test all things and you may find out that what he is speaking is true and a great blessing! :)


God bless!

Sister Sarah,

I ould urge u to watch the DVD`s and listen for urself, the man preaches present truth, As the rock of ages put it in matt 10vs 34 , the man has now a bunch of opposers but the word of God is like a double edged sword.

in Christ love

John 7:24 - Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

I've noticed, most people that are judging and criticizing Dr. Veiths studies and sermons are the ones who didnt care to listen and read what he preached. Odd! Isnt that stupidity?

People be open minded. I myself watched His videos and its very informative. God wants His people to be knowledgeable to the prophecy that He has given to us which is Daniel and Revelation. His teachings are biblical and its not out of context in our Doctrines. I dont get why people are making fuss out of it. Its either they cant understand or they chose not too.


To the law and to the testimony, as what the Bible says.


THOSE WHO LEAD ARE THOSE WHO READ! - Dr. Samuel Pipim - Indeed!

I so totally agree with you..I've listened to more than a few of his sermons and they are all Bible oriented as Jesus is the center of his topics..He is a well informed and educated person as well as very Christ centered..I enjoy his sermons..I learn a lot from his studies..God bless, Genie:)


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