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does anyone know if there are any transcripts of veiths talks? i dont want to listen to any of the talks, and i dont particularly want to read what he has to say either, but i do need it for research. :)

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total transformation was by far my favorite. have you listened to any of his regular sermons?

Gentleman ye do err cz yea knew not the scriptures. Can you vincenzo and your allies use scriptural backing because as adventists we are not a feeling based movement but a sola scriptura. Can you Vicenzo prove that the saddam hussein they executed is the real saddam, Yeah of course not u cant so why should we listen to you? Oh and on the KJV part I am more than happy to tell you that it is the only version that accepts the divinity of Christ and our pioneers read it, There is nothing new under the sun my brother. There are three that bear testimony in Heaven The father, the word and the holy Ghost of which para versions omit such truth, go to isaiah 14 vs 12 and compare. Bretheren see to it you are not decieved. Vicenzo my brother As the church at berea i urge you to read the scripture and shew thyself a workman of God.

In Christ love

I know the scriptures better all the time as I spend time in them.  But you suggest discarding a "feeling based movement" when Dr. Veith's whole conspiracy theory assertion about Saddam Hussein is only based on a feeling.  No facts.  No scriptures.  Just "isn't it interesting" conspiracy theories.

I tend to believe the burden of proof is on the party spreading the conspiracy theory to prove that their contention is factual.  The governments of both Iraq and the United States as well as non-governmental organizations and people formerly within Saddam Hussein's inner circle identified the man that was tried and executed as Saddam Hussein - the brutal dictator.  Do I know for sure?  No.  Do I trust this wide variety of sources to almost certainly be correct?  Yes.

Walter Veith has spread his conspiracy theory that the man executed was not Saddam Hussein based on nothing more than the fact that Saddam Hussein had a really full beard when he was found and that he had been ill at some previous point in his life.  Somehow that proves that he was a double.  The logic goes something like 'He couldn't have grown that beard in only X months!  He must be a fake!... and he had been ill many years before... so he must have died!"  Please, present more proof than that if you have it.  I would be interested in reading it.  As it stands, this conspiracy theory presented by Dr. Veith is baseless speculation.

On the topic of the KJV, it is my favorite version.  But sadly, you displayed your misunderstanding when you partially quoted 1 John 5:7,8 from the KJV.  Yes, that verse explains the trinity but it is also the verse that almost everyone knows (except apparently you) was changed by the translators to fit their own beliefs.  They added to scripture.  They added "in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness on earth".  None of that was originally in the Bible.  It is not a part of the inspired writings.  This passage is not found in any of the original manuscripts.  Just because you and I agree with the uninspired addition to God's word, does not make it a good translation practice.  Don't take my word for it.  Study scripture and it's history.  Again, the KJV is my favorite translation.  But Dr. Veiths KJV only stance has been officially rebuked by our church.  I agree.  Use lots of versions and study them lots.

After viewing a huge amount of material presented by Dr. Veith, I remain convinced that there is quite a bit of his presentation that cannot be shown to be factual.  There is lots of truth.  But too much speculation and conjecture presented as fact.  Some are blessed by the truth and not concerned with the false.  Fine by me.  I just prefer my truth to not have any speculation thrown in.

A workman of God,


great stuff Vincenzo. where are you by the way we miss you here


is this what you are looking for?


I must say that this link made my evening..this man is brilliantly and spiritually inclined..thank you Lehcar for posting..I will enjoy every one of those videos..and prayerfully:)

i like him

but others dont

so each to his own




Why doesnt anyone wants to give Walter Veith the time of day? If you video google him you will find his videos.
Sadly people are quick to jump to conclusions based on hear say.....
You people need to think objectively: the Bible said to check your foundation on which you stand. If the man is talking in accordance with the Bible and Spirit of prophesy then listen and analyze the truth. Do not be like the Jews in Christ time that shun the teaching of Christ because of their man made laws and stubbornness. If they had just listen they would have realized that Christ was teaching the foundation of their beliefs.

Personally I do not think he should be evangelizing seeing his background but if he has Bible truth that is backed without a doubt by the Bible and Spirit of prophecy then listen to what is true.
What do you mean by his background?

No he said his father in law was, not him self. He shared a book called Morals in Dogma which he had gotten when his father in law died that was supposed to have been returned on death.. Also he related experiences he had in spending time with that family before coming to Christ.


I own the entire series so I have watched it several times over the course of the past 4 years...

I pretty much have it memorized, but I can see where one could get confused.. It is kind of an info. overload. Especially the first few times around...


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