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does anyone know if there are any transcripts of veiths talks? i dont want to listen to any of the talks, and i dont particularly want to read what he has to say either, but i do need it for research. :)

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Jason, Your hatred for this Man of God has gotten too deep seated in your heart Jason. I think its about time you re evaluate...

You harbor hate until you quote scripture out of proportions to prove Veith will not be in heaven?

You and many others here make that allegation but not a single one of you has provided anything in regard to actual doctrine he has spoken falsely..
In fact the most anyone has done is attack other research regarding history, and current events..
So what Bible doctrine is he teaching that is wrong? I keep asking that and no one here can answer me.

Amen.. Though I don't worry for him.. as he labors for the spreading of the three angels message I believe God is with him..

I do however fear for those who would make unfounded allegations (A.K.A bear false witness) against a man.. Especially one who has labored so earnestly, and lovingly to further to share the gospel of Christ with the world..

Brother Jason M.: Hahahaha lol No, no. I do not think that we have need of another prophet, because people are unfortunately poorly taking heed to the inspiration given to Sister White, in order to be given special insight, one does not have to be a prophet. They just must be open to hear the word of YHWH and speak it.


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