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does anyone know if there are any transcripts of veiths talks? i dont want to listen to any of the talks, and i dont particularly want to read what he has to say either, but i do need it for research. :)

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I agree with you too. I have watched most of Dr Veith's sermons including one posted on this site last weekend. I have been thoroughly blessed. I've seen my children turn off the TV to listen to him. When they are through we sit and have a lively conversation about what they have learned. I have seen a change in their walk with Christ since I introduced them to his presentations on the 'present truth" that the majority of our leaders are afraid to preach. This is the old time religion. I refuse to continue to try to convince those who have set their minds not to accept the truth. They misconstrue what he has said and quote statements out of context and say he is preaching falsehood. To them I have no reply. Let them fight themselves. Blessings and peace.


I see we're still goin' at it.......Amen!

amen brother!!! as with the song, give me the old time religion..

Revival and reformation should take place so God can pour our His spirit... don't worry brother, not everyone accepts the truth in the Bible... Even Jesus, He's been rejected by the Jews which is His chosen people...

I have to agree that no one should be written off until they are heard.. Not to mention that even if you don't agree with some of his doctrinal views (which I do) there is an amazing amount of good information.. For example the Genesis conflict where he scientifically proves creation and the evolution is bogus, of the Life at it's Best series on health! I have even talked at least one nondenominational Christina school in to using the Genesis conflict as a part of there curriculum! I would shutter to think that an SDA would shun it...

"I've noticed, most people that are judging and criticizing Dr. Veiths studies and sermons are the ones who didnt care to listen and read what he preached. Odd! Isnt that stupidity?"

People keep putting forth this straw man argument as if it were truth.  If you have read what I have written you would see that I have watched huge amounts of his sermons.  I was originally impressed until I started digging deeper and trying to find sources for what he claimed was true.  They weren't there.

So no, it is not only people that haven't watched him or studied his materials that are critical.  Some of us even understand what he is talking about.  And the vast majority of it is true.  But why must we "be open minded" and accept baseless speculation as fact?  I'm sorry, but unfounded conspiracy theories have no place in the Gospel message.  I will accept zero falsehood mixed with the truth.  But that's just me.  Perhaps I'm not open minded enough.  ;-)

Have you sent Walter Veith a letter asking for his sources? Just thinking, maybe he has some connections that give him access to information your not privy to? Just a thought. :) 


Actually that likely is the case, because at least a handful of high level MAsons, and jesuits have been converted because of his work.

Also, given his PHD and manny friends (other PHD's) in fields such as anchent history just for one example can get a hold of the "old moldy smelling books that look like they will fall apart." as he has called them.

I don't know of any transcripts but why would you not want to read it? I have ingested everything he has ever put out and found it to be an immense blessing! He really opened up the scriptures for me on many levels. Though I will say as he gives the strait testimony he has not in some circles been popular because of it...


Is there a specific topic? Maybe I can reference you from there...

Don't worry to much about that being the center of his work.. That was only the Total Onslaught series designed to address just that issue. He has not left the other undone.. As a matter of fact he just put out a new series called Total Transformation that is specifically geared for raising up the Adventist people, both encouraging, talking of our commission and giving the strait testimony..

No conspiracy theory in that one. :0)


Go to this web site and you may be able to watch it free on line if you can get the timing right for ADTV..  Just check the program shedule..

You would also love the series he did Rekindling the Reformation! It is truly inspiring hearing the history of the reformers delivered so passionately!

Total Onslaught, the series that had as purpose to wake up the agnostics and atheists and point towards something going on in the world that they had no idea was going on? Why is this presentation series such a contention among Adventists? It was not addressed to them but it is they that are the biggest critiques. My professor said, the most important next after knowing Christ, is to know the Anti Christ. The Great Commission is to teach that the Kingdom of God is coming soon, wake up and return to God, Repent of your sins and go out of Babylon. How do we leave Babylon if we do not know it exist or that we are in it? As the Agnostic I was, I needed that presentation to wake up, it is sad that so many of his friends and family attack him and work against him. Test all things, we should not be so quick to condemn. Even Sister White wrote a book called "The Great Conspiracy"! (The Great Controversy) How can we ignore the fact that it is happening and that it is real? Read Revelation and what she wrote, it is about Secret Societies, to see that this world has no hope of redemption outside of Christ. If there was no Christ in dear Walters presentations, then why did I become an Adventist? Why did it bring me closer to Jesus? :)
Well said brother. :0) You have obviously watched, and listened to his work, before making your statements... A rare thing but nice.

I have watched the following that was made available for free.. Total Onslaught, Rekindling the Reformation, Total Transformation (also via their AD TV), Genesis Conflict and Life at Its best. I have also two of his books, the Genesis Conflict and the one regarding Truth.. although both of these books are in Norway, and Im in Thailand. Anyway.. I test what he says by Scripture and I talk often with a brother of mine who is a better student than me. There may be a few things regarding the conspiracies that may be on a little shaky ground, but I do not hold that against him, it is easy to get confused, enough, to cause some ripples that you did not intend. Mostly however I found his work to be solid and supported by others such as James Arrabito. 


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