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In my humble opinion Walter Vieth gives an awesome sermon on the current state of the our church and division that are happening.   We have seen some of it here on Adventist Online and is probably one of the reasons new membership has been shut down.  I thankful for the Adventist message and the Spirit of Prophecy

link to Walter Veith's sermon mentioning AO;

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Thanks for sharing Bart as you say an awesome sermon indeed This verse came to my mind when I did see the video:

2Ti 4:3  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 

Sadly I believe this is the place where we are at this point in time. I have also taken the liberty to post it on the Video list. Exactly why AO has shut down the site I am not 100 % sure. But as it is there is only a hanfull of members that are active here sadly. 

I owe everything to the message that was brought to me by an old fashioned Bible worker.  Before this Bible worker showed up on my door I was becoming an agnostic due to the nonsense that was in the evangelical churches I attended.  Thank God for the Truth, the truth that the politically correct and ashamed do not want share because they want to be like evangelicals.  It is shocking to me the division I see in the church and what some want to become rather than stand for the message we were given.  I really don't think some of our church like those of us who have "come out of the Babylon".  They would rather have the unconverted worldly people enter and fill the pews with no knowledge of SOP.

Thanks for your reply Bart, it is indeed a shocking thing when you find members of our church preferring to remain in Babylon than to come out of her. The Leadership of our church is no help either as they seem to want to hold back the ones who want to give the true message to the world by setting up conformity rules. 

Self supporting ministries seem to be holding up. Most of my tithe goes to ministries that are self supporting and that are doing important work. My offerings go to my local church. What I see from publication by the

He along with Doug Batchelor seem to be the last of the unbowed knees to Baal, with the North American Division in rebellion and the Spiritual Formation spreading through the church. Here are some of Professor Walter J. Veight's lectures for those who want to check at this site...

Professor Veight's Homepage-

Doug Bachelor and Vieth are the most prominent like you say but there are others.  I think it maybe difficult for those who have grown up in the SDA church and culture to see the contrast between the Adventist message and other Christian beliefs.  Some of it probably has to do with politics, political correctness and faith in men rather than God.   When you truly convert and have suffered the problems of being an Evangelical, Catholic or Agnostic you appreciate the truth more.

Who else would you say?

Please explain more so I can answer you correctly.


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