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does anyone know if there are any transcripts of veiths talks? i dont want to listen to any of the talks, and i dont particularly want to read what he has to say either, but i do need it for research. :)

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I wouldn't give him the time of day. No thanks. Not for me.
I agree with you. Totally and completely.
He has turned me off in so many ways. I question what I hear from him over and over again. Why do I really need to know/understand the beliefs of other groups? This seems at times to be one of his focal points. I feel rather alone at church when this topic comes up when we have one of his DVDs for vespers as I really could do without it and would not attend vespers on those weeks if I was not the sound board person.
Thank you for letting me know that I'm not alone in these thoughts and feelings.
i think he is well researched and well presented and i have over 50 of his presentations

In the past Dr. Walter Veith has preached many wonderful things to our church regarding creation, health, animal disease, etc. But he now also teaches many unfounded conspiracy theories. This has distanced him from church leadership. He appears to teach rumor and innuendo as fact. Unfortunately this completely diminishes his credibility. If he claims some things are fact when he has no evidence for that, why should we believe anything else he says?

Here are some blog posts from an SDA pastor regarding this issue. They include the testimony of one of Dr. Veith's former employees. LINK HERE

So test all that you see from Dr. Veith. It appears too much of what he teaches is increasingly unfounded and more and more based only on conspiracy theories.

Yes. Thanks Vincenzo. This link is one of many that show the teachings of Veith that are contrary to scripture and the teachings of our church. He is just another SDA basher. But then he does have a cult following.

Noone praises Jesus as much as Walter and nobody quotes the part that says that Gd has no secrets as much as he does . He claims that there is but the 7th day adventist church that follows the Bible by the word . He made me a Greek Orthodox from the holy land of Cyprus reconsider my believes and where the Greek Orthodox Church went wrong .

He never slanders anyone and he speaks the truth and is far to fearful of the wrath of our Lord to speak in any way that would offend Jesus . So watch his lectures rather than listen to 3rd parties comments and unfounded slander . Because I also read a little about sites that claimed to know and write about him and one is written by a convicted child abuser on jesus is our savior Mr. David J. Stewart which also slams the SDA church by the way . And the page that was linked by Vincenzo no longer exists so that also seems rather dubious . Just watch his interview 2x 60 min on youtube and judge for yourself what type of a character he is .

So you are fine with your pastor mixing error with the truth?

That is where we differ.  I find that dangerous ground.

God bless,

PS.  The link above posted three years ago is still working fine.  Nothing "dubious" about it:

Name a pastor that has %100 light on any subject, and by that I mean perfect?

Do you mean to claim that your pastor doesn't have the human ability to make a mistake?

Could you have memorized all of this information and then set it forth in an organized fission for hours at a time without using the wrong wording at some point?

For all the truth he puts out he may very well may make a mistake about %2 of the time if that given the endless amounts of information he has set forth over the course of 5 different series he has out now, and the fact that every one on this thread combined can come up with maybe 4 different things he may have very well been mistaken on Id say that's better odds than any pastor I've ever seen.

Hi Kristina - I hope you and yours are blessed - I would like to clarify a couple of points from my side:

1. The four points that I have issue with are found within the first 20 minutes of one presentation. I have not listened to everything he says and have no intention of critiquing Walter Veith.

2. I have mentioned before that the real point is the credibility of the Gospel message. I find that when speaking on the "conspiracy" issues one must step extremely carefully. As I am sure you realise my concern is that he allies the theory that Islam was invented by Catholicism with the Gospel message. He has only one untrustworthy source and appears to be unaware of the historical sources that prove the theory wrong.

3. I am deeply concerned that there are many who apparently accept whatever he says on face value and seem to regard him as infallible. This is not the way we should be. I do not want to throw out the baby with the bathwater but error is, after all, error.

If you only listened to the first 20 min of the one called the Islamic connection (Which it sounds like is the case, so please correct me if I'm wrong.) then you have missed the rest of the evidence. In order to get the big picture view of it all and make the connections one has to watch the whole series.. In a way, it's not all that different than the way some read one verse from the Bible and don't understand it due to lack of surrounding context..The series is put in a certain order for that reason.

Though not to say the man is infallible... No man is. But we also do need to consider that he given his position in the scientific, and archeological communities has access to old moldy books that are a few hundred years old or more, that most of the world doesn't even know exist any more. If you watch in many of his later lectures he actually started taking pictures of the books because of exactly this kind of confusion.. When no one believed he had the real copy of "Morals in Dogma" He went so far as to take pictures of the book between his fingers, toes, and on the floor between his feet..etc.. to prove he had the evidence (which in that case he could do because it was not one of those old moldy books I had previously eluded to.). And I am very disturbed by the fact that many chose to ignore that, or to mock, and scoff at a man they haven't even bothered to listen to in whole for them selves..

I do agree that it is to be handled delicately given the subject matter, and I think overall he has done a good job with that.. But to expect a man to get in to subjects that complex, and hidden without making a mistake now and then is just plain unreasonable, and so many do as you said "through the baby out with the bath water".

And worse others make unfounded charges that he has gone against the law and testimony it self. Which I can assure you as someone who has listened to every sermon and lecture he has ever produced several times over, is the one area where I can assure you he has not made one single mistake that I am aware of.. It disturbs me that people are so quick to bear witness against him in that regard when the only thing anyone has been able to say so far is that they think he goes too far with the health doctrine.. And to that I say it is better to error on the side of cossion, presuming you believe it to be error at all which I don't.

BTW.. I should mention to everyone here..

Walter Vieth's new series called "Repairing the Breach" is basically a continuation of the "Total Onslaught" series, and in addition to updating information, he is answering most of the charges that have been put forth against the previous series and putting more of the evidence out there that he got his information from for the previous lecture.. So if you want answers to those accusations, and / or questions you have regarding things he has said I suggest you watch it. And so now I will say again that he has and will always answer to his critics. I guess he just figured it was easier to make another series to address the issue than answer a few hundred thousand e-mails to Amazing Discoveries.. Which makes seance.. I mean who has that kind of time...

Oh... so we need to ignore the falsehood and just "get the big picture"?

No thanks.


No you need to have enough of a brain / independent thought to listen and be sure that what you are hearing is erroneous  as apposed to making assumptions because one out of 1000 sources was not the best.


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